Tuesday, May 29, 2007


So apparently I have freakish taste buds that relish ultra-sweet substances because that syrupy glucose test I had to drink? The one that all pregnant women talk about with a wrinkled brow and a tone of utter disgust?


If it came in a six-pack at a grocery store, I would totally buy it. It tasted like a bubbly liquid popsicle. Red popsicle. The best popsicle.

The downside is that my veins, as usual, did not cooperate for the blood-taking portion. It's almost as if they try to hide as deep beneath my flesh as possible. I left an hour later with three gauze pads taped to pressure points at both my inner elbows and the top of my left hand and numerous apologies from one very sympathetic technician who laughed in agreement when I said I'd make a lousy drug addict.

But even if the drink had been as horrendous as everyone made it out to be, we got to hear our baby's heartbeat again. And those 160 beats per minute still sound like rhythmic music.

Even better than that? Better than the fantastic sugar high and the baby beat? My doctor said I am ALLOWED TO PAINT OUTSIDE!

So break out the paintbrushes, it's time to celebrate!


Ray said...

WHOOOOOO, you should do a "PAINTING PARTY!" I'm glad that everything went okay. And I find it odd that you liked the medicine, but I guess because it was flavored. That, and we're all different and have different tastebuds.

Night, Kelly. ;o)

Ray said...

I mean't, "WOOOOHHHHHOOOOOO!" But yeah, I'm sure you caught my drift. =P

Leslie said...


Pauline said...

Whooohoo! Painting! Mom's can be very wrong. Obviously. I'm sure your thrilled with the news of all the painting to be had.

Marsha said...

Then I bet you don't have gestational diabetes.
Both times mine made me so sick. So it wasn't the taste but the icky feeling it gave me. The second time, when I had fullblwn GD, it ook me most of the day to recover, I was shaking, nauseous, dizzy and pukey.
WTG! on the painting.

the nearly wordless plainsman said...

An awesome day!

Maybe they heard my rant about foul tasting medical drinks. Don't think anything can be done about those veins, though! LOL

julie said...

Great news about the painting permission!! I had a hunch it would be ok.

suzy said...

Great news on the appointment!! You'll have to post pics of the painting project!!! Yahoo!

Anonymous said...

What was the result of the ding-dong test?

Marina said...

You should paint naked.
That's all I have to say about THAT.