Monday, April 16, 2007

A menacing intruder

Although central Pennsylvania missed the record-breaking winter storm that is affecting much of the northeast today, we're still having very strange weather for April. We didn't get the 12 to 16 inches of snow most area forecasters predicted, but flakes have been falling intermittently between the sleet and rain.

This morning I woke up to crazy winds that sounded like it was about to shatter all our bedroom windows. Because I worked last night and the weekend reporter wrote a story on the weather, I knew we were in for gusts up to 60 mph throughout the day.

But poor Toby didn't.

When I let him outside for his morning bathroom break, he nearly toppled over before he could get all fours on the ground from the last porch step. And I know it's wrong to laugh, but I couldn't help it. Then I watched from the doorway as he stumbled around in the yard looking like a drunk after a long night of too many rounds. The wind just tossed him in all directions and he couldn't secure his footing.

Then the funniest thing happened. The bird feeder, the one he looked at lustily all last summer trying to mentally concoct a way to reach the stale bread I filled it with, toppled over onto the ground when a particularly strong gust swept through the yard.

You would've thought his arch nemesis just invaded his territory. Toby absolutely freaked out. Within seconds, the hair on his back stood up and he was barking at the plastic contraption with every bit of energy his tiny body could muster. He circled it, he growled, he jumped up and down, he barked some more.

After a few minutes of warning the inanimate object that he was in charge, Toby felt brave enough to close in and sniff the intruder. But just then, another gust of wind kicked up, flipping the bird feeder in Toby's direction.

And wouldn't you know that it nipped him right in the nose, sending our otherwise ferocious dog running back to me in a panic.

Bird feeder: 1
Toby: 0

Maybe next time, Toby. Maybe next time.


Tiffany said...

It was so windy here awhile ago that when Gizmo lifted his leg to do his morning business, a wind gust knocked him right over, mid pee. It was hilarious!!!!!

Amy said...

hahaha awww poor Toby!
My dog used to chase cats but as
soon as they looked at her she
would freeze and then run off.

I guess dogs are not as tough
as it says on the tin.

Tiffany said...

No video!!?? :-)

And I totally think it's crazy that the "other" Tiffany has a dog named Gizmo- so do I!

Pauline said...

Serious? No video? Your losing the shiney-new video glow.

It's been 60+ mph winds here for TWO DAYS. I want f'ing April back!

the reflective plainsman said...

A friend in Wisconsin reported that the wind knocked over one of his larger dogs a couple of days ago as well. In the lower part of our valley, well over 7 inches of rainfall has brought the local rivers over flood stage.

Flooding will be a few inches higher than 1999 Hurricane Floyd and will be the third highest, but three feet lower that the flood of 1984, the second worst since 1903's flood of record. We started a voluntary buyout program in the early 1980s and less than half the floodway homes remain, But this flood, alreaday closing the six lane state highway, will affect more.

A long way of saying that the weather is boss, whether to little guys like Toby, or us humans, who often think we're in charge. said...

I'm also disappointed.

I thought "Parents" with a video camera filmed every moment of the first year they have a "child" and camera in the same house.

I guess I need to stop believing these myths. :)

Ray said...

Awww, poor Toby. Today isn't his day. Damn winds, & storms! I can't wait till Summer actually comes. I think we ALL can't wait!

Take care, Kelly.

Janice said...

It hasn't been insanely windy here in NW Ohio, but then again where I live it's always rather windy so I don't notice most of the time. Toby is so funny!!

Julie said...

I demand a rematch!!

To-by! To-by! To-by!

Petra said...

Ironically we've been having just the opposite kind of weather -- all the same unusual for this time of year. Today was exceptionally sunny and warm day with temperature rising close to +20C (about 65F). This has been a weird winter.

But yeah, no video this time? Though, you pictured it so vividly, so I'll just have to take your word for it. ;)

Mia said...

That made me laugh so much, but at the same time, I was just like "awwww, poor toby."

Of course, if it happened to my dog, I would be laughing the entire time. Maybe it's just cute because he's kind of little.

Leslie said...

At first when I saw "A menacing intruder" I thought you had written about the gunman at Virginia Tech.

I'm sure you might write on it eventually and we would all get some sort of hope or relief through your writing (you are great at that), but it was nice to see that life was moving on as normal for most of the country.