Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sweat-free, odor-free Jerryism

"Hey, I was going to go to the store later because I'm almost out of contact solution. Do you need anything?"

"Yeah, get me another stick of deoderant."

"Any particular flavor?"

"You know, Old Spice."

"Yeah, but do you want a certain scent? You like the one with the green stripe, right?"

"I don't know. Whatever. Get me 'Willowy Brook Farts' or 'Arctic Dick' or 'Mountain Piss' or whatever."

"Mountain Piss?"

"Yeah, all those men's deoderant scents are the same. They all start with 'Arctic' or 'Frosty' or 'Mountain' ... so whatever. Get me 'Frosty Knuckles' if you can find it."


TheCube said...


Do people still do that? that is so 2006.

Anyway, that's something I've noticed, being a male who rather enjoys not smelling like a zoo. It also holds true for Gatorade as well. I would so drink Frosty Knuckles!

Anonymous said...

I wish women's scents were as clean and fresh as men's. The ones for us are all sweet and fruity.

Ray said...

"Artic Dick" Jerry's funny.

It is sort of hilarious the way they name these deoderants like they make miracles. They're so not miracle workers hehe. And the names are pretty stupid! I mean they all do the same thing and no one's going to be enticed by a name or are we? Hmmm, I'm guess I'm pretty guilty of that myself. They always try to make things sound pretty or inviting. It's funny really. I guess that's how these people become rich by luring you into their products with inviting names.

Take care, Kelly.

Anonymous said...

what is especially funny about this is that my boyfriend and i use the same deodorant - shower fresh degree. we started using it before we got together. so i considered this serendipitous because we could use 2-for-1 specials. he considered it serendipitous because we could use the same stick of deodorant. ew.

Randomneuralfirings said...

It's true. A man has a need to be seen as not safe. Good, but not safe. The deodorant companies know this, so they give their products names with words like "Arctic" or "Mountain". They try to make us think that we'll be rugged manly men, even when we're trying to smell nice.

Anonymous said...

that's funny because my husband and i use the same deodorant too and it is shower fresh clean degree too...haha.
loffe me

Chelsea said...

Some of them do smell like mountain piss, whenever my school gets free samples the guys always grab the girl's deoderant!

Anonymous said...

Jerry is hilarious.

Taylormarie713 said...

Hahaha. Jerry-ism's never get old.

I haven't read your blog in so long. I miss reading it. Every day after school I'd hop online and read your daily post. I got so busy with school that I never got a chance to read. Now I can. =]