Sunday, January 28, 2007


While we were our way to an Indian restaurant for lunch and an Indian family walked right in front of our car as Jerry was driving:
"I'll let you live because we're obviously going to the same place, and that makes you cool."
(Incidentally, they sat beside us.)

Pulling into a parking space and seeing a woman in a horrendously wrinkled, stained flannel shirt:
"I can see you ironed your shirt on a sewer grate this morning."

Our first few steps into a sporting-goods store:
"I hate the smell of fitness places. Smells like willpower."


allison said...

i love jerryisms!!!

ajandmac said...

haha. i feel like jerry finally pinned down the smell i whif everytime i step into the REC to workout! :)

Janice said...

hahaha that's so funny! I liked the "willpower" statement. A classic.

Wendy said...

I really enjoy the Jerryisms! I read the Ode to Toby to my husband (from yesterday), and we loved it! We are considering a pooch (or child), and he enjoyed your view on the joys of pet ownership.

judith said...

it must be fun living with such a witty husband!

The_Plainsman said...

Quote Analysis:
1.) Something Jack Bauer or Dirty Harry might say, if they ate Indian cusine.
2.) Something that Simon guy from American Idol might say.
3.) Something so original, (and so memorable), that only your Jerry could say it! He should copywright it!

The Plainsman said...

Yeah, I know, "copyrite" it!
not enough caffine yet this AM, I guess...

Ray said...

Jerry is so funny. No wonder you love him, hehe! I hope to find that humor with my own companion if I ever find him one day. I don't have the best sense of humor, but I'd love to think that one day I can be just like you 2!

Take care, Kelly.

*Marilynmonroe4u2nv from Xanga.*