Thursday, January 11, 2007

Jerry calls it my new addiction

At some point yesterday while digging through boxes that we had yet to unpack from our move (or what I like to call the Great Clutter Purge of 2007), I concocted a brilliant idea to prevent the useful items from collecting dust or ending up in a landfill: I'd sell them to people looking for that exact giant Pier 1 globe light, pair of Steve Madden sandals and vintage picture frames.

Then I remembered that January isn't an ideal month for garage sales. That and we don't have a garage.

So I sucked it up and gave in to the vortex auction site that is eBay, hoping to earn a little cash to help pay for hotels for the six weddings we have to attend this summer in lieu of a vacation. ... And new gutters for the house because rust keeps corroding new holes no matter how much I glare at them. ... Oh yeah, and a latch on the dishwasher broke, turning the door into a weapon that could fall open at any moment and bludgeon our dog to death. ... And, um, we still have a fridge without shelves.

And I know that selling a pair of shoes for $9.99 won't instantaneously cushion our bank account to the point of being able to afford any of those things, but it's $9.99 that we didn't have before. And when you combine that with the 0.0000001 cents it will earn when added to our savings account, well, WATCH OUT OPRAH! WE'RE STOPPING IN CHICAGO ON OUR WAY TO NEBRASKA IN SEPTEMBER! Woo hoo!


So when this inexperienced eBayer logged on, it was with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. How great is it to sell to the masses for a few cents a listing? But what if my stuff is deemed hideous in the online community? What if no one bids? What if I have the junkiest junk?

Then all of my suspicions were confirmed; eBay is no longer a giant yard sale. People do it to earn money. Every random search I typed in resulted in gleaming new items in their original packaging. Who is going to want my used, but in perfectly good working order, straightening iron?

Me. That's who. People like me who realize that I can go to any store to find new items without paying for shipping. The few things I've bought from eBay have been used items that I got for a steal.

So I started small and we'll see how it goes.

But part of me can see myself in the very near future selling anything not bolted down. And even then, bolts can be removed.


But a girl does have to have limits.
Here are two things I found yesterday that I wouldn't ever sell:

This signed promotional photo of Jerry's "best friend,"
WWE champ Batista from when they had lunch together.
Because Jerry would kill me. And, well, Batista's not bad
to look at. In fact, I might just hang him in the living room.

And this bat that I found in the unfinished portion of our attic.
Yeah, it can stay there forever as far as I'm concerned.
Because I'm not touching it. Or anything around it ever again.
I guess it couldn't survive on decorative plastic apples.


Anonymous said...


Sarah said...

I just sold a used phone for 315 dollars. Dont get discouraged, people always buy what you sell.

Kay said...

I would try Craigslist. It is free to post things and I normally get really good responses.

The Plainsman said...

Is the little bat really dead, or just in hibernation... said...

Ha ha!!!

Kelly has bats in the attic!

(yes, you should know i'm quite easy to amuse.)

you_never_no said...

EBay can be very addicting--both buying and selling. I'm just waiting for someone to come up with a 12 step program for it...

Melissa said...

Oh my lord, get rid of that bat!! What if it comes back alive like Sarah said??

Wait...don't bats hang upside down to sleep?

Still..get rid of it!

Maria said...

I could never imagine finding bats... the picture is just too weird for me.

april said...

i am addicted to eBay.

my husband will sign me up if a 12 step program for eBay exists.

was that a REAL bat?! it's too tiny. lol.

Wendy said...

My father keeps giving me jewelry for Christmas, and I just don't like his taste. I have considered trying eBay to rid myself of all that stuff gathering dust. Heck, if I got $10 for each piece, I think I would be better off.

Natalie said...

i LOVE eBay..good luck! what's your user name? I may just bid! (I'm ntcooper528, by the way)

BensonsMom said...

Batista?!?!? I am so jealous right now.

(also, that is one teeny tiny bat. I agree - get rid of it!! Ya know, you could probably sell that on eBay for some reduculously large amount. People buy weird things.)

Sarah said...

Poor bat... :(

Anonymous said...

hey keep us updated on the ebay stuff. i too have used stuff to sell and thought that my stuff would be lame with the new stuff on there.

Kristin said...

I hope you make the big bucks on eBay :)

blueskitten said...

I've sold stuff on ebay before, and here's a couple tips:

1) Set rules about who you will sell to (limit sales to US, and maybe Canada, unless you really want to spend 5 hours figuring out how to ship something to Uzbekistan that only went for $9.99)
2) Stick to them. If the winning bidder doesn't conform to your rules, don't make the sale. Every time I've tried to be accomodating, it's been a nightmare.
3) Come up with a workable shipping/insurance, and return policy and stick to it. If you allow people to return stuff too easily, they'll abuse your niceness.

At least, that's what happened to me. Bummer.