Saturday, January 20, 2007

WAY better than roses on Valentine's Day

Last night, after going out to dinner with some friends, Jerry and I decided to do what we do best: change into our pajamas, crash on the couch underneath our giant down comforter and watch a movie while Toby sits between us, licking his butt with such intensity and duration that he leaves a disgusting wet spot on the blanket almost as big as he is.

We discussed the possibility of stopping at the video rental store, but decided that was too much work with the whole parking, getting out of the car, walking around looking at videos, paying, getting back in the car thing. Not to mention having to return it. Bleh.

So we took a risk that something good would be playing through our cable company's On Demand feature. Because the click of a remote is so much more reasonable.

But when we finally got settled into our butt grooves, fate stuck out its tongue at us. We got an error message saying that On Demand was down for the night. Balls.

What's worse is that is was the smoothest video selection of all time. Normally Jerry and I have a lengthy debate, each of us making a case for our respective choices -- him for his action flick, me for my romantic comedy. We usually spend so much time arguing our points that by the time we're done, we could've watched both movies.

Not this time. Jerry suggested "Pirates of the Caribbean" and it sounded good. Neither of us had seen it and I'm always up for a little Johnny Depp. Add in a dash of Orlando Bloom and I certainly won't decline. (And before you guys go shaking your head, I guarantee that somewhere in Jerry's little brain just saying the movie title aloud sparked a flicker of excitement at the thought of seeing Kierra Knightly in tattered pirate-wear. So there.)

Instead, we got the error message. And while I threw up my arms in defeat, waiving a white flag to the universe, Jerry gallantly offered to change back into a respectable outfit in order to go back out into the snow and rent it for us.

And while I praised him up and down for being my hero, I also capitalized on the fact that he would be walking through the kitchen and asked for a glass of water. With ice.

By the time he got back, I was fully invested in this week's episode of "Ugly Betty" that I hadn't gotten around to watching yet on the DVR. So, in the sweetest voice I could muster, I asked if he wouldn't mind watching the end with me.

Being awesome-tastic, he agreed.

But what happened next made me feel like a complete loser. A complete loser who was uber thankful I had made a sad attempt at Wife of the Year by washing Jerry's dirty underwear earlier that day.

Because when he popped the movie in, what I thought to be a preview trailer of "The Devil Wears Prada" turned out to be the actual movie. He had sacrificed Kierra Knightly in pirate-wear so I could watch Merryl Streep's Golden Globe-winning performance about the fashion magazine business.



"Shh ... yes ... I think you just made my ears bleed."


"Again ... bleeding."


"I knew you really wanted to see it, and you've passed it up a few times so I could watch stuff like 'Lucky Number Sleven' and 'The Illusionist,' so just enjoy it."

"Yeah but those movies were incredible. You're going to hate this!"

"We're probably halfway through the movie by now ... just watch it."

So with a heart full of appreciation for his thoughtfulness, I watched the movie version of a book I read years ago. And it was excellent. But not as excellent as Jerry.


Aimee said...

Hey Kelly, wow it's great to read your blogs again. It's been a long time! :)

What a great guy! How long has it been since you guys got married? Has it been a year already? said...

Well, after reading about Jerry's liking of Keira Knightly, I was gonna suggest you stay away from a certain movie....

But since he rented The Devil Wears Prada... you probably owe him.

See if you can find "The Hole." It's a nice Suspensful keep-you-guessing kinda movie.

But more importantly, you get to see Keira topless. Don't tell Jerry, and just watch the look on his face.

leogirl827 said...

Kelly, this was a great post. You guys are so meant for each other. This post made me wonder about a couple things though, how did you know he was The One for you? When did you realize that you were in love with him? I would to read about that if you get a chance to write about that. Unless you have already written about it than can I please have the link to that post. Thank you.

Nikki said...

I think I should print that out, write "HINT HINT" all over it, then tape it to my husbands mirror. You're one lucky lady.

Hannah said...

Aaron, my boyfriend, had taken me to see it when it came out. Swoon. :) He enjoyed it too though.

Did Jerry like it?

Sandra Dee said...

You two are just too cute! Jerry is quite the guy!

Mia said...

Aww, that was super nice of him.
I love when boys agree to see semi-girly movies.
Though I know they don't mind when there's a hot chick in it. My boyfriend agreed to see The Holiday (Jack Black, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law) because Kate Winslet was in it.

I think most guys will be willing to compromise for a hot girl

Sarah said...

Please tell me you went through a fair share of duds before you got to him because I am beggining to lose hope!!!

Your Brother said...

I am testung your comment dealy for mom

mom said...

I knew I had the best son-in-law in the world!!!

loren said...

Awwws. When they do things like that it lets you know your guy really really loves you.
I liked the book better than the movie, though the movie was still good.

Erin said...

I'm sure Jerry got something out of it ... there are some pretty girls in that movie!

Speaking of "Devil Wears Prada," I thought the book was way better. I know books usually are, but this time I thought the book far outpaced the movie. The movie was funny in its own right, especially Meryl Streep and how she talked. Nailed it!

Jessica said...

How sweet!

Anonymous said...

That's pretty awesome. Glad you're married to such nice guy.

the_plainsman said...

Being one of the "good guys" in life also has its reward: Jerry got you!

Leslie said...

LOVE that movie!

novelle360 said...

I can't even count how many duds I went through before meeting Jer. Horrible, awful guys who didn't appreciate me even when I gave them my everything. And I didn't meet Jerry until I was 26. Don't lose hope. There are some good guys out there.

And leogirl,
This sounds totally cheesy, but I kind of knew the day we met. I had my doubts on occasion, but that's only because "forever" seems like a really long time. I wrote about the time we met on my Xanga site ages ago. I'll see if I can find the link.

novelle360 said...

Here's the link:

novelle360 said...

Sorry, this is a better link:

Anne said...

Okay, so, I love that you used the word awesome-tastic.

And I just have to add that the onDemand feature NEVER works for us.

Ever. And it's so annoying....

That's cool you guys agreed on 2 movies in one night!

Melissa said...

My hubby actually liked TDWP!

mercurial scribe said...

All together now... AWWWW!

Jenny B. said...

AW....=) Sorry I haven't been commenting. It's hard to remember you have this. But I will.