Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A name game

I wrote a post this morning and was about to publish it, but then Jerry came home and talked me out of it.

It was a more serious look at the actual names we're considering, but Jerry wants to keep it a secret. We've told our parents, but that's basically it.

He made an analogy comparing it to a wedding dress. It's best left as a surprise.

I can live with that.

In the meantime, just for fun, anyone have any name suggestions that you think would suit us? Or guesses as to what we're considering?


Chelsea said...

As long as its not a food! Hmm I can't think of any names..

Pauline said...

Banana Tastycake really spoke to me. I can see that one in bright, shiny broadway lights, you know? But in all seriousness, I really can't think of one. People can really surprise you when it comes to names. Kate? She'll always have the Ben Folds song!

Tiffany said...


Jennifer said...

Names are such a personal decision. I hate SO many names that I really wouldn't be able to suggest many for you. I did like the idea of these names for boy/girl twins (don't worry I won't curse you by suggesting it IS twins)

Nadia and Aidan

I liked it because Adian is Nadia spelled backwards. You might wonder why in the world I have boy/girl twin names picked out... well its only because when I was pregnant last my mother was CONVINCED it was boy/girl twins. Thank god she was wrong!

Good luck on your search for the perfect name. When you hear the right one it'll strike a cord in your heart and you'll just know. Its a lot like falling in love.

And my 2 cents, please don't pick the name Jennifer if its a girl... I've always HATED my name because its insanely common.

T. Hoot Plainsman said...

Glad you and Jerry are keeping the names private for when you introduce the twins to us. No people, I just made that twins thing up! Seriouly, keep the names silent, you may want to save the "spare" in the "vault" as well. Then too, you might have a change of heart before the birth.

It would be neat if one of us really did come up with the name you picked. The prize should be maybe an honorary "uncle or auntship" but not until it is time! I'll start thinking!

julie said...

I love the name Emma Grace for a girl and Chance for a boy. Since Mat and I met though we haven't discussed baby names at all. If I think about it though, Emma Mathai is kinda weird to say, so I guess that's out. I do want my first girl to have the middle name Grace. It's a family name.

Btw, I was in Rochester over the weekend and saw an Abbott's and thought of you. I took a picture and posted it on my site.

april said...

hmmm.. Novelle? for a girl. :)

mom said...

I like Emma as well, but I also like the names you told me that were under consideration. Guess that's not much help.

Mike said...

Rudy and Trudy.

Its_just_ang from Xanga said...

A suprise? : ( Oh, well. I guess I can wait. It would probably seriously take me the entire nine months that I was pregnant to pick out a name. I'm something of a name guru. I had a HUGE list compiled some years ago in my online diary blog. Cooper has personally been one of my favorites for a boy forever. Dunno why. It's kind of soccer mom-ish, and that is totally not me nor will it ever be. But I like it. I tend to like ones that are off the wall (not as off the wall as Bacon, mind you) just because if it's going to be on a kid forever then I at least want it to be something cute but unique. Isabelle was always my favorite for a girl, but my cousin just had a baby and named her Isabella. So that one went right out the window. Oh, and I have boy/girl twin names picked out too. Isabelle and Isaac. If I could offer you some words of advice, though, try to stay away from fad names. You know, the names that everyone will have when the kid gets in school. I swear I knew 100 Ashleys and Christophers. Today it's Mikayla, Katelyn, Skyler, et cetera. When I worked in a pediatric office we had a kid named Sweden and one named Brittish. Unrelated, of course. And also people that name their kid one thing but call it something else or by his middle name. Why did you name it what you named it if you're not going to call it that? I've never understood that. This comment is now as long as a blog entry itself, but oh, well. Whatever you pick I'm sure will be wonderful!

Timberly said...

I advocate Timberly -- or any other slightly odd name. Not only does it give your child a unique moniker, it also serves as a great ice-breaker.
Although one drawback (as Kelly can attest to) is that I have to spell my name two or three times every time I talk to someone on the phone. I've given up trying with most people I'll only talk to once.

Anonymous said...

Elisa for a girl...it's such a pretty name

sarahcarroll22 said...

I love the name Keely for a girl, but I don't suggest that you use it. :P

Caryn said...

I never realized how much I love my name until I was older. The spelling is unique and I love the sound of Caryn or Karen.

If I were to have children.. hrmm..

For a girl I would consider the Gaelic spelling of Isobael which is very pretty (though a friend ruined it after she named her damn dog Isobel).
I also like Elisa, Mishka, Catalina, and Charlotte. I think Charlotte would suit you.

For a boy, I LOVE Elijah (Eli for short), Rubin,Nathan, and Cedric.

My husband likes the name Heidi but I keep thinking of a swedish stripper. He also thinks my boy names are too "faggy" so in frustration I jokingly yelled, "FINE WHY DON'T WE JUST NAME HIM HANBONE!" I was totally sarcastic but he thought that was an awesome name.
I laughed and agreed (just to shut him up).
Coz, you know, Hanbone McGinley is a GREAT name. :P

Can't wait to see your choices!

Anonymous said...

So many opinions on what you should name your kid.

As it happens, girls often dream of their children to be and their future naming process, and since I daydream more than I sleep, and since you asked:



[i'm a little excited to get some kids some day...]

Emilee said...

I think whatever you and Jerry come up with will be wonderful, and I could never guess -- there are thousands of names out there & I'm sure you'll come up with something original and amazing.

But for a boy, I love the name Jackson. My boyfriend right now loves the name Houston for a boy -- I then suggested Dallas to him and he got a little upset. And for a girl, I have no idea. Can't wait to find out what they are!

Ray said...

Well, I already know the two names that you posted in a previous post of yours. BUT, if those are the two names that you choose, I won't give them away. As for what names do I think would suit you both, Hmmm----I don't know.

How about Emma (not Emily I don't like that name it's too babyish, for when she grows up) if it's a girl? And for a boy I have no idea.

Take care, Kelly.

P.S. Has your parents & Jerry's parents suggested any names? And also if I'm not being too noisy which I think I am: "When the baby's born will you take a year of maternity leave? Or will you resume back to work within a couple of months?"

I was just curious, hehe ;o).

Ray said...

WOW, I never knew I had that much in common with your readers. It seems like everyone loves the name "Emma" too. I too love the names Cooper and Jackson for boys names. I was going to suggest, "Jackson" but then I thought she's just going to think I'm nuts, ;o). And I too have a cousin named Isabella and a cousin named Issac. Funny, how for such a BIG world we live in we're so similar in certain ways.

Also I like these girl names for if was to ever have any kids (which I highly doubt but just for fun here goes):


-Hailey Jade: Eminem's daughters name my favorite rapper. That's how I found out about it and I fell in love with it. Only difference is that they spelled her name, "Hailie." And Jade would be part of her first name not a middle name.
-Bonnie: Too old fashioned but I loved it in the movie, "Gone With The Wind."
-Scarlet: Again, "Gone With The Wind" character and I love that name!


-Beau: too old fashioned but I like it.

And that's all once again take care!

*I also have to agree with "its_just_ang!" Why people call their kids something and they're named something else is beyond me! I have a baby cousin who's 16 months & since forever we've all called him, "Sammy" even though his name is, "Hector!" I HATE that name LOVE the kid, hehe!

She got the name Sammy because she had a dream that GOD prophesied
to her in a dream to name her son,"Samuel." But in the end, she named him Hector instead so he would become Hector the 3rd. In my opinion she should have just named him "Samuel" if we're going to call him that all that time!

One time I called him "Hector" just to see if he'd respond and he didnt! Which isn't good at all, but that's there problem to fix.

I also hate the tradition of naming your son your husbands name. I find it to be corny, annoying and completely unoriginal. Something I'd never do! It's corny because it just is. It's annoying because when calling one of them, it just becomes confusing. And unoriginal because there's so many names in the world did you really have to name him after your husband?! Sheesh.

Now if you're planning on naming the baby, "Gerald" if it's a boy, after Jerry you can slap me now for offending you. Hehehe.

Sorry for the second long comment! Bye.

gora_kagaz said...

well...i'm not gonna suggest any names bc i just don't know. but, some people commented on having one name and being called by another. my dad named me, and his mom didn't like my name, so she gave me a nickname [which is COMPLETELY unrelated to my real name, and not on any id]. so everyone in my family calls me by my nickname, and everyone else who's not family calls me by my "real" name [the one on my passport]. i don't mind it at all, but i am considering changing my middle name to my nickname.

and Kabalarians deals with how your name affects your personality. i'm not one to take such things very seriously, but it is interesting to look at nonetheless =]

Leslie said...

Juliana (pronounced Julie-on-uh)
Anneke (pronounced Ah-nick-uh)
Alessandra (Steve's mom's maiden name is D'Alessandro)


I love all of these names and have thrown a lot of them around in my mind. Steve likes the Italian names. His grandfather's name was Vincent. And actually, his grandmother's name is Lena and I love that name too.

Wendy said...

I agree with Jerry, and a wedding dress is a good analogy. I once told someone my future child's name and that is the name they chose for their first child (the stole the first and middle name). I can still practically spit nails thinking about it. Now, any name in consideration is kept between me and the husband.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking something 3-syllabled and classic-ish for you, for a girl. Like Rebecca, or Charlotte. I really hope you don't go with "Emma", but for some reason I can see you doing just that. For a boy...man, no idea. Hrm. Someone above me suggested Aidan, and I could kind of agree with that. Or maybe something like David. *shrug*


aahcoffee said...


Okay, so those were the two I had on my short list. :)

aahcoffee said...

Emilie or Landon. Oh wait, those are MY kids' names.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's too funny, my brother's name is Jackson Cooper.. as for Emma? I think that name is becoming too common, and will probably be the next "Jennifer". I love Ethan or Elijah for a boy, and Lauren, Elle, or Kate for girls-- that Ben Folds song is my absolute favorite :)

lewis said...



mercurial scribe said...

Boy: Zaphoid Beeblebrox.

Girl: Diva Thin Muffin.

:really big grin:

~rita ... thatsmypoint@xanga.com said...

Bess or Beth or Chloe or Zoe

Ben or Seth or Jake

Nothing too fancy or too common as others have mentioned...

P.S. I would not recommend Toby for obvious reasons ;-p

Tricia said...

As soon as I saw the wedding dress comment, my guess would be Lacey. I could be way off too.
I have a family friend with this name, and she is the only one I know personally with it, so it would be a good choice.

Anonymous said...

emery mae

Lauren said...

I have some favorites..

Fionn Alexander
Elizabeth Siobhan

and lots of the names from LOTR strike my fancy...


Played out, though.

My cousin's names are:

Adele Jolee
Xavier Wolfgang

Okay, so don't name your kid Xavier Wolfgang. He was supposed to be a girl and have a normal name, but, they wouldn't let my aunt and uncle leave the hospital without naming him. Anyway, he gets made fun of at school so it's been shortened to X. Yes, we call him X.

Have fun with your names, though.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Girl: Leighanna or Grace
Boy: Dane or Steven

xanga.com/junjie1800 said...

If he's my son, I would call him Bryan

Lioncloud said...

As someone whose (real) name can be spelled a bagazillion ways (and which makes most people think of trailer trash), I say stick to something simple and without any funky spelling.

julie said...

Ok, I just had to toss this in because a few people have mentioned the thing with naming your kid one thing and calling him another. My fiance's birth name was Chackupurakal Mathew Mathai but when he got into school no one could pronounce Chackupurakal so his parents legally changed it to Terry Mathew Mathai. His whole family calls him Terry, but the rest of the world calls him Mat. I asked him once when we first started dating "How long have you been going by Mat professionally?" He responded, "Professionally? Since I was about 6."

Rachel said...

My parents (Rebecca and Joseph) went with a biblical theme and I think all the names are still pretty: Rachel, Leah, and Mary for the girls. Nathaniel (Nate) and Joseph (Joey) for the boys. I would consider naming a child Mary in the future (it is a family name too). However, we are keeping our name choices secret as well so people don't criticize, etc. A girl will be after my husband's grandmother, a boy after my grandfather. Nothing too complex, and my mom's maiden name for middle names (as myself and all my cousins have). My mom keeps trying to pry the names out of me. She's going to have to wait until October!

Anonymous said...

My little sister's name is Emily Grace, and I've always thought that was gorgeous. Since Emily is getting so common I was thinking about Emory Grace for a girl. For a boy, my little brother's name is Seth, and I think that is classic but not old-fashioned and unique but not too out there. I really like classic names like Margaret and Madeline. As far as the whole naming your child one thing and calling her something else, I was the first grandchild so my mother named me after my grandmothers. Both my names are a little old fashioned, and she has called me a nickname since I was born. That way, she keeps the history, honors my grandmothers, but I don't get teased. My nickname is taken from my real first name, but it is not the one most people take from it and is a name that my mom really liked anyway.

Anonymous said...

john jacob jingleheimer schmidt

At least, that's what I would call my first-born.

Jennifer said...

I just remembered a boy name that I love, but I'm not allowed to use if we ever have a boy (because its my brother-in-law's name)

anyway, the name is Elias

Thought I'd throw it out there because its one of those unique, but not too crazy, type names.

natalie said...

girls: claire, ava, grace
boys: aidan, cooper (my last name, haha), parker

Julia said...

Well, I wasn't going to say anything, but I have to now after reading all these.
My favorite girls names are Averie (Ava for short --- but that's kind of popular now) and Myla (and that kind of sounds like mylar). I love Noah and Jake for boys. I also love Mae, as a middle name...hmm
Good luck, it really is a tough decision!

Candace said...

Of all the names everyone else has listed, I really like Emma and Charlotte for a girl. Or Novelle! You could call her Elle for short. For a boy, I think a little jerry would be cute. But if you want something other than Jerry, then I could see something like Nicolas, or Timothy- then it's the male version of Timberly. ;)

Here's a cool website to see which names were popular during certain times in the last century, and what's popular now (a good way to avoid naming them something that everyone else is!)

Anonymous said...

Its a sad world when Jerry is the voice of reason!