Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Under the big tent

Last weekend, while having breakfast together, I noticed an ad in my newspaper for the circus and mentioned to Jerry how fun it will be to take our child to see all the animals and buy them glow-in-the-dark swords and cotton candy.

He, of course, asked why we needed to wait that long to go. After all, who doesn't love the smell of elephant urine?

So we went.

I have to admit, we did feel a little ridiculous when Jerry placed an order for two tickets and the guy asked, "One adult, one child?" But we didn't care. Elephant urine or bust.

By the time we found our seats and summoned some cotton candy, we were having a blast. I'd be lying if I said all of the screaming and crying children didn't make me rethink this whole "procreation thing," but when one of the elephants did a little booty shake and the room erupted into overzealous laughter, I couldn't help but smile. I guess those moments make up for the ones when they scream because they can't have a Scooby-do inflatable doll AND the blue alien.

Plus it didn't help that the kid sitting behind me pinned my hair to the back of my seat with his knees then abruptly jerked his body to see the python snake, forcibly ripping half of my follicles out of the back of my scalp. I kind of had a vendetta against anyone less than 4-feet-tall after that.

But when I looked down a few rows of seats and saw a brother and sister sharing their popcorn and pretzel with ease, pointing to all of the animals and enjoying every second of their surroundings I thought ... well, frankly I thought, "Phew."

Nothing better than cotton candy at the circus.

Jerry demonstrating how not to get his fingers sticky.

A white female Bengal tiger.

The elephants being prepared for rides during intermission.

The crazy lady dangling by her hair.

This doesn't have to do with the circus, per se, but it is sort of a circus.
Here is Jerry's Sirius car radio tuned into Howard 100 giving a
message of "Vote for Sanjaya" with the number. And, yes, Jerry is
so obsessed with seeing this guy win that he called for the rest of the night.


Anonymous said...

I havent been to the Circus in ages! Love the pic of Jerry stuffing his face with Cotton Candy. ~April

schadenfreude said...

Please, take your kids to the modern kind of circus that doesn't force animals to perform. The kind with clowns, acrobats, dancers and magicians, but leaves the lions, tigers, elephants, bears and all four-legged creatures in their natural habitat. Your kids will have a great time and learn to be compassionate too.

To see how that elephant was trained to shake his booty, watch Make 'Em Scream": Standard Elephant-Training Practices

julie said...

Wow, Kelly... that picture of you is gorgeous!! You really do have that "glow" they talk about.

Heidi said...

Oh thanks a lot Kelly! Now all I can think about is cotton candy....

Anonymous said...

Not to, uh, be that annoying soapbox girl, but they're so horribly cruel to the circus animals. Gotta agree with "schadenfreude." It might all seem enchanting, but the whole thing is just barbaric. Weird but valid comparison: Elephants and tigers and bears are just as lucid as, say, Toby. Toby getting shocked with a cattle prod daily isn't the greatest image, is it? Again, I don't say this to be creepy, I promise. It's just hard to empathize with the creatures you see in the arena unless you personalize it.

I loved the circus as a kid, but had no idea at the time how it was a breeding ground for what can only be described as money-driven sadism. As conscientious adults, we have the ability to say "Thanks, but no thanks."

End of soapbox rant.


Anonymous said...

Please don't support the circus. Animals do not naturally behave like that. They are forcefully trained to do so--they live very unhappy lives in small cages and travel all the time and have no interaction with other members of there species. It pains me to think of what that elephant and tiger go through. Please, instead of taking your child to that, teach your child to respect wild animals.

Marina said...

Bah. Making an already ridiculous show even more ridiculous. GOOD JOB, JERRY.

Elephant urine is my favorite kind.

Anonymous said...

Picture your own dog beaten into performing tricks for an audience, living in a small metal cage in his own feces and urine between shows, with no other animals around him, given sedatives on a regular basis to make transport easier.

Then ask yourself if you still like the circus.

Anonymous said...

Go to that site.


kristin said...

I haven't been to the circus in forever but I do enjoy cotton candy whenever it is available. said...


That chick was HANGING by her hair. You were merely pinned by yours.

Suck it up! ;)

And I agree about the screaming kids. If I stay in a crowded mall long enough, I'm actually looking for the closest penis-doctor to render me surgically sterile.

human cannonball plainsman said...

Circuses! Time was, 75 or 100 years ago when every boy and girl wanted to run away to the circus.

Saw one of the best as a little cub scout when we took a trip to Palisades Amusement Park that was hosting one of the best. We saw acts that were shown on TV, like the legendary Flying Walendas before thier tragic and fatal accident that was covered in a series of black and white photos in Life magazine.

That circuses were exploitive of both humans and beasts once made little difference as the spectator's lives outside, in their real world, involved the same amount of exploitation of human and beast. It was just that the stage was different.

Fast forward to today and our standards have changed, both towards humans and animals. Beings once called "freaks" are now helped by society and thier challenges and needs are at least recognized, if not yet fully addressed. The same for the animals, but to a lesser extent. Public education still has some distance to go here.

However, there are circuses that are less exploitive and ones that do away with the negative factors. I think the "Big Apple" circus is one. Providing all the fun and wonder of amazing feats and performances, without the exploitive factors.

I even think they have an act where a guy drinks a whole quart jar of pickle juice!

But seriously, check out the different types out there for when you and Jerry do have to buy those third and fourth tickets.

lilany said...

Yeah...I hate to ruin the fun...but I can't do the cirucs anymore either because of the cruelty to animals. Down here in TN there is actually an Elephant Sanctuary where performing elephants are rescued and are allowed to live out their lives in peace. It's very cool.

Ray said...

Awww, a trip to the circus how cute. You guys really are big kids at heart. And Jerry voting for that stupid Sanjaya, "THAT'S JUST SAD!" I mean I've never heard the guy sing, but just his ridiculous hairstyles makes me think that he's pretty hideous! Hehe, Jerry's too funny.

Take care, Kelly.

P.S. Hearing about the brother and sister sharing the popcorn and pretzel made me melt. Let's just hope your kid is well behaved, "Eh!" ;o)

Amy said...

I've never been to a circus looks
like i'm missing out but I don't like
the way the animals are treated
and trained then again it might of changed now but from what i've heard it's horrible.

Oh and my sister's pregnant now
so any advise you get on here
i'll be sending here, it's her second
child but she's still just as nervous.

Janice said...

I used to be in an organization where we worked at the circus selling concessions. I'm not going to lie, it was so much fun! I even got to eat the snowcones when they would get all dreary and not look wonderful anymore. I'd love to go again sometime soon. :) The pics were great---and someone dangling from their hair? So odd, so amazing.

Celine said...

Love Sanjaya's hair.... it's what's keeping him in I think.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad for enjoying the circus. Embrace your inner child and have fun once in a while. All of that "soapboxing" will just leave you in the hospital with an ulcer.

Jenn & Jason said...

Are any of those photos available on CU? I would like to make a mug or an apron or a toaster cozy of Jerry.

jsi said...

Love the circus. Yur cotton candy picture together should make the editor's cut for your 2007 family newsletter. Your Christmas card is anticipated to include that precious one, but nothing can replace those smiles you both have.

Lioncloud said...

Ah, so _Jerry_ was the one keeping Sanjaya in all those weeks. For shame, Jerry!