Friday, June 1, 2007

Oatmeal that's worth the wait

Operation Paint the Porch has commenced.

Unfortunately, it likely will sit in a suspended state of semi-finishedness (or looks-like-crap-edness) for about a week.


Because Mother Nature is a big fan of handing down a heaping plate of irony once in awhile.

The entire month of May has been one gorgeous sunny day after another in central Pennsylvania. In fact, all of the record-setting temperatures and lack of moisture has taken a toll on our grass. We've needed a good rain for at least two weeks, but every morning, the sun has been shining without a cloud in sight.

Until yesterday.

Until the day that we wanted to paint our porch. Paint that needs at least 48 hours of sunny, dry weather so it won't bubble up and flake off.

Jerry and I spent the entire afternoon prepping the front and back porch. I scraped up the chipping paint and Jer ran a power sander over every surface. Part of what I love about old houses is peeling away the layers to see what used to be. Under the forest green was a light gray, then a creamy off-white, then a layer of primer, then natural wood.

We didn't take everything all the way down to the wood because that likely would've required 452,092 sander pads and 9 billion man hours. But in some spots, where years of inclement weather had lifted the paint entirely, the original planks have been exposed. For the rest of it, Jerry simply smoothed over the rough edges and broke up the paint enough to give a new layer something to stick to.

We had been debating for months what color to buy, but Jerry eventually talked me out of a soft black. It was too risky. It either would've looked amazing or like a road paver puked tar all over our house. And after buying four gallons of the wrong shade of neutral last summer for our living room, I'm now a little more cautious.

Once we got the okay from my doctor that I'm allowed to paint outside, I immediately ran out to peruse color swatches. I knew I was looking for something in the tan family, but when you have every shade of tan in the universe to choose from, narrowing it down can sometimes be a little tricky.

After much debate, we settled on "oatmeal," one of the signature colors from the Eddie Bauer line. This will make my parents very proud -- probably more so than the day I graduated from college. Not only do they love that store with fierce abandon, I'm pretty sure they singlehandedly keep it in business.

As the afternoon turned to early evening, it became very clear that it was going to rain, dampening any plans we had to paint.

So, instead, we broke out a couple of popsicles and sat on our disastrous front porch with Toby to watch one of the most spectacular thunderstorms I've ever seen. And, at that moment, as the edges of our street filled up with water and the spray of the storm dampened our clothes, it occurred to me that we've owned our house for exactly one year.

So instead of cracking a joke about how the oatmeal is going to get cold, I just sat back and took it all in: owning a house, having a porch, all of the changes we've made.

What's waiting one more week for the weather to clear up?

It already feels like home.


Suzy said...

home. it's a good feeling isn't it! Bud and I have been in our house almost 3 years (in Sept) and it really wasn't until this most recent problem (mold, if you've had a chance to read my blog) that I really felt the "home" feeling. Sounds weird, but it's like it took something so terrible to make me really stop and think of my little house, albeit mint green and a 70's split level. But it's home. :) Hope the rain clears up!

Jennifer said...

what a wonderfully happy post.

Anonymous said... says... I love sitting on the porch watching it rain. We have been redoing our house for just over three years. It is amazing what you can do to make it your own. said...


Every year when we go through storm season, it loves to wait for two separate times:

1. When i'm sleeping.
2. on my one day off.

I'll have bright sunshiny days all week long. Then I'll wake up to my Sunday off and the rain has already made my driveway the consistancy of a Wendy's Frosty.

By the by, this month marks the 4th year i've been in my house. And I haven't done jack to it. ;)

Chelsea said...

I love watching thundertstorms, and the cool air, I'll open our porch doors to get a good whiff.

Congrats on the one year mark!

kristin said...

Owning a house can be really rewarding sometimes. I can't wait to see the finished product! :)

the plainsman said...

Watching a thunderstorm from a neat old porch has always been one of my favorites, too. A good time and place for conplating the stuff of life. You could have not said it any better!

Emilee said...

We always get afternoon thunderstorms here, and I love them! Expect walking home from school in them is not so fun. I can't wait to see new pictures of the house & you at 16 weeks! =]

Amy said...

Aww this post was a really nice one.
Your stomach in the last photo is just like my sisters she got her first scan today and I think i'm just as excited as her.

Enjoy the experience =]

Janice said...

Home is such a wonderful word to say. I just love knowing that someday I will have some sort of a home base, somewhere to lay my head all year around instead of fall and spring semester and then different in the summer. It's strange, but it's huge... and something like a thunderstorm seems like somewhat of a knot.

Ray said...

Awww, I loved this post. There's nothing like having your own home. And though I don't EVEN own my own home yet, I know what that means. To have a place of your own, and how AWESOME that must friggin' feel! But anyway, Eddie Bauer makes paint?! Are we talking about the same Eddie Bauer who has a clothing & baby carriage line?? If so that's just weird.

Well take care, Kelly.

P.S. I can't wait until you write about your next painting excursion, when you and Jerry decide what color to paint your baby's room!

Anonymous said...

I left you a comment on your post from Memorial Day.. I didn't want to leave a sad comment on a post that's so happy!

Anonymous said...

So, i just want to to know- That as i sit here and and catch up on your past few posts once again i'm enjoying a biscuit bowl. The only reason i decided to try it was because of you THANK YOU its the best