Sunday, March 18, 2007

Photos I've been dying to share

The latest addition to my shoe collection. I wasn't sure
if they were fun or freaky, but I settled on fun.

The bridal shower invitations I made for Timberly.
(Shown here with the oh-so-lovely blobbed out vitals.)

And Jerry and I discovered a stuffed animal that looked EXACTLY
like Toby when we went to a candy shop. Yeah, we had to have it.


Kristin said...

Yeah, so, I'm gonna steal your shoes, K? Just so you know.


Timberly said...

Shoes: Fab. So 'Sex and the City"
Invites: Awesome. Oddly, as soon as I looked at them, I said that font is so me.
Toby look-alike: I wouldn't have passed on that either. It's adorable.

aprilshowers4175 said...

Those shoes are awesome! LOVE the invites. Toby is such a cutie. Even if he did mangle your slippers.

Lisa said...

Okay, those might be the most FABULOUS shoes I have ever seen!

Emilee said...

I love those shoes!

Janice said...

Those shoes are amazing & the invitations are adorable!! :) The work paid off! :)

Anonymous said...

My sister would love those shoes.

Actually, I'm pretty certain she HAS those shoes.

Nice work on being your multi-talented self. Writing, designing, and being a fashion-queen. :)

Wendy said...

The shoes are arsolutely fabulous. I have been looking for something similar myself. They are sorta like red feel sexy and confident when you wear them.

So, how long until Toby tears the dog into smitherines? Well, at least this is what happens to stuffed animals a friend gives her dogs.

Wendy (again) said...

Although it doesn't look like it, I really do know how to spell. I just get excited and don't pay attention to what I have typed. Plus, there is no spell check.

Marina said...

Seriously cute shoes.

Tiffany said...

love the invites and the shoes!! and of course, toby is cute as ever :)

did you just use cardstock for the back of the invites? I'm having a hard time deciding how to go about making these invites for my friends wedding shower!

Leslie said...

Hot shoes!!!

Amy said...

Those shoes are beautiful!
And the toby toy does look just like him
so cute :)
Also great job on the invitations.

Sarah said...

HOT shoes.

That's all.

Pauline said...

Shoes: Definitely awesome. As a few before me said, 'Sex and the City'-esq
Invites: Look fantastic. I love the font on it!
Toby: Haha, quite a replica. I wouldn't have passed on it myself.

Ray said...

That invitation: VERY NICE! Your friend Timberly is lucky to have you. And I wonder how long it'll take before Toby looks at his twin and just DESTROYS HIM! ;o)

Take care, Kelly.

Janice said...

Thanks, that means a lot. I hope it gets easier... though I'm sure it will. Death is a strange thing... I really don't know if I should mourn or take advice and celebrate the time I had. Ah well, all the same, thank you.

Anonymous said...

ainsleesmommy from xanga here.
The shoes. To die for. Seriously. I wish I was young enough to wear them.

the observant plainsman said...

Let's see: The toy's resemblence to Toby is remarkable, therefore this remark! (Maybe I'd buy a second one!) The "invite" looks as classy as your decorating,(some artists in your geneology?) The shoes? Eh. They look fine. What do you expect from a guy?!