Wednesday, January 3, 2007


While walking into a dilapidated dollar store as a last resort in search of noise makers:
"Mmm ... smells like savings."

While I was trying to wake him up this morning:
"I can't get up because I'm dreaming about Bette Midler's birthday party. ... I'm on the planning committee."


Anonymous said...

hi, sorry to be the grammar police, but in 'about me' right under the phrase 'newspaper editor' the word adamantly is misspelled. It's adamANT, just like the 80s singer.

novelle360 said...

Thanks! That's what happens when I neglect using spell check. And NEVER be sorry about pointing that stuff out. I'm one of those, "Please tell me if I have a giant glob of spinach in my teeth" kind of people.

Amy said...

These sound like some of the things that come out of my boyfriends mouth on a daily basis. Congrats on the new site. :)