Thursday, January 25, 2007

The San Francisco treat

When I went to San Francisco, Jerry asked me to bring him one souvenir: a box of Rice-A-Roni signed by authentic San Franciscans. I'm pretty sure he didn't think I'd do it. But I did. And I even bought it there at a grubby grocery store and documented it for him with pictures.

This guy was sitting down by the ocean watching street
performers. He called himself The Escape Man. Although,
I have yet to understand why exactly. He didn't explain.

I found it very amusing that he was wearing a N.Y. shirt.

This woman was sitting on the steps to her
apartment building with friends. She thought
the request was hilarious and even said so
with her signature on the box.

This girl was adorable. She shrugged and
kind of giggled when I explained what I was
doing. She was working at a convenience store
with her parents who didn't speak English.

This guy was doing his laundry. And as we
got talking, I found out he's originally from
my hometown of Rochester, N.Y. But since he
moved to S.F. 10 years ago, I figured it counted.

And those down in the trenches of any city?
Hot dog vendors! He was a little confused by
my request, but smiled and obliged anyway.

And here's the final product, which gets
star treatment in Jerry's display nook with
confetti from the Steelers trip to the Super Bowl
last year and Batista's signed WWE portrait.


Anonymous said...

Erinn- This is so funny. You and Jerry should be on T.V.

Emale said...

You're amazing.

RNF said...

That is HILARIOUS! said...

See. This just proves my theory that pretty girls can do anything.

If I tried that, i'd probably get maced or have the cops called on me.

Kinda like what Jim Gaffigan said:
"If a pretty person smiles at you, you think 'ah. they're nice.'

"but if an ugly person smiles at you, you think 'what do they want?'"

Anonymous said...

That is a great idea for a souvenier gift, especially since it's priceless! said...

A nutty idea, once executed, becomes priceless. This is way better than the stunts on Leno, Conan or Letterman! AH, the woman on the steps, perhaps a long-lost twin sister? The Quaker Oats Division of Pepsi, purveyors of the "Roni" owe you and Jerry a pantry full!

AcrossBlueWater said...

Haha, that's hilarious. Great idea though... Only a writer would have the guts to walk up to random people in a strange city, and ask for their names on a Rice box, haha.

Janice said...

HAHAHA I just laughed so hard! That must have been so much fun just walking up to those people!

Kristin said...

That's the coolest souvenier I've ever seen :)

Angela said...

OK, that's pretty funny. Thanks for sharing!

Kristen said...

that's fantastic!

portrait_of_a_lady_777 said...

I am now sitting in a poorly equipped dorm room craving Rice-a-roni (which I haven't had in years) like crazy.

ajandmac said...

did anyone turn you down for a signature?

wittchick07 said...

That is hilarious. You guys are so original and fresh and lovely. It's marriages like this that last 100 years.

carla said...

HAHAHA you actually did it, you're so much fun! said...

So did Jerry keep the boxes after eating it?

Melissa said...

That's hilarious! said...

That is hilarious! You are great!

aprilshowers4175 said...

I agree with the first comment. Except i say it should be a movie.That is so awesome.You're such a good wife.

Emily Mc said...

What a fantastic and hilarious idea!!! My friend Angela just moved to San Francisco, and I am TOTALLY doing then if and when I am able to visit her!