Monday, February 5, 2007

Maybe I just need some more wine

Oh this is bad. Very bad. Filled with much badness.

I'm not sure when it happened, but sometime after college when my roommates could've had a kegger right in my room and I was disciplined enough to sleep right through it if I needed to, I turned into a light sleeper.

And it sucks. Especially now that Jerry needs to get up at 3 a.m.

Ironically, I was more worried about Toby. I thought for sure he would be absolutely beside himself that Jerry was leaving before they had ample "toss the fluffy things around" time. And this was a concern of merit. On the rare occasions that Jer has left the house before I'm up, Toby throws a fit. He whines. Then he jumps off the bed and runs to the window only to see that Jerry's car is gone, retreats to me and whines some more as if to convey his profound feeling of loss.

If I'm lucky enough to sleep through Jerry running around and getting ready, I'm certainly not able to sleep through Toby pouncing on me and laying on top of my face to make sure that I don't abandon him, too. I'm pretty sure Toby thinks that if he throws all of his 10 or so pounds on my head, I'll just lay beneath him for eternity. Because who could resist his furry ass? Especially that up close and personal.

In preparation for the start of Jerry's morning show today, we got up relatively early on Sunday. Well, for us anyway. And instead of accepting any of the Super Bowl party invitations we received, we opted to have a low-key day in pajamas and make a vat of slow-cooked chili for the big game. And when it was over? Lights out. That would give Jerry about five hours of sleep.

I'm not sure how we did it seeing that we normally go to bed at 3 a.m., but we did. Jerry made his lunch during the half-time show, set out some clothes for the next day and set his alarm.

When it went off, touting the Rocky theme song, I whispered "good morning" in the darkness. I'm not sure if it was because he didn't sleep at all or if it was out of sheer adrenaline, but Jerry popped up and hit the shower before the snooze button. He kissed me goodbye, I wished him luck and he shut the bedroom door behind him.

Much to my surprise, Toby didn't even stir. I far underestimated his laziness, even when up against his loyalty. I could practically hear his thoughts: "Wha? Where are you going? Aw, screw this. The sun isn't even up. Yeah, I'll be in bed if you need me."

I, on the other hand, was trying to ignore my bladder. At that point, I realized why going to bed early had been so easy for me. A few glasses of wine tends to have that effect on people. So I just willed myself to stay in bed. To concentrate on sleep. Not getting up.

But that didn't last long. My head kicked into high gear and started thinking about all the things I have to do today. Stupid me. Why did I have to decide to renovate the guest bedroom yesterday? I need spackle. And one of those wall reinforcers for that one chunk of plaster that fell off when we removed the drop ceiling. Maybe two for that weak spot above the door. And was gray the best color choice? Too late now. I wonder if I plugged in the backup drill charger battery. If not, I'll do it first thing when I get up. And how are we going to get rid of all of that metal from the ceiling? Will they take that with the trash? Will it even fit down the stairs without bending the long ones in half? And what the hell ever happened to my perfect black dress? Seriously. I cleaned out my entire closet and can't find it anywhere. It's been missing for months now. Did it even make the move? I remember ... wait a minute ...

And in my crazy delirium of random thoughts, I had an epiphany. The little black dress that I've been wondering where the hell I put it is probably on the back of the bedroom door. Underneath Jerry's tan suit that needs to be dry cleaned. Because we wore those outfits to our friend's wedding in June.

Sure enough, when my thoughts forced me out of bed at a completely unreasonable hour, I found the dress.

And Toby? Still in bed. The bastard didn't even flinch. I could have a kegger in the bedroom right now and he'd sleep right through it.

So yeah, this pretty much sucks. It's not even 6 a.m. and I work the night shift. Bah. Maybe tomorrow will be easier. Out of sheer exhaustion.

On the bright side, I get to tune into Jerry's inaugural morning show.

And plug in that stupid drill battery.


allison said...

i'm glad i'm not the only one awake.

Leslie said...

Take a nap before work! :)

I love naps.

schadenfreude said...

Please tell us there is a stream/podcast somewhere of jerry's show. If not, have him make one, for your readers sake (oh yeah, and his fans too I guess.)

Janice said...

Oh no! That's horrible. I really know what you mean, though, saying that you start to think because I was up really late last night finishing a paper for my 321 class and I had a phone call at 8am. I took it and then tried to get back to sleep and it was impossible because my mind kept wandering this way and that way. Needless to say, it was horrible.

Kay said...

That happens to me all the damn time. I wear earplugs though at night because my cats keep me up with their eating and pooping.

Kristin said...

Wow. 3 AM?! I went to bed at 3AM last night. That's a rough schedule. I'm sure you'll get used the routine. It was only the first day.

the_plainsman said...

I think I read that it takes from eight to ten days for our bodies to acclimate to new schedules; so...!

Destiny said...

Jeez, I know how badly that schedule sucks. My dear (future) hubby is on a shift that runs from 4am to 12 noon and most days I end up getting up with him, many times because of my dear dog.
Good luck trying to get used to it. We've been at it since the end of November and it's still trying at times. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Wow. You got off to a great start on that new schedule. Maybe tomorrow will be better... ;-)

Hannah said...

I'm like that at night, not in the mornings. No way am I like that in the mornings! At night when I try to go to sleep I'm always thinking of things I need to do and I end up getting up and doing them so I don't forget. But I'm dead in the mornings.

I'm sure you'll get used to it. Yay for Jerry getting his own morning show! That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

That's so insane. I'd go mad having to get up that early.

Tiffany said...

I have become a light sleeper myself. And my hubby gets up really early. If I can manage to keep my mind from thinking I'm safe but if not I'm awake for hours.

Tiffany (elewen from Xanga) sent me over here because of something I'm going through. I just wanted to stop by and say hey. Do you have an Xanga name? My site is protected but I'd love to be able to add you.

Ray said...

Well, you just need some getting used to with Jerry's new Monday schedule and all. Hopefully soon you'll get used to it and you'll find that much needed sleep. Yesterday I decided to go to sleep early just for the hell of it, instead of watching so much television and making my eyes hurt. So, yesterday I lay in bed awake from 11:00PM to 4 something in the morning. What a bitch! And because I didn't want to get up and watch television like I always do so I just laid there, hoping for sleep to come. Which didn't come soon, so I spent the night tossing and turning!

It's weird. I mean when I watch television until late, I'm tired but don't want to go to bed. But then when I actually go to bed early I can't. I guess I have to train my body to sleep earlier. So here's to us both finding some sleep tonight. And to that KEGGER!!!

Take care, Kelly.

*Marilynmonroe4u2nv from Xanga.*

Kelly said...

I'm a big fan of elewen. And, yes, I have a Xanga. It's novelle361. There's a link to my site under "archives" on this site.