Thursday, April 26, 2007

Making his public-access television debut

Jerry recently befriended the creators of The Underground TV, a local show "dedicated to promoting unsigned artists from across Pennsylvania." But let there be no mistake: Judging by the look of their site alone, they've never featured any unsigned country singers or wannabe pop artists. They like hard rock. And they eat chips of metal for breakfast.

If there's anything local hardcore rock enthusiasts love more than wearing head-to-toe black and throwing the devil horns, I've discovered they love their radio rock jocks. Especially Jerry.

So when Jer was spotted at one of the shows they were filming for an online battle of the bands competition, they turned the camera on him in between sets.

The result is pure Jerry -- never one to shy away from the spotlight. Even when it's forced on him without notice, he won't disappoint.

So, if you're interested, check out Jerry's brief stint the show's latest episode. (And if you're as impatient as I am, it's about 6 minutes, 30 seconds in.)

And, incidentally, the guy on Jerry's right is Voz. You know, the one woken abruptly by Easter Toby.


Tiffany said...

Jerry's famous! :-)

The belly button for blue cheese thing was pretty gross though, lol.

ajandmac said...



o my gosh.

jerry is one of a kind. i love both of your celebrity appearances that take place, it really cracks me up.

i thought it was cool the other day that my two friends made the college newspaper. Jodie Sweetin, from Full House [as Stephanie Tanner] came to talk about her road to recovery, and my friends made t-shirts that read: "The Stephanie Tanner Fan Club" and wore their hair in side ponytails to attend.

one friend was quoted, "Stephanie Tanner has been the inspiration for my side ponytails since 1995!"

we thought this was hilarious.

[sorry if this is uninteresting, but man...i laugh at myself and my friend too often not to share this one.]

my personal favorite:

one friend decided it would be hilarious to play on the WWJD bracelets, but instead it would read "What Would Stephanie Tanner Do?"

EXCEPT this accidently turns out to read: WWSTD



i know.

Anonymous said...

Jerry is such a guy. There aren't enough manly men in the world anymore.

Ray said...

Damn I can't see the video. My page keeps saying, "Page cannot be displayed." But I'm sure it was funny, and I think it's safe to say that Jerry is indeed a mini celebrity.

Take care, Kelly. ;o)

Chelsea said...

Hahaha! I couldn't read his shirt, what'd it say?