Friday, February 23, 2007

Trying. To. Load. Video.

You'll be very happy to know that I figured out how to load the software to my computer, how to connect the device through a USB cable (which actually was a little confusing because the recorder had to be on and loaded in the battery dock), how to import my videos to my hard drive, and even how to edit an 11-minute clip of "Toby Eating" down to 1 minute and 50 seconds of pure coma-inducing footage.

Now I just have to figure out how to upload my boredom masterpiece here.

Time me.

(20 minutes later ...)

Okay don't time me. YouTube takes You'd think I was trying to upload the entire series of "The Lord of the Rings."

(10 minutes later ...)

Aw, screw it. I'm going to get some Cheerios. Maybe by the time I'm done, YouTube will be able to handle Toby's video debut.

(12 hours later ...)

No, I did not drown in my cereal milk. After waiting impatiently, YouTube rejected my "Toby Eating" masterpiece and I promptly said, "Screw it."

But after dealing with numerous computer glitches at work, I'm home and ironically ready to try anew.

Keep something crossed.

Like a rope. In the form of a noose.


oneka said...

It took me a small eternity to get a 30 second footage to show on YouTube... I'd try other places as well.

Though, I know what you mean by the most mundane thing one's pet can do, is still so very hilarious. Cati has lots of those. To me they're eyes watering fun while for other it's a yawning waste of time.

I hope you get the video net upload working. By the way, I never managed to load them to Xanga either.

Pauline said...

Haha... I wait with baited breath to see the video. If I ever see it. YouTube is insanity. Goodluck.

Amy said...

You could try all you need is to make a free account.
It uploaded all my videos pretty quickly.

chelsea said...

i don't think youtube can handle it! said...

I don't think i've ever wanted to see a dog eating so much in my entire damn life.


Wendy said...

You are way more techno-savy than I am. I begged for an iPod for Christmas to use when working out, but I still haven't taken the time to figure out how to use it. Not to mention I am learn better by example. You could show me how to use it once and I would get it, but leave me to printed directions, and I am hopelessly lost.

Tina P. said...

I'm actually pretty excited about seeing this.... so i hope you firgure it out SOON! said...

Why all these trouble?

You can still make use of Xanga Video...

Some of the better and free sites I always use are and allows their user to upload unlimited stuffs up and best of all, no bandwitdth limits. said...

...almost 24 hours later, while erstwhile budding videographer Kelly was still uploading Toby's no doubt Clio winning screen debut, the nearby City of Altoona, PA was lost today in a major mine subsidence sinkhole...nobody, including our Kelly, got the videos of the last minutes of the former city of 52,000...husband Jerry professes "no comment"

Anonymous said...

I saw your video on Xanga. Toby eats like our dog used to eat! Everything would get spread out over the floor. Unfortunately, a lot of it would just get left there, too. I think she was trying to make the point that she thought kibble was disgusting.

Funny creatures, aren't they?