Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife ...

It never ceases to amaze me when real-life irony just chomps down and bites me on the ass.

There are a lot of deadlines in life where Jerry and I have it together. Movie rentals? Always back on the day they're due. Returning things we borrowed from friends in a timely manner? Absolutely. Paying our bills on time? Please. Give me a real time crunch ... like putting out a daily newspaper.

But when it comes to our vehicles, deadlines come and go unnoticed. Like when the inspection sticker is up.

In fact, Jerry's inspection was so overdue that the annual deadline came around again. As in, his car was supposed to be inspected in February of 2006. Fast forward a year and we finally realized that it needed to be taken care of. In our defense, those tiny window stickers are, by design, intended to be overlooked and not obscure a driver's line of vision. Well Department of Motor Vehicles, maybe they should be a little bigger. Like coating the entire windshield. Because who the hell keeps track of such things? Okay, well, besides my anally organized parents.

So, when we finally realized that Jerry's inspection was overdue by an entire 365 days and counting, he made an appointment at a nearby garage for later this week and we vowed to only drive my car in the meantime. Fortunately, our new schedule allows us to do that.

And here's where Captain Irony rears his twisted humor-filled head.

While driving to work on Monday in my car, Jerry got pulled over. Apparently police officers who are forced to take the graveyard shift have nothing better to do than look for the minutia.

My registration sticker was overdue. Since April.

As an aside, just to add further insult to injury, the officer was a fan of the radio morning show that Jerry replaced. When the cop asked what happened, Jerry just laughed and said something along the lines of, "Any second now, you're going to turn into my mother and there's going to be a circus monkey juggling flaming swords in the back seat and then I'm going to wake up."

I guess the cop laughed. But he still womped us with a $150 fine. Suck.

But you bet your ass I'm going to fight it. We went online later that afternoon and updated my registration, we both filed a change of address and even had the DMV send a notice to voter registration. And Jerry's car will be fully legal by tomorrow afternoon.

I'm pretty sure there's a moral to be learned in here somewhere, but all I know is that I feel like I'm trapped in an Alanis Morresette song.


gorakagaz said...

aww, i can sympathize. it sucks to be a victim of circumstance. add the DMV into that equation and it gets a lot worse.

Alana said...

I'd just like to comment on my incredible moment of stupidity. I read through this whole entry not finding a thing about spoons or knives and I didn't understand what I was missing... but then I got it, life's little irony. *sigh* Now that I'm on that, I prefer to call it "Murphy's Law", it applies to everything. My favorite one (which I experienced sooo much this past year) is "In order to get a loan you must first prove you don't need it." I've got the poster...

But anyways, enough of my rambling, sorry about the ticket!!!

Kristin said...

I got that ticket once for expired registration when my mom was taking care of all that. Turns out she never signed the check she sent in for the renewal. That was nice. Cost me $125. And I also learned driving in the opposite direction of traffic/ on the wrong side of the road is only a $30 fine. You can potentially kill someone and pay $30 but have out of date paperwork and it's $125. I've haven't missed a car related dead line since.

www.xanga.com/nothingbeast said...

My favorite joke about that damn song was:

"Maybe the bitch should take some of that money she got from that song and buy a fucking dictionary."

But it's still one of my favs. :)

Janice said...

Wow, sometimes irony is just plain brutal.

Pauline said...

Haha. I finally met someone who is worse than my sister about that stuff. Her inspection sticker is September '06, if not before ;)
But ah irony, we love it when it bites our enemys.

the plainsman said...

You hit upon one of my few "pet peeves." These antiquated laws were devised when cars were much different and anti-pollution equipment was in its infancy, they are now just a form of "hidden" taxation. US EPA requires manufactures to guarantee the effectiveness of pollution controls from either 50 or 75 thousand miles. Back in the dark ages with filthier skies, cars before computer chips needed tune ups every six months or 4,000 miles. And most people keep their brakes, and lights in good condition in their own self interest. With the cost of government so high, this nonsense should be banned and just like the 55 mile an hour speed limit, the public could take the lead and simply refuse all inspections. It wouldn't take long for the politicians to take a hint.
By all means, though keep the safety regs on the books for when the police spot an obviously unsafe vehicle wobbling down the interstate or one spouting a smokescreen on the road. Some states have extended the interval for new cars skipping first inspection until four years, a step in the right direction. And yes, I've practiced what I preached: in one ten year period, I only had two inspections and two tickets, a $15 one and $10 one. But that was in the 1980s.

Kristin (www.xanga.com/GCgirl721) said...

I can't really relate to this blog because I can't drive yet, but when I get my license in 2 or 3 years, I'll be sure to tell you about the first time I get pulled over, lol.


jsi said...

I hate this penalty, and yeah I got caught by it too. In the sneakiest of ways, I have to say about the slime of a cop who was able to pull it off.
We had just moved to Maine - new jobs, new home, new state - everything. And I didn't get the notification until 6 weeks after it was sent. In that period of time, a cop who plans this in his afternoons, inspected the parked cars in our parking lot at work. No one else knew he did this either. Clearing off the snow of more than 45 cars, to search and find their expiredness, he found mine, and lo and behold it was inspected in a different state. He hit the jackpot...so he parked his cruiser 15 feet past our work driveway...I literally pulled out 18 inches onto the road and got blasted with a giant fine.
I was steamed, and knew exactly what he did. I couldn't talk the judge out of the entire fine, but by the time I had my day in the judge's presence I had the envelope with the posted date mailed and I listed when I received it...and I explained this creeps idiotic manner of finding expirations. He stepped over the line that day, but I know I sure wasn't the first one he nailed by being a creep.

Shleb said...

Ah, thanks for reminding me to rerurn that DVD!