Thursday, April 5, 2007

Brain Barf

I seem to have quite a few nuggets floating around in my brain that probably could be developed into individual posts of their own if I tried really hard, but, um, today is my day off and I just feel like emptying my head so I can think more clearly. Maybe I'll call it Brain Barf.
  • It is singlehandedly my fault that it is snowing in central Pennsylvania in APRIL. Why? Because I took my snow scraper out of my car and stored it in the basement a few days ago. So apparently Mother Nature decided to throw back her head and have a good laugh at my expense. ... You win, madam. You win.
  • To decorate our house for spring, I bought some lovely faux flowers (faux sounds so much prettier than plastic) to put in the big glass vase in our dining room. Well, without anything to anchor them in, they were falling all over. So yesterday at Target I found some beautiful polished river rocks. Then I looked at the price. Normally I am a huge Target fan. In fact, I think heaven must look a lot like the inside of a Target store: clean, bright and uber trendy. But Target wanted $7.99(!) for a teeny box of rocks. So I gave the rocks the middle finger and went to JoAnn Fabrics. There I found the same rocks for $1.99 each. You let me down Target. You let me down.
  • Having satellite radio still rocks my world. FCC-deemed "naughty" words aren't ever deleted out of my favorite songs, and the sheer volume of stations is amazing. I can almost always find something I like. And rocking out to 80's music when the mood strikes is so ridiculously fun for me. I still check out my local stations, particularly Jerry's, but I heard something the other day that absolutely infuriated me. Our pop station was playing Fall Out Boy's "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arm's Race." For those of you not familiar with the lyrics, they are: "This ain't a scene, it's a God damn arms race." Well, when it got to the hook, the station bleeped out God. GOD! Not damn. Damn was okay. But put God in front of it and GOOD GRACIOUS THE WORLD IS GOING TO END. This makes me want to kidnap a religious fanatic, tie them to a chair in my basement next to my snow scraper and force them to listen to the unedited version of that song over and over until their ears bleed.
  • I don't usually talk about work, but this is something that has stayed with me for days and is too good not to share. After my column ran in the paper, a reader called to congratulate me on my pregnancy. She left the most beautiful message I've ever received in my entire life. On it, she explained that she had a miscarriage when she was about my age, and her doctors told her that she and her husband would never have children. Ten years later, they were blessed with a daughter who is now 48 and has two daughters of her own. She explained that never giving up hope is what kept her going and because of her loss, she knew to cherish every moment of her child's life because, to her, it was so precious. Of course, by the end, my eyes were leaking like a faucet. And she only left her name, so I can't call and thank her. Instead, I'll do it here. Thank you Mrs. Crawford. You touched me more than you'll ever know.


Teme said...

My son is friends with some guys whose band had to bleep the word "terrorist" from their song when the video began airing on MTV. Amazing.

I love the message from Mrs. Crawford.

Leslie said...

I went to the high school that banned Korn in 1998. It was all over MTV and whatnot.

It's almost the 10-year anniversary!

1998 - Rock act Korn serves a cease-and-desist demand to the Michigan assistant principal who suspended a student for wearing a T-shirt carrying the band`s name. Attorneys for the Immortal/Epic rock act serve Assistant Principal Gretchen Plewes, Zeeland High School, and the Zeeland, Mich., public school district with the papers, demanding that the three entities stop '[making] defamatory comments about Korn and its products' as well as '[claiming] to have personal knowledge that Korn intends to be insulting to the listeners of its music.'

Also, I had a career-related question. Right now I'm supposed to be doing a summer internship with the local TV station WOOD TV 8. They are the top in our market and one of the best local news stations in the country. I'll be copy editing the broadcast scripts and putting them online. If I want to go into copy editing, would it be better to take this internship or look for a reporting internship instead (for the clips)?

Tiffany said...

What a great message :-)

Target let you down? *gasp* I hope my shopping extravaganza this weekend goes better!

gorakagaz said...

how come it's not "Novelle in Shorts"? anyway, craft stores do trump target on quite a few things :]

Jennifer said...

how funny. I did the SAME thing with my snow scrapper ('cept mine is in the garage) and this morning.... woke up to snow as well. *grumble*

Randall said...

JoAnn fabrics is the You have to sign up for their membership mailing if you haven't already for coupons (40% any item, etc) I always find on sale, super cheap treaures there.

Amy said...

Awwww that was so sweet of her.

Also that song is also bleeping out
god here in england.
It's so stupid but lately America and England seem to be terrified of offending another race.

They even did things in England such as cancel nativity plays because it offended people who weren't christians.

I'm not christian and it doesn't offend me at all so yeah sorry about ranting!

Amy said...

Race & Culture & Religion even.
I'm not all here today.

Beth said...

When Grizzy and I were in the process of adopting our daughter--who came after three miscarriages and twenty years of emptiness--one of the questions we were asked was "Will this child mean as much to you as a biological child?"

I said Yes. Yes, because if I had been able to have children easily, by the textbook perfect pregnancies, all that...I would NEVER have known how very much I wanted her.

I blogged about it recently, about how I always wanted to be a mother, and I pray every day for your safe delivery. Because when you do get to meet this child--and you will--and you touch him/her for the very first time--and you will--you will know an immediate love unlike anything you could ever have imagined. And you will cherish this child all the more, because of the one who was here so briefly...and who waits for you in the rainbows.

Pauline said...

1) They bleeped out God?! I'll bind the religious fantatics legs, you get the wrists! I also say we make him/her watch some scandalous music video. Oh, evil ;-)
2) So YOUR the reason for this cold weather. It was 80 degrees two days ago, you know. Now it's 40. You and your snow scraper! ;]
3) That comment from Mrs. Crawford is awesome. Thanks from me too :]

Chelsea said...

Here they just bleep out God damn, not just one thing or the other and they bleep out the word ass in every song.

Kristin said...

The weather is absolutley insane. Monday it was over 80 and today about 50. I alreayd put away all of my seaters and jackets.

I need satellite so I can stop spending all my money on iTunes. I must look into this.

Diane said...

Sounds like a beautiful message.

I also LOVE satellite radio. Joe and I have XM and there are so many great stations.

ajandmac said...

you dirty, dirty snow lover. putting the snow scraper away? that's like begging for 10 feet of white crap. shame. shame. shame.

hmm. glad to know it wasn't MY fault. i thought it was all because i wore shorts one day...

Rachel said...

I've been trying to catch up on all your posts since your pregnancy announcement (I'm on dial up and it takes forever right now). I just wanted to say congratulations! You have really stated everything perfectly. I am 15 weeks into my pregnancy and was terrified during the first trimester, as I had recently read your blogs about your loss. We weren't expecting a baby so soon, as we'd only been married 4 months. Being irresponsible only once resulted in pregnancy, so I have a hard time contemplating how hard some people have to work to become pregnant. I cry during commercials. I watch baby stories and cry during 6 episodes in a row, and don't even get me started on Father of the Bride 2. I've eaten a can of pineapple almost every day since I was 8 weeks along. I guess my cravings could be worse! One day I went to the grocery store hungry and came home with 8 boxes of cereal! Best of luck and I hope I can catch up onyour posts this weekend and look forward to reading as your pregnancy progresses.

Janice said...

I don't understand why they bleep out "God". Just deal with it. It's in the pledge. It's sad when Target let's you down. Very sad indeed.

Andrea said...

I know what you mean about the oh-so-naughty mention of "god damn". I wonder why our local rock station even bothers to play that song by Panic! at the Disco when this is what you hear: "Haven't you people ever heard of closing the *bleep* damn door". And it's such a good song, too. Religious idiots bother me, God damnit! lol

Anonymous said...

Last year, it snowed in May in Northern Ohio.
Just in case, I'm keeping a window scraper, gloves, scarf, coat, etc in my car all year round.


Rose said...

They do that with that one song that everyone likes from Panic! at the Disco something about a wedding, and closing the ___damn door. Yes, that's how it's said on the radio. I want XM!

Rose said...

Also interesting is that they won't play the word "nigga". I thought that most black people thought "nigga" was different from "nigger"... Many of them use the former as a term of endearment, if you want to call it that.