Friday, March 30, 2007

Promises, promises

I will write more tomorrow, I swear. Lots of sentences with words. Maybe some long words like "supercalifragilisticexpialadocious." And definitely some short words like, uh, "uh." Maybe I'll use bold lettering. Or italics. Or maybe even WRITE IN ALL CAPS. Regardless, there will be lots of these (.) and some of these ("). It'll be awesome.

Until then, feel free to comment even more to the degree that Dr. Phil sucks. I had no idea Jerry Springer or Tyra had such competition for the title of Most-hated Talk Show Host. I guess because they don't pretend to do anything other than suck. Openly. In public. On national TV. EVERY DAY.


Amy said...

I was once ill for a week and stuck
in bed watching day time chat shows
I was prepared to chew my hand off
just so the remote would stay away
from me and I wouldn't find another
chat show host to shout at.

So I agree with you, There are more
out there then we know.

jogger plainsman said...

The networks, choose "talk" show hosts who are either loved or hated. Vierwers and listeners are passionate about them. No middle ground.

They are all entertainment shows first, even that radio Rush guy admits that of his own. All of which bring high ratings and good advertising revenue to the TV, radio and cable outlets.

So when the good or sucky (your choice) Dr. Phil asks, "How's that working for you?" you know that whatever the pour soul's answer, it IS working for Dr. Phil and his employers!

Meanwhile back at Casa Toby, scribe Kelly is sharpening her pencil, er..., sanding her fingertips to renew her deft touch, bringing her rapier wit to the keyboard once again...

And like that old guy Paul Harvey says on the radio, "And now you know the rest of the story"

Anonymous said...

waiting for u.....

Pauline said...

All caps, huh? Ambitious.
I hate, hate, hate morning shows. They all suck. I just want to pinch Dr. Phil's head off sometimes. The accent drives me nuts. I don't usually mind southern accents. It's alll him.

Feel better!

Janice said...

I would rather stare at the black screen of an "off" TV than watch Dr. Phil. Contrary to that, I love Oprah. She's too cool. :) Some morning shows are all right, but just all right. That's it. Hope things are going good!! said...

Try to work in "antidisestablishmentarianism".

It's a really big word, and it's not made up.

And by made up, I mean sung by a British Nanny.

Speaking of Mary Poppins, didja hear they're thinking of doing a re-make? Only problem is, they can't get a script that doesn't end with Mary shaking the kids to death. (bah-dum bum) ;)

Anonymous said...

I hate Dr. Phil.

But I love Tyra.


leogirl827 said...

My week just hasn't been the same without your stories. Looking forward to reading the post tomorrow...:-)
I agree these talks shows suck for the most part!!

Suzy said...

I've never really caught onto the talk show scene. And I think I'm one of the few people in the world that doesn't really like Oprah. I mean I know right?

Ray said...

HA, Jerry Springer's hilarious! I love watching it just to watch how funny and effed' up people really are. Although I like the Tyra show she'll never be Oprah!

Well, I hope that you can get through whatever it is that is troubling you. It seems as if it's really getting to you.

Take care Kelly, & write when you're ready. We will all be waiting. <3

chelsea said...

I'm suprised they haven't had a reality show yet where you can compete to be a talk show host.

Anonymous said...

I hate Tyra!! She's so annoying. She thinks she's awesome, and she's just not. On America's next top model she is especially annoying too. Bleh.

Tiffany said...

I can't stand Dr Phil either. My mother started watching him during a low point in her life... all I can say is "Oy!". Everything became 6 degress of "Dr Phil".

"Hey, you know that Dr Phill does this? That? The other thing? He's AMAZING!".


Apparantly he's not even a real doctor. I dunno... I tried watching him but couldn't get past the 'What are you DOING?' sphiel.

Anonymous said...

I totally miss Ricki Lake.
She was the best.

Anonymous said...

Phil rules. You know it. Embrace it.

Kriston said...

Your entry has been so helpful. I was recently trying to convince my husband ,who is in the Navy, to decribe all his underlings as supercalifragilisticexpialadocious in their evaluations for promotion. He declined on the basis that he didn't know how to spell it. NOW WE DO!

Anonymous said...

Duude, I'm anxiously awaiting the new post! With lots of sentences and words.

I'm dyin' here!