Friday, April 13, 2007

Yes, I said 'Aw' for every one of these things

We have already received so many adorable gifts from our friends and family that it's hard to imagine that we aren't completely prepared for this baby yet. Well, maybe not mentally, but certainly stuff-wise. I guess it's just hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that we'll need so much to welcome a tiny living being into our home. You know, necessities. Like adorable matching outfits.

Here is the beginning of our baby arsenal in no particular order:

This is a magnetic frame for our ultrasound pictures.
We got it in the mail from my mom this week.

This is the softest stuffed lamb that we got from Jerry's mom on Easter.

This is the softest stuffed bunny that we got from one of my coworkers.

We got these from Jer's sister, Amy, on Easter.

This adorable duck stuff just makes me so ridiculously
happy when I look at it. We got it from my friend
Courtney, her mom, Maryann, and Court's husband, Matt.

One of my favorite things to look through when I was growing up
was the pregnancy book my mom kept about me. Now I have
two to fill out for our child. The one on the left is from Maryann
and the one on the right is from my friend Timberly.

We got these cute little jungle animal-themed things from
our friends Amy and Roger who also have welcomed us to
plenty of hand-me-downs from their two daughters.

These also came from Amy and Roger and I think they're hilarious.
They're water resistant, so they wipe up easily. Genius. Because
it's kind of hard to read here, the one on the left says "leftovers."

This is the one present that Jerry and I have purchased so far.
The bear on the left is my childhood bear, Brownie. I loved him so
much that there are places on him that all the fur has rubbed away and
the stuffing is flat. I wanted our child to have a similar bear, and I
couldn't believe I found such a close match. It absolutely thrilled me.

Incidentally, these photos were all taken in what will become the nursery. Right now it is a mostly empty room that we call "the office" because it has a lone desk with our computer on it and a plant stand. I'm trying to decide whether to keep the green wall color and accent with pink or blue, or just go for the gender-defining colors themselves. Fortunately, I have a few months to worry about all that, I guess.


Anonymous said...

Have you got the book "What to expect when you are expecting"? I used it several years ago with my first and it was very informative.

Julie said...


I have a post on xanga that I'm still finishing up, but you gotta go read it. I totally thought of you when I first read the pet thing last night. Especially the bathroom part. You'll love it.

Kristin said...

Aw! I can't even help but to say it. This baby is going to have it all and then some in the love category :)

Janice said...

Those are all so adorable, especially the bear!! How cute! You could always go with yellow in the nursery... that's what my mom did with me :) Anyway, beautiful pictures!!

kimiedawn said...

You have got to watch this new show I saw last night. It's called Notes from the Underbelly. I was rolling, it is so funny. Sounds like a lot of what your going through, is also addressed on the show. Also Jenny Mcarthy's book on pregnancy is pretty funny and graphic. Just trying to add a little humor to all the discomforts. Have a great day.

just the bear facts said...

Scrolling down, all neat stuff, but the last one, the bear was the sweetest! After all, of all the neat and nice things you recieved when you were a tiny one, you still have and love that bear, and hopefully, xx years from now, your grown little one will still have their bear and the comfort and happiness it still brings.

Tiffany said...

I think everyone can't help but say "Awwww"!! I can't wait to see what you do with the nursery. And, I hope you are feeling better from yesterday!

ajandmac said...

you have such great baby stuff already!

those bibs are definitely my favorite.

just for fun:
when my baby brother turned 1 my mom made him this tiny cake and put light blue frosting all over it, and just let him dig into it for fun. he sat there in his highchair, squealing, and picking his hands through the cake. he shoved it in his mouth, and missed more than he made [if you can imagine.]

when he was through [and we were done laughing] my mom had to take him straight to the bathtub for clean-up. he had blue frosting everywhere! in his ears, up his nose, matted in his hair, and all over his bib. so....hosing a kid off, is sometimes the only thing you CAN do. :)

have a great day!

Jennifer said...

Aw how cute! Those wrist rattles are great, our new daughter loves them.

Now the water resistant bibs -- I don't quite get those. Bibs are usually good for soaking up water substances like drool, spit up, etc... if they are water resistant wouldn't all that stuff just roll off and down onto their pants, or onto you? said...

I bet it's gonna be a chore keeping Toby away from all those new toys.

Can't wait to read about the first day the baby comes home and Toby has to become the "Big brother" who doesn't get all the attention anymore.


Anonymous said...

All of the gifts are adorable, but my favorite is the ducks.

I love the color green on the walls (it's showing in the pic of the bears). I think you should leave the green and accent it with pink or blue.

Hope you're beginning to feel better. =)


Chelsea said...

Those are all so cute, I love the bear and the idea!

Ray said...

AWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Okay enough of that, hehe. I too go crazy for baby stuff. I don't know why. I guess it's because of all the great baby gear that they have now-a-days. It just makes having a baby so great. Those bibs are too cute! I'm also a sucker for baby shirts with sayings on them. I once saw one that said, "Got Milk", and "Hand over the tit and no one get's hurt". I wouldn't buy the second shirt although it's cute, maybe just for the baby to wear it in the house. But it does sound genius.

Also, like someone wrote in one of your previous entries you should do a P.O. Box. It would be great so "We" your fans and loyal readers of your blog can get you something. I'd love to buy little baby Jerry/or Kelly something. Think about it anyway.

And about choosing a color for the baby's room, I think you should wait until you find out the sex of your baby. If it's a girl I'd suggest the color Lavender. Although pink is a nice color it's a bit played out. Plus if it's a girl she'll have so many pink clothes in her wardrobe that you wouldn't want to over due it. If it's a boy I guess you could do the classic baby blue with white clouds maybe all over the room. That would be beautiful.

Well, I'm rambling on and on with all this baby madness. Sorry for the story long comment.

Take care, Kelly. And a happy pregnancy to you! ;o)

Ray said...

P.S. Check out the movie, "Father of The Bride PT 2." The baby room in the movie is gorgeous. I silenty swore to myself if I ever had a baby that the nursery would look just like that! ;o)

Take, care.

Amy said...

That is all too cute.
I love the the bibs! ^_^!

Anonymous said...

cant pick out just one,because all those are so cuttte......:-)

jsi said...

Green is such a forgiving and flexible color, it can be accented with dragonflies and froggies for a pond theme, or vines and ferns for a jungle theme or blues and reds for a circus theme that gives room for gender accents which can follow suit. I don't know about you, but when I was pregnant my sense of smell accentuated about 10000%, I could smell things from 20 miles away (the Southern Maine Portland paper plant - whether it was a working day or an off day), food cooking, everything. I didn't want to paint anything because it was such an overwhelming smell to encounter.
The magnetic photo display is tremendous! Enjoy your day