Monday, June 25, 2007

A birthday surprise

Yesterday was our niece Emily's fourth birthday celebration. And as we arrived to find an explosion of Strawberry Shortcake party gear and pink everything -- streamers, frosting, wrapping paper, balloons -- it was almost like looking into the future.

We had told Emily that part of her present would be finding out whether we were having a boy or girl. Because she can't read yet, we said would put a pink square in her card for a girl or a blue square for a boy. Although her two older brothers, Nate and Ben, seemed uninterested in what we were having in the days leading up to the ultrasound, the second we got to their house, they ran up and asked if we followed through and put the color in the card.

"Open Jer and Kelly's present first!" Ben yelled when Emily sat down to tear into her pile of gifts.

She simply grabbed at the nearest box, which wasn't ours, and ripped open the card. "Where's the color?" she asked, confused when it didn't have anything inside. Her mom, laughing, had to explain that not all of her aunts and uncles were having baby.

With a little help from her older brothers who can instantly spot Jerry's all-caps handwriting, they shoved our gift at her next, crowding around to see her open the card. Jer had taped inside a few squares of the many pink paint swatches we have strewn on the kitchen table.

As soon as they saw the pink, the boys were just as disinterested again, but I'll never forget how enthusiastic they were to find out. And later, after all the presents were opened and Emily found someone to detach the plastic binding on her new pink sparkly kitten flip flops, she padded over to where Jer and I were sitting, rubbed at my belly and said, "Hi baby girl!"

"Oh, she kicked Emily!" I lied. "She says 'Happy Birthday cousin! I can't wait to play with you!'"

Emily just sort of smiled and looked at me quizzically, but then bent down and whispered "It's time for cake!"

Pink princess cake, of course.

The kids had a pie-eating contest.
Being a Strawberry Shortcake party, the
pies had strawberry-flavored whipped filling.

Jerry couldn't resist attempting the next game
of trying to drop as many stuffed strawberries as
possible into a mason jar from shoulder height.

Here's the birthday girl surrounded by her massive pile of presents.

Emily insisted Jerry try on her birthday tiara and strawberry glasses.
It's a little tough to see, but he's also holding a princess wand.


Rachel said...

emily is gorgeous, and that photo of jerry in the tiara and glasses? priceless. it's so cute that they were so excited to find out. here's to a strawberry shortcake party of your very own in the future! :o)

julie/aahcoffee said...


Anonymous said...

I definitely sense pink frosted, princess birthday parties in Jerry's and your future.

Amy said...

I think Jerry should seriously considering getting some princess glasses of his own. Pink looks great on him!

melinda hale said...

so obviously Jerry is not going to have a problem with a girl... how about you? Do you anticipate being able to handle a girl? Are you going to do things differently or the same as your mother did with you?

Tiffany said...

What a cute way to tell her :-)

Ray said...

Awww, Jerry's going to make a GREAT dad to his little princess, once she's here. And I love the pic with Jerry & the kids. He fits right in despite the height difference, hehe. And that last pic is classic. Can't wait to see one with him like that with your own little girl. ;o)

Take care, Kelly.


Ray said...

OOPS, that "P.S." was a mistake. Silly me.

Kristin said...

That's such a cute idea. I'm so glad all of the cousins were excited. Even if it was short lived. And Jerry is looking good in pink :)

Chelsea said...

Aww looks cutee! Thats sucha goood idea with the little pink box!

Pauline said...

I can't believe I was gone all weekend, and had to wait till today to see if you were having a boy or girl. Your having a girl! YAAAAAAAAAY! This is so exciting.

Jerry in heart glasses in tiara is fantastic. Frame-worthy for your little girl when she gets older. She can show all her friends who her daddy is ;-)

Emilee said...

The last picture of Jerry is so classic! He's going to be an amazing dad to a little girl, I can already picture him with his daughter at her princess party!

Anonymous said...

So, I went to the Pottery Barn Kids website to check out their stuff, and oh man, I can't wait to see the nursery. I know I'm jumping pretty far ahead, but I love the stuff on that page and I know that you and Jer will pull off the sweetest baby room ever.

; )

the plainsman said...

Note to Jerry: Although common wisdom might suggest having a girl will put the sexes in balance in your houshold (You and Toby vs. "the girls"), that wisdom is so wrong. You two will be evermore outnumbered. And will enjoy every minute of it!

Note to Kelly: Was Kelly in any pics? Make sure you print out those of Jerry in the tiarra and specs, he looks comfortable in them! (digital is not forever)

Janice said...

Aww Jerry is a princess at heart