Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Welcome to my Fancy Fantasy 29th Birthday Bash

Well, it's after midnight so I guess it officially counts as my 29th birthday. If we're getting technical about it, I wasn't born until 3:08 p.m., but, um, yeah no body cares. Except maybe my mom. And only because she's supposed to.

So, lets start the annual festivities where I invite you to a fantasy e-party and you accept graciously for fear that I might rip out your tongue and feed it to you. But don't worry, I'd serve it with that fantastic orange cream stuff that I got on Valentine's Day. And you'd like it.

This year's party is going to be much sleeker than my 28th. Because I just feel more sophisticated somehow. Like if 29 was a dress it would be a perfectly tailored curve-hugging satin knee-length number with a plunging back. One that is so fabulous that every time you slipped it over your shoulders a limousine would automatically show up at your front door to cart you around.

So, without further ado, please don your best mousepad and welcome to my party.

Our yacht awaits.

A chef prepared
a gourmet meal.

Now, um, I guess it's
time to dance. Led by
the crazy party chick.

First stop, Arizona desert
to watch the sun set.

Back to the yacht!
The chef made
birthday pastries!

Next stop, Eiffel tower.

I hope you're not tired,
because we're wrapping up
the night in Vegas, baby!

What? You won so much cash
that you wouldn't feel right
not getting me a gift? Aww.

To play along, just copy a link of the present you’d like to get me in your comment. To show my appreciation, I got you a little party favor, you know, for the memories. Thanks for coming!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Kyle said...

Happy Birthday!
I'll pay for some fancy fantasy window treatments.
I'm too lazy to find a link.


Anonymous said...

have a blast!!!!!!!!!

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday Kelly!!!!

Ashley said...

happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday kelly!

(just in case these don't fit into your $10K windfall)

Meghan (bel_amore)

Traci said...

Happy Birthday! The party was fabulous, hope you like your prezzie!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

I couldn't think of what to get you, so...


Janice said...

I hope you have a great birthday! Here's my gift!


Alana said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! I hope you have a super awesome day, live it up!!!! And I hope you enjoy your gifts! :-P


wittchick07 said...

Here you go...now you'll never have to spray paint blinds again. Happy Birthday!


Kay said...

That was the best party I've ever been to!!!!

Here is what I'm getting you for your B-Day


A nice massage. You deserve it.

gorakagaz said...

happy birthday! i don't use a mouse-pad, so does that mean i came nude? your party favor will help i guess :]
here's your Gift, an occasional table from Ethan Allen. hope it finds a cozy place in your living room!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! Hope its a great one.

Erin said...

Happy, happy birthday! Since money is no object, here ya go: http://store.irobot.com

Since you've spent so much time prettifying your house, I thought a roomba would come in handy. Plus, Toby could play with it.

www.xanga.com/nothingbeast said...

A fantasy party?


I'll bring my Fantasy Girlfriend.

Samus Aran.

(Google it to find out how truly pathetic I am. Consider it an uplifting e-gift)

Happy Birthday! :)

Bettina said...

Have a great birthday, Kelly!

Wow, what a great party! It was really worth it coming over all the way from Germany!

Here your present

Hope you like it :o)

Julie said...

Happy birthday, Kelly!!

Just for you:

A trip to http://www.seabreeze.com/ where we'd eat http://www.zweigles.com/ and http://www.abbottscustard.com/

Have a great birthday!!

Laura said...


Hope you love it!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! i dont usually leave comments, but i have to tell you that i love reading your blogs!


cuah04 said...

my first idea was this...

yes, I know they spelled it wrong... sorry about that! :)

and then I just couldn't stop there, so I thought I'd share the trip I went on this Christmas and give you this...


hope you enjoy your new islands :)

AngelCantante said...

Happy Birthday. You can find your lovely Venetian glasses here http://www.venetianglassart.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000001/lf-bic-set4.jpg :-)

Sheryl said...

Happy Birthday, Kelly! Thanks for taking me along on your fantabulous birthday voyage! I'm ready to go!

Enjoy your present . . . imagine it in the frame of your choice!


Sheryl said...

Oh--and thanks for the mousepad! I love all things eiffel towerish. :)

And, yes---my vacation was lovely. Thanks for the warm wishes.

ajandmac said...

my first thought was an Apple powerbook, but that's because im addicted to mac.

but then. i thought about what every writer loves, and that is a good pen.


it's not much, but when you sit down to get something onto paper, you'll be glad you had these my friend. they're the best!

Shelley said...

While I enjoyed the party, I did feel kinda guilty for having such a good time while Toby suffered. Thank goodness I brought a functional gift: http://www.petapotty.com/home.html

allison said...


Hannah said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Here's what I got you!!


Put however much you need on it! ;)

Wendy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I had fun shopping and picked you up a little something (it's tiny at 55.29 carats). I hope you enjoy it!

lovechild420 said...

HaPPy BirthDay!!

I wasn't sure if you ever replaced this one, but I figure you can never have too many bowls to put your nuts into :)


Bensonsmom said...

Happy Birthday Kelly!!!

A bunch of uw went together and got you these: http://www.aldoshoes.com/eng/storeSection/redirect.cfm?sectionID=b2c/style/productDetails.cfm&itemID=64401743&&var=d&ckey=CA
We knew you had your eye on them!

Emilee said...

Happy 29th! Hope it's a good one!

I would get you [and Jerry] these:

Kristin (xanga.com/GCgirl721) said...

Happy Birthday, Kelly!

I've always thought that this painting is amazingly fascinating. Like, I could sit here and stare at it for hours and hours and not get bored with it, lol. You might have seen it before, but it's a painting by M.C. Escher. Imagine it in a pretty frame on your wall :D


Leslie said...

How about some wine glasses? I thought they were quite cool.

Or a bottle of wine to go with? (Dom Perignon)

shimajan said...

happy birthday kelly! =)

how about a (super cute) birthday cake?


Ray said...

What a fabulous party! I enjoyed it very much. Especially the arizona sunset. HAPPY 29TH BIRTHDAY KELLY! May it be a great year for you with plenty of joy, love and great new things to come.

Here's your gift:http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/user/registerforemail.jhtml?*icid=home4
^^^^&2500.00 Shopping spree to Neiman Marcus to buy whatever you want. Or shoes which I know you love.

Take care.


Adifferentkindofbeautiful said...

I remember this from last year!

Here's the warm-up gift:


and the good stuff


Adifferentkindofbeautiful said...

(I know it looks like you can't copy the links but you can)

mercurial scribe said...

i arrived late (per usual) but brought a fabulous present...

Check it out!

Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

OMG, you are the biggest dork ever!!!!

I love you more for it (I guess.)

here's my present:


Hope u got my card, call me. I miss you!


PS - Lola says she hopes you have a HB!

Randall said...

A little belated... but happy birthday!

I bought you a Haagen-Dazs franchise so you can eat as much ice cream as you want... and treat me to a cone of cookie dough ice cream when I stop in!

Here is the paperwork for you to begin with:

chelsea said...

happy birthday! sorry i came late, but i hope it was great!!

here's my gift:


Amy said...

Happy Birthday :)
Here's a present to help keep Toby happy during those early mornings instead of waking you up!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!

Marina said...

I'm a bit confused as to how the yacht would make it to the middle of Arizona and Nevada, but I'll let it slide. ;)

Come on. You know you want him.

www.xanga.com/the_plainsman said...

I looked and I looked for the perfect gift, took an extra day and finally found it, in of all places, eBay!

It links what those in your profession used many decades before even your parents' birth, depicts the place a famous ocean liner was named for and might fit your classy taste in home (or office) decor!


The "gift seeker" Plainsman said...


Once started on this birthday thing, and "knowing" the person I'm "buying" a gift for, gifts are just poping into my range today. Not that I'm into buying some sharp threads for another guy's wife though! (But Jerry might want to buy it for you.) Have you ever seen the J. Peterman catalog? If not, JP is the real version of the company that Elaine once "worked for" on Seinfeld's show. They have some stuff that would look absolutely great on you while attending that publisher's garden party this spring. For example, in their words:

The most flattering dress of the 20th century.
Full, sweeping skirt and shaped bodice, for artful emphasis on legs, hips, waist, and bust.
Rita Hayworth wore it. Coeds and secretaries wore it. Your mother wore it. Women looked wonderful in it. Still do. And always will.
Unless the female form undergoes some kind of radical transformation.
1947 Dress (No. 1732), deliverance from the boxy, skimpy cut of WWII utility fashions. Full sweep and sash tie that swing when you walk. V-necked bodice with darts at bust and waist. Notched collar that stands up pertly, if you wish. Real pearl-shell buttons. Three-quarter sleeves.

This one definitely belongs in your closet.
Sizes: 4 through 16.
Colors: Hot Pink, Black.

I think the black one would be right for you!Take a look at:

Mommydoodle said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I saw your note on xanga. Thanks for asking about me. I just never have time to write these days. Insert sad face here. I really enjoy your writing - I equate you with the likes of Dave Barry or Erma Bombeck etc. Thank you for sharing! (I love Toby and I bet Toby would love my dog Fred!) Best Wishes, Mommydoodle