Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Trip down memory lane

I'm not sure what triggered it, but this morning I woke up thinking about San Francisco. Maybe I was dreaming about eating Rice-A-Roni. Regardless, it reminded me of my trip to the city a few months before I started my blog. And it seemed like such a shame. So here's my humble and likely overdue attempt at recapturing the magic:

This shot of the landmark bridge revealed itself after I
hiked my way up the biggest hill, no mountain, of my life.

Closer to the ocean, along a lengthy pier, is Fishermans
Wharf where the odor of over-breaded fried seafood hangs
in the air attracting seagulls from the East Coast.

Some of the fare at the Wharf.

This structure is clearly more modern, but the rail tracks
right off into the ocean amazed me. Boats would dock and
unload entire rail cars filled with all sorts of things here.

Alcatraz Island. Sadly I didn't get to tour the penitentiary,
but I've watched a lot of TV specials and movies about it.
And that has to count for something.

Miles down the coast I came upon a little beach and huge
piers where amazing sailboats were unloading their cargo.

I was so glad I accidentally stumbled upon a row of
colorful townhouses stacked together on a steep hill.

And a trolley car. To me, it encapsulates this city's rich history.


Anonymous said...

I think that island is Alcatraz, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

isn't ellis island in NYC?

Cheryl said...

I once stayed in one of those cool townhouses... okay, not one of those in your pictures but really they all look the same. I found out those townhouses are usually a few million bucks! To me that is insanity. If I were going to pay a million dollars for something you would have to guarentee me that I wouldn't live on a street where a fantastic parking break wasn't a necessity.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Ellis Island is at the mouth of the Hudson River in New York Harbor and is famous for once being the main port for immigrants to enter the United States. Alcatraz Island is located in the middle of San Fransisco Bay and is famous for once being a federal penitentiary that housed such notorious inmates as Al Capone.

Beth said...

Yes, but did you wear some flowers in your hair? That's my plan when I go there...

Thanks for the little tour of this gorgeous city. It is on my to-do list! said...

"Clang clang clang..."

I didn't just sing that!

Janice said...

Those are really amazing photos! I would some day love to go there. It looks beautiful and made number two for some list Good Morning America had today! haha.

Kristin said...

I've always wanted to visit San Francisco but I've never made it to Northern CA. Thanks for sharing :)

Kristin said...

San Fransisco is one of the places on my "Top Ten Places to Visit in my Lifetime" list. I really want to go!

Emale said...

I didn't know Alcatraz really existed...

the_plainsman said...

Ha! Alcatraz vs. Ellis, to all those born West of Jersey or East of California, island museums must seem all the same! Sorry, just teasing a tiny bit, Kelly!

I recently heard that they may have to change San Francisco's name and drop the "San", as "San" is short for "Saint" and we can't have government subtlely endorsing religion, can we?

leogirl827 said...

I guess living in San Jose, I kind of take San Francisco for granted :-) But I guess just like a lot of you guys who have San Francisco on top of your to do list, I have other places on mine. I guess mine is Hawaii. I really want to go there.

leogirl827 said...

Oh by the way Kelly, next time you do go to San Francisco, be sure to check out Alcartaz. The ferry ride to the island is pretty good, and the Alcatraz itself if something worth seeing!!

jsi said...

The painted ladies look terrific!
The crabs look like they will be delicious!
The water looks relaxing.
The ships look majestic.
You captured SanFran with an eye who loves life.
Regardless of when you went, its obvious you enjoyed being there!

Miss your posts on xanga because when you would update, I had a notice about it on the day you updated. After 12 months, I still haven't figured that out with blogger yet.
Living and learning, and looking forward to your posts.
Enjoy your day. said...

Was looking for a file of those Rice-A-Roni Cable car bell sounds that could be incorportated as a "cap" to comments on your SF post, but to no avail. But did find this interesting story on the above subject from the S.F. Chronicle:

Candi said...


Kelly said...


I actually flew to San Jose for a work obligation. Then I stayed an extra day to ride the rails to San Francisco. I figured it was a free trip across the country, so why not take advantage of it? I'm not sure when I'll get to go back, so I'm glad I did.