Friday, April 27, 2007

Super Regeneration Woman

One of the best parts of pregnancy is, without a doubt, the fact that my skin looks amazing. If I get a blemish at all, it comes and goes within a night. Or sometimes even a nap.

That alone is enough to make me want to stay in the first trimester for the rest of my life. I mean, I can't remember the last time my skin looked this good. Maybe my second birthday.

Of course I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about here, but I chalk it up to the increased quantities of blood my body is circulating at any given time. That and the folic acid supplement I'm taking, which apparently helps create new cells. It's the only reasonable explanation I can come up with, anyway.

Since becoming a streamlined network of veins, I've noticed other things, too. My hair is growing like crazy. If I don't visit my stylist soon, I could play Cousin It in an "Adams Family" reunion special in, oh, a month. Two tops.

That said, my eyelashes have never looked better. Fuller. Longer. More fabulous. Granted, it also comes with faster-growing leg and armpit hair, but did I mention my eyelashes? They are totally worth the extra time with my razor.

My fingernails are a spectacle in themselves. For years and years, I paid a nail salon $45 every three weeks to give me the look of the nails I have now. For the first time in my life, all 10 are at a uniform length and strong enough to withstand slamming them in a door. I know because this happened recently and none of them broke. In fact, they get so long that I actually have to file them down.

Did you hear that world? I FILE MY NAILS BECAUSE THEY GET TOO LONG. Not because they get a tear or snag. Not because one breaks and I have to even it out. Because they're too long. I choose how I want them to look. I DECIDE. Not my nails. They do what I say. I'm the boss.

Again, this also comes with rapidly growing toenails. But did I mention my fingernails? Totally worth the extra time with the toenail clippers.

And if I get a cut, scrape or bruise? Psh. My body takes care of it in half the time it used to. It's almost as if I can will myself to heal. Like if I stare at the paper cut intensely, it just closes up.

So instead of people referring to me as "pregnant," I've decided I'd prefer to be called: Super Regeneration Woman.

It's so superhero-ey.

Now all I need is a cape.


And just for fun, I've added a baby development ticker on the bottom of my site. Not so in-your-face as the top of the page, but interesting if you're curious to know that the fetus is now the length of a small box of raisins. Okay, maybe you don't care. But the baby likes it. So it stays.


Anonymous said...

:-) thats wat they call the pregnancy glow.......
hope everythings going smooth for u like how i am having!!!

Anonymous said...

My mom said that she felt most beautiful during her four pregnancies out of any time in her life. She felt that her skin looked great in particular, and she didn't have to worry if her tummy was a little larger than she would normally like. The tummy pooch is the bane of all the women in my family's existence.

Jennifer said...

Ah yes, and the good news is, if you choose to breastfeed, you'll still be taking those amazing super woman prenatal vitamins, so your nails will continue to be fantastic!

The bad news? Well the thick full hair doesn't last as long. Within a few months of giving birth you find that you are losing clumps of it, even with the continued vitamins. Its happened to me with both of my pregnancies and its always such a bummer. Just remember that I mentioned it b/c when it first starts happening you become CONVINCED you will end up bald. But apparently you don't, and its totally normal.

(hey, but at least i can always look at these fantastic nails right?)

Kristin said...

I had no idea things like that happened. What a pleasant surprise. I thought everything just got swollen and extra large.

Tiffany said...

Aww, I love the ticker.. so excited for you :-)

sarahcarroll22 said...

I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see the baby.

Traci said...

Hey, if you think first trimester beauty rocks, just wait until the second trimester. It's just as good without the fatigue and nausea! I totally love being pregnant.

amy said...

You are so funny!! I'm really glad you are enjoying your pregnancy!! I don't comment much but I read your blog every day. :-)

Ray said...

I guess that's GOD's gift to women for having to put up with the whole unbearable pregnancy thing. Not to mention giving birth.

OH, what I wouldn't give to have my hair grow long at any given moment, or for longer eyelashes!! Although I'm told that my eyelashes are pretty long. And what I wouldn't give for my nails to grow. My nails are so short that if I were to bite what's left of it, I'd probably bleed (although I doubt it I've never bled). Hahaha!

Anyway, I just looked at your baby tracker and I'm amazed that at 11 weeks and 6 days that the baby can already swallow!! And that it's growing teeth buds. And to think that people don't think that at almost 3 months that the babies nothing and they abort it. It's no excuse. You can look it up in a book or even the Internet nowadays since people don't even read books (I'm guilty of that myself).

We can all see that no matter what stage of birth the babies at it's still human. It still feels. No matter what people say. It's just sad that people try to go around the fact by saying "At three months it's nothing. It won't feel a thing."

To which I say, "You're wrong, very wrong buddy." Well this is just something that came to me as soon as I read your baby tracker.

Take care Kelly or should I say, "Kelly the AMAZZZINNNG REGENERATION WOMAN?!"

Chelsea said...

I never knew that being pregnant helped your skin! Psh, they probably don't teach that in health because the over dramatic girls in my class would be like "what clear skin and all I need to do is get pregnant?!"

Love the baby countdown, its fun to see!

grace said...

oh i always thought pregnancy can also make your skin worse?? in pro activ commericials and things, they always show pregnant women with the worst acne.. hmm u must be on the lucky side..

anyways was quite a funny read, thanks for the laugh! :D

mercurial scribe said...

Tell me what folic acid supplement you take and no one gets hurt! ;-)

No, seriously, please????

mia said...

am i the only one who noticed the blue ticker? its a boy??

Anonymous said...

One of my friends takes prenatal vitamins even though she's not (nor has she ever been) pregnant. Apparently they have a dosage on the bottle for women who are not pregnant. (She learned about this from her pregnant sister.) So ... after you have your baby, you don't have to lose these great effects of being pregnant. :-)

the observant plainsman said...

Ha! Now the next time I see a great looking woman and figure out that she does not have hair extentions, fake eyelashes, tons of cover-girl and "press-on" nails, I'm going to wonder if she is pregnant!

ajandmac said...

dear super regeneration woman,

do your powers work for the healing of others?