Friday, January 12, 2007

eBay won the bid for my heart

Yep, eBay is totally awesome. And I haven't even earned any money yet.

The pre-sale rush is enough.

I've decided that eBay is a lot like a video game for women. A real-life shopping video game.

Throughout the day after posting eight items for sale, I found myself checking on occasion for activity. The site has a built-in tracker that displays how many people have viewed each item, and there's a spot for buyers to add the item to their list and get reminders of when the auction is ending. And, of course, they can also make a bid.

So when I saw that half of my items were being "tracked" and one had a bid, I was downright elated.

People like me! They really do!

Okay, well, they like my shoes -- and that's close enough in my book.

I had to call Jerry to share the good news.




"That's great honey!" (I'm pretty sure that's his stock answer for when I talk too fast in high-pitched tones, but it works, so I'm okay with that.)

"Four things are being watched and I have one bid already! So what if it's for the cheapest thing on there and I only asked $3.99 for it and I'm probably going to get hosed on the shipping? I'm learning and I'll get better, I know it!"

"Pennies make dollars," he said, which was the exact perfect thing to come out of his mouth at that moment. Pennies DO make dollars. And I will make a MILLION pennies on eBay and BE THE TOP SELLER IN THE WORLD!

Right. *cough* Anyway, if nothing else, it is fantastically empowering. It feels amazing to take control of your clutter, turn it around to your advantage and possibly make a little money with it.

And so what if I only earn $3.99 on my first shot?

Being indoctrinated into the eBay fold is worth much more than that.


ajandmac said...

haha. im so glad you are finding joy on ebay through selling. i once was caught in the joy of BUYING instead and wound up with a strange duffel bag made in a country i couldn't pronounce. :) have a great day!

Sheryl said...

OK---trying again. This is my second attempt at a comment. Your new site doesn't like me. It wouldn't take my comment nor would it let me subscribe. Sigh.

It's good to know the other side of eBay is fun, too. I've spent a bunch of money there, but not as much as I would've spent buying the same things elsewhere. I looked at your auctions this morning . . . GREAT shoes! Sadly, my feet are much too big to fit into the spaces formerly occupied by your feet and my hair is horrendously straight to begin with. Have fun with your new hobby!

Kristin said...

Ah, ebay. I once bought something on ebay. I was like, seven years old, though, so I didn't technically buy it, my parents did, but I picked it out, lol. It was a cd, I think, although, I don't remember what cd, lol. But anyways, have fun selling your stuff!


Janice said...

oh my goodness I love eBay! It's so much fun to go on and just surf around looking for random stuff that I don't need!

Mia said...

haha, your entry today made me giggle :) said...

Have had fun on eBay for quite a few years, mostly items realted to various interests, hobbies. Great for selling estate items that no one in the family really wants, like "Aunt Penny's" favorite collection of 67 cow creamers. Listed carefully and individually, they go to other collectors who care about them as much as she did, in a way honoring her as opposed to just dumping them out on some garage sale table for 50 cents each!

Tina P. said...

The way i see it is that the shipping is so much why even purchase anything. It's like the thing you thought you were getting so incredibly cheap..... isn't as cheap as you thought.

Anonymous said...

How can I view what you have to sell?

The Plainsman said...

eBay buyers have to watch out for those with unacceptably high shipping fees, usually those who operate their eBay site as a business. My experience has been that many regular sellers simply charge the postage, as boxes and foam peanuts or yesterday's crumpled newspaper (sorry Kelly!) can usually be scrounged for free.