Saturday, May 5, 2007

Considering getting this tattooed on my forehead

I'm feeling great.
I'm in the fourth month.
I'm due November 10th.
We don't know whether it's a boy or a girl.
Yes, we would like to find out.
But I don't really have a preference either way.
We have a few names picked out, but nothing definite.
Don't even think about touching my belly.


gora_kagaz said...

haha...yea, my friend also seriously considered doing that after incessant questions about her wedding. maybe you should just make pamphlets instead--less permanent =]

Anonymous said...

yea, but your forehead isn't big enough for all that. just wear a custom made t-shirt and simply point with a faint smile. that should do the trick!

p.s. if you have a new blog, you should put up a new picture!


Pauline said...

Go for something less permanent, like a big sign on your back. Or, over your stomach to hide all that elastic. ;-)

Anonymous said...


sorry i asked! you probably get butloads of questions every single day!

glad to have the answers though. thanks. ha.

Anna said...

It's amazing how many (random) people think they can just reach out and caress you belly. BACK OFF!

Anonymous said...

all my november birthday friends are super cool people. Good month!


fiona said...

LMFAO @ "don't even think about touching my belly". I have decided that when strangers make a move for my belly when I'm further along, I don't give a crap; I'll tell them to back the fuck off. And if I don't get to them before they make contact w/my belly, then I'll reach out and touch theirs. I know it's amazement/fascination/whatever, but back off: IT'S MY BODY!!!

Tiffany said...

Lol, from what I've heard- that's how every pregnant woman feels!

But really, how are you feeling, when are you due, how many months are you...? ;-)

Taren said...

Haha. I vote for the reaching back and touching their belly. I found your blog through a friend's Xanga and I love the way you write! I can't wait to get online everyday to see if you've updated.

Lewis said...

Supposedly the myth is is if you make a definite name choice on one specific gender, that's the gender the baby will be. My sister couldn't decide a name for a boy, but she had a specific girl name chosen. She had a girl.

Giselaaaaaaaaaaaaa said...

OKAY BITCHY POO I JUST TALKED TO YOU YESTERDAY AND ASKED LIKE 95% OF THESE QUESTIONS, hmmmmmm correlation??? I'll pretend not to care next time, HA! Okay forgive me, I'm drunk.

See ya next weekedn, gonna buy my train tix now, send you a copy of the confirmation.


Emilee said...

One of my teachers is pregnant and she's also the assistant coach so I'm really close with her, and she says that she absolutely hates it when her students come up and rub her belly! How awkward!

Chelsea said...

You should get one of those heat activated shirts that leave hand prints on the shirt from where ever they touched, maybe then they'll be emberassed and just walk away next time they touch your belly! =)

Janice said...

haha that's insane! I bet EVERYONE asks you that!!

1. I got to BGSU.
2. I'm a Creative Writing major.
3. NO I'm NOT going to live in a box when I graduate.
4. No I'm not being a smartass.

:) My three year anniversary with my boyfriend is on November 12th :) We'll both be celebrating, but I won't be pushing someone out of me ;) Congats again.

Anonymous said...

Interesting idea for a tattoo. The tattoo guy would think so as well, what an original idea, hehe! You've written before that you liked the names: Karen & Richard, what other names do you like? I can't believe you're already in your fourth month, CONGRATS! Just yesterday you told us you were pregnant how time flies. Sooner than later you'll be carrying your little bundle of joy home. I'm very happy for you.

Take care, Kelly <3.

P.S. "Can I touch your belly?" HA! J/k! ;o)

*Marilynmonroe4u2nv from Xanga.*

the plainsman said...

Yeah, have wondered about the "touch the pregnant belly syndrome" that seems to have developed during the last decade or so. Some sort of cultural phenomina that must have been taught the day I missed class. Unless asked, I would no more think of touching a pregnant woman's belly than I would any other woman's who was walking down the street! Of course, not that I might not want too! LOL

But the questions! That must be the reason pregnant women get so tired at times, eh? But at least those kind are well intentioned.

Tiffany said... due date was exactly the same as yours LoL But, for me it was awkward b/c my hubby is a Marine & Nov. 10th is the Marine Corps birthday ;)

Lil said...

They have shirts at that are very similar to that. :)

mercurial scribe said...

Why in the world anyone would ever think it would be okay to touch a stranger's belly simply because their pregnant is BEYOND me!

Anonymous said...

They actually make personalized t-shirts like that!

Suzy said...

they have shirts like that at
you should check it out!