Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I can't even reread this for errors because it makes me sick

I have a love/hate relationship with food these days. Actually, no, it's more severe than that. It's a worship/despise relationship.

Granted, I've come a long way from my full-blown morning all-day sickness where even a whiff of the wrong scent could send me running to the nearest receptacle to dry heave over it until tears, if not my stomach's contents, came out.

And while we're on the subject, let me take a moment to say that I have nothing but the utmost respect for the women who battle that horrible feeling for the duration of their first trimester. Frankly, after experiencing it for two solid weeks, I questioned how the human race has thrived, let alone survived for all these centuries. I mean why would any woman voluntarily go through that more than once? Where even catching a hint of a coworker's perfume can force you to reach for the trash can under your desk.

Thankfully, those days seem to be behind me, but I'm also a long way from my "normal" pre-pregnancy appetite. Or what was normal to me, anyway. You know, mowing down dill pickle spears like a wood chipper.

Now my food intake is much more delicate. I have to pay attention to my gut -- literally. If I'm iffy on even the idea of a particular food, I need to stay away from it. And, strangely, things I used to love, now I can't even stomach the idea of, let alone actually put a forkful of it near my mouth. Other things I couldn't tolerate have become completely palatable.

Take ice cream, for example. If there ever was a food I could live on if it actually had somewhat decent nutritional content, ice cream would've been it. Now? Can't touch the stuff. The thought of that, ugh ... I can't even think about it. Don't make me.

But salsa? Forget about it, the hotter the better. Before I would dip a teensie corner of my tortilla chip into the most mild of sauces. Now the chip is merely a vehicle to get piles of the hottest stuff into my mouth. And I don't even flinch.

Our grocery list has changed, too. These days it has bagels and cream cheese on it. Why? No clue. Haven't wanted a bagel in years. Now I need one. Every morning. Before my cereal. And my afternoon snack. Then lunch. Then my nap.

I don't know if I have cravings, per se, but I do know that once I get an idea in my head about what I want, be it gnocchi with piles of chunky tomato sauce, a cheese enchilada from my favorite Mexican restaurant or a strawberry fruit smoothie, I will not stop thinking about that thing until I have it. Okay, yeah, they're cravings.

And when I finally have that food? Finally taste that deliciously satisfying first bite? It's like I'm experiencing the perks of having taste buds for the first time ever. It is so good that it's not unusual for me to reenact the diner scene from "When Harry Met Sally." Only I'm really enjoying my meal that much. Those enchiladas taste THAT GOOD.

But it's a delicate situation. I know the precise moment the craving has been satiated. When I feel like I've had enough, I honestly can't take another bite. If I do, the meal that had me nearly groaning in pleasure just moments earlier could find its way fighting to re-emerge. It's so on and off that sometimes I have to physically cover the food with a napkin so I can't see it. Other times I actually have to get up and walk away. I'll clean the kitchen later when I can stomach the sight of scraping the rest of my bagel down the garbage disposal.

At the very least, this new experience with food makes for quite a daily adventure. Sometimes I can spend an hour making an entire meal and not want to eat it. Other times I'm running to the grocery store in the middle of the afternoon for ground beef because nothing in our overstuffed refrigerator looks ingestible. Which also requires sending Jerry to get a new propane tank even though it's 30 degrees outside because I want a burger. From the grill. Today. Right now. With two slices of Velveeta. TWO.

I wonder what awaits me today.


Julie said...

My mom couldn't stand even the smell of coffee when she was pregnant with me. She knew she was pregnant even before she missed her period because she couldn't stand the smell of her morning coffee.

So when's your due date?

Emily said...

It's a boy. ;-) Well, or so they say, anyway. (in reference to the super spicy craving, that is) I've almost always craved sweeter stuff, and whaddaya know, it's a girl. Of course, now watch yours be a girl also since I wagered a guess.

Just wanted to say congrats, also, on your pregnancy. :) I've kept checking back and checking back to make sure I didn't miss the big announcement!

Anonymous said...

I am going to have horrible watermelon in the middle of a blizzard like in Lady and the Tramp cravings when I am pregnant because when I am PMSing I get cravings that alternate between salty/cheesey and sweet.

lilms_sassy said...

came over from chaosmoon. when are you due? i'm due in June so i can soooo relate to all this pregnancy shtuff.

Wendy said...

I am not eve pregnant, and all day I dream about those cadbury eggs I bought on sale on Monday...2 packages...and at this rate, they won't last the remainder of the week. I love to hear about the crazy things people crave/hate when they are pregnant. My friend ate about 1 box of eggo waffles a day. Sometimes, she would eat them frozen because she didn't have the patience to wait for them to defrost. Then, with the second baby she would become ill just looking at a box of eggos. The body is a mystery!

Janice said...

I can't even believe that. It sounds like insanity! But it'll be worth it. I'm sure all of those women at the beginning of time had to have been smart or something... or people with not-weak-stomachs at all. :)

Jessica Fineran said...

Oh wow, I remember those days. One day in my first trimester all I could think about all day at work was burgers on the grill. When I finally came home, and started to make them, the grill ran out of gas. I brought them in to finish cooking them under the broiler, but didn't like the smell. I had such a breakdown that my husband really wanted to have me committed. I could not stop crying. For hours. I ended up not eating because I couldn't have my burgers. It gets better in the second trimester. You will be able to eat ice cream again. I promise.

aahcoffee said...

When I was pregnant with our first child, I was teaching second grade. One of the teachers made an afternoon snack run, and I needed, desperately, a root beer float. They brought it back, I sat down to eat it, and I knocked it off my desk. I scooped what I could back into my cup, and then cried, right there in front of 26 second graders. Yep. I understand.

With my second pregnancy I couldn't stand the smell of coffee for three months. Me. Not liking coffee. It was bizarre. I visited the inlaws, the ones who always drink decaf, and they had about fully loaded coffee for me. I didn't have the heart to tell them that the mere thought of drinking it was sending me running for the bathroom. So my lovely hubby drank both cups. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Marsha here. I know exactly what you mean about hate/worship. On one hand, I ate orgasmically as well. On the other , well, it was a delicate balance.
I couldn't stand meat of any kind with my first, and drooled over stuff like cherries, canned beets and drove way out of my way for many many bean burritos at Del Taco.
oh the memories!

Amy said...

It seriously just keeps getting
more and more interesting.

It's making me want a baby but at
the same time i'm having a good
enough time just reading this so
I think i'll wait.

Sweetheartmj97 said...

I am amazed by this. I haven't been to your site in forever, nor have I written on my own xanga site for a while. Congratuations on the pregnancy. I just passed my 20th week and had my major ultrasound. I agree with Emily. I don't want chocolate, I want mexican, and pickles, and saurkraut. I found out yesterday it's a boy.

the plains biscuitman said...

If I were Toby, I'd be inclined to be watching my hoard of biscuits very carefully right now! LOL

Marina said...

Wow. You never hear about that side of it. That sucks. A lot.

Anonymous said...

When my mom was pregnant with my little brother she ate some fried catfish and got sick. She couldnt eat fish of any kind until he was about 14. With me, the only things she could eat the entire time was veggies or fruit.

Im glad Im not pregnant. I dont think I could handle it.

Chelsea said...

Its so interesting to hear what you go through- the [school]health books sugarcoat pregnency too much.

Anonymous said...

When I was prego with my daughter I had to have hot dogs from a gas station with extra ketchup and I couldn't stand bacon which I normally loved. With my son I craved Dr.Pepper and Reeses peanut butter cups. I craved ketchup with him too but I would forget the hotdog and eat it by the spoonful. So happy for you two and I love your blog.

Beth said...

My mom had such horrific morning sickness with me that it lasted through most of her pregnancy. She finally narrowed it down to what she could eat: chicken and tomatoes. That's it. Chicken and tomatoes. Not one single solitary other thing.

I kid her that it's the reason I came so early (two months) because I wanted SOMETHING ELSE!

I do, however, love chicken and tomatoes.

And btw if you haven't heard this, lemonade and potato chips work wonders on nausea. You'd be amazed. Something about the combo of Vitamin C and potassium that does it. My doctor recommends it and he had four kids and his wife swears by it.

I still eat chips and lemonade when I'm queasy (traveling, flu, whatever...)

I'm so glad things are progressing so well for you, though. And someday this baby is gonna LOVE reading all this stuff!

gora_kagaz said...

haha...not to laugh at your discomfort, but i love reading your stories as well as those of the moms who commented here =]

Emilee said...

My friend is pregnant also, and whenever we get together for lunch or something -- it's Red Robin. She always craves the BLTA croissants. Always. They're also huge and she usually orders two. It's insane! =]

Kristin said...

It's so odd how pregnancy effects the entirety of your being. I can't wait to hear what happens in the second trimester :)

ajandmac said...


man. o. man. im so thankful you can write this stuff up and make it into something amazing to read about.

just as a funny note: one of my friends craved pickles and chocolate pudding. as in, she would dip the pickles INTO the chocolate pudding, and then eat them. it was disgusting to watch. haha.

Ray said...

HA! That scene from "When Harry Met Sally" is a classic! ;o) I've said this before but I think pregnancy cravings are adorable. I don't know why but I do. And thanks so much for the journey you are taking us on in this pregnancy. You write so detailed and you might not know it but, for a person like me whose never been pregnant it's like a Health lesson. And interesting one at that. I don't plan to ever have children, but if I do I'll know what to expect. Thanks Kelly.

Take care.

P.S. You can't stand the site of ICE CREAM?! How crazy! I know once that little baby comes out you're going to want a load of it!

Ray said...

OH, and about the Spicy Salsa, is it okay for you to be digesting a lot of that? I always thought it wasn't good for the baby. But you're only two months right? Well I'm just being cautious, it's because I care.

Bye, now.