Sunday, April 1, 2007

Whispered conversation while we were in the obstetrics waiting room

"Oooooh. SCANDAL!"


"So I was wondering about the high level of PDA from those two over there and then I figured it out."


"Only one of them has a wedding ring on. ... She's his pregnant mistress."

"Jerry, oh my God. When you're that pregnant, your fingers swell and you have to take your rings off."

"So even your fingers are gonna get fat?"




"Can I call you fatty fingers?"

"Only if you want me to stick my fatty fingers in your eye sockets."

"IF THEY'LL FIT! ... FATTY FINGERS!" (erupts into laughter)

"Okay, I'll just use our steak knives instead."



"Um. Point taken."


Kriston said...

First of all congrats! Secondly inform Jerry that to balance out the fingers he will get a visit from the Tit Fairy! I read this in a pregnancy book and told my husband and I didn't hear the end of it forever!

Heidi said...

What I'd give to be a fly on the wall witnessing that conversation. LOL

Anonymous said...

My dad used to tease my mom and called her "Tubby Tacos" because she craved tacos so much with my brother. My mom, however, didn't take too well to it.

Ray said...

Jerry is a trip! I hope the baby has his sense of humor as well as yours ;0). Which I'm sure of because it's in both the genes. THE BABY JUST HAS TO!!!

Take care, Kelly.