Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Random nonsense that seems justifiably related somehow

Let the record show that when my daffodils are dead
and don't come up this spring, I had nothing to do with it. This
crazy-ass 60 degree weather in January is damn confusing.

This is our bacon grease glass. We only use it for,
well, bacon grease. And through all our fat-filled Sunday
mornings together, Jerry and I never had the glass pop
perfectly in half from the task. I also don't understand why
Jerry HAD to stick his fingers in it once it solidified.

Toby has made Mr. Twizzler., a souvenir from
our trip to Hershey this summer, an amputee.
And Mr. Twizzler just smiled and took the abuse.
You served your country well, brave sir. I salute you.

11 comments: said...

El Nino to blame, says the meterologists, for the latest weather mix-up, not Gore's global warming; we had an almost 40 degree temperature drop yesterday.

One of those neat thick glasses popped just like that for me when it was cold and I poured boiling water in it! The glass is unable to heat uniformly because of the thickness and stresses out.


Jessica said...

I wish I could even attempt to grow Tulips - they're one of my favorite flowers but it's way too hot here for them to even have a chance! said...

Looks like a bacon-scented candle.

Which would be an awesome thing to hit the market!

And I never knew there was a Mr. Twizzler... so i'm not really mourning at this point.

However, when Twinkie the Kid has a triple by-pass i'll lower my flag to have staff.

Kristin said...

The weather is completely insane. 70 degrees here one day and 45 the next. It's making me a little crazy....

Celina said...

This weather is messed up! Ice storms in the south but 60-70 temps for us in the East! Personally I don't mind the mild winter. I can't believe your tulips are popping up though!

Bacon grease is just nasty! We use a tin can from an empty can of vegetables.

sarah said...

it's 30 degrees in texas.
and it's snowing in fort worth.
it's so wierd.

Sandra Dee said...

I love your random posts!

Melle said...

Haha, those pictures just brightened my day. =)

Melle said...

Haha, those pictures just brightened my day. =)

Anonymous said...

Im going to second the tin can idea, I use a coffee tin, because it has a plastic lid and is perfect for the task of holding the grease without breaking.

Tina P. said...

SO i was reading your last entry and i just want to go ahead and say that i know the transition is hard for us but i know it must be reallly hard on you. Although i'm a little upset you left xanga- people that have talent like you should branch out and leave the comfort zone after... two years. Don't worry you'll get used to this and so will everyone else. I've seen this happen before in a couple months you'll have more visitors and in a year you will have more comments than you could possibly imagine