Saturday, March 24, 2007


Starting to come to the realization that maybe the central Pennsylvania delacasy that is scrapple isn't all that appetising:
"This stuff makes Spam look like filet mignon."

When even Toby rejected it:
"Well, if there ever was a reason not to consume something, THAT is it."

While reviewing his MySpace friend requests:
"Someone wants to be my friend named 'Dick Sandwich.' … APPROVED!"


Meghan said...

scrapple...the grossest thing ever created by man. luckily, we have fasnachts on mardi gras to even the score a little bit.

chelsea said...

hahaha dick sandwich sounds like a winner

Anonymous said...

scrapple sounds like souse, aka hog head cheese. eww!

Ray said...

HA! The last one's my favorite. I now hate getting friend requests on Myspace. Most of the time they never even comment, it's just to make another friend to add to their millions. Either that or I get creepy men sometimes. Ugh!

Take care, Kelly.

Emale said...


Amy said...

The myspace one reminded me of my
boyfriend so much.

It's good that you two can have a laugh together.
Proves you have a great relationship :)

Rachel said...

Just wanted to note that I saw a "Nasty Pot" in a dusty box at a random health food store in the middle of nowhere, aka Kane, PA (northern PA). That dusty box made me think of you. Looking back, I wish I had purchased it and convinced my husband to use it... Maybe I'll head back there one day and find it again....

Naomi said...

Mmmm! Jerry's probably right about scrapple, but at least it tastes better. When I was a kid, we ate scrapple on winter mornings, fried in a cast iron pan and served with apple sauce.

the Taylor Ham eating Plainsman said...

Never had scrapple.

Never saw scrapple.

Just checked Wikipedia, figuring I could trust them on it.

Never will have scrapple.