Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Toby

Last night, Jerry and a few of his friends went to a Mushroom Head metal show. I knew at least the couch would be filled when I woke up this morning and apparently so did Toby.

At 6:30 a.m. when Toby felt he wanted to be let outside, he shoved his front paws into my teeth and yawned his huge trap right around the bridge of my nose, alerting me to his decision.

But when I opened the bedroom door, instead of rolling around on the carpet for a few minutes and checking to see that all of his limbs are functioning properly like he usually does, Toby shot down the front stairwell, also unusual considering we use the back stairwell to get to the back door so he can run in the back yard.

When I rounded the corner, I found out why. There was Toby standing directly on the chest of our guest, Voz, head bowed, staring intently into his face.

"Hi Toby," Voz managed in a groggy fog.

"Oh hell Voz, I'm so sorry!" I said, flying down the steps to pluck Toby off his otherwise would-be-sleeping body.

And as I carried my overly inquisitive dog to the back door, I couldn't help but think that the situation would've been much funnier if I had gotten a chance to don Toby with the purple fuzzy bunny ears I have laying around somewhere.

Happy Easter!


Chelsea said...

Happy Easter!!

The Freezing Easter Plainsman said...

Heck, I think "the Voz" got a pretty good Easter greeting anyway -- how many of the previous night's concert goers can truthfuly say that they were awakened by the real "Easter Beagle?" I know your Easter will be a Happy One! More jelly beans, please!

Amy said...

Haha what a great way to be woken

Pauline said...

It would have been incredible if he had bunny ears on, indeed. Might take ten years off of Voz's life to have the real easter dog sitting on his chest first thing in the morning.
Happy Easter!

Janice said...

picture of Toby in the bunny ears?? :) :)

Ray said...

Awww, you have to post up a pic of Toby with the bunny ears! YOU MUST! And I think I've said this before but your dog is such a character. He had to inherit that from his owners!;o) Well I hope you had a,"Happy Easter."

Take care, Kelly.

april said...

Happy Easter!!! :]