Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Andrea & Alan's wedding

Jerry was less than thrilled with the height of the hotel shower door.

All dressed up and ready to party.

I heart human ingenuity for man-made fibers that stretch.

Thanks to my overly timely husband, we got to the wedding venue
30 minutes early. So, here's Jerry looking dapper outside the winery.

Unfortunately, I wasn't brave enough to open my camera during the
ceremony. It makes too much noise. So here are the newlyweds right
after. Sadly, this doesn't capture the gorgeous lake a little to the right.

The bridal party overlooking grape vines on the hillside.

Love, love, loved their cake.

Here is the bride and groom during their first dance. Being an anal
editor, I couldn't help but alert the staff that they had misspelled the
groom's name on the sign. They had Allen, not Alan. But they fixed it.

We sat with the coolest family who happened to live in my hometown.
Here are the youngest girls who, after sitting very well for a very long time,
decided to have a little fun with their salad. They were "tanning." I laughed,
pulled out my camera, then pulled a bean sprout off the little one's cheek.

Jerry embracing the Ithaca area with an Ithaca Brown Ale.

Andrea and Alan were understandably high commodities
for the evening, but we managed to get a picture with them.

The next morning, my mom and grandmother drove down
to take us to breakfast. They also came bearing gifts. This
is a cute little snuggly I'm told is called a "bunting" that my
grandma made with fleece fabric. Jerry asked for one in his size.

Me, my belly, my grandma and my mom in the parking lot of
Friendly's. It was so great seeing them -- even if just for a few hours.


aahcoffee said...

You look very pretty in your wedding day getup. :) And a Jerry sized bunting would be awesome. They could go as twins for Halloween.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, you look phenomenal! which winery was that? It looks a bit like Lucas and if it was, you were like half a mile from our cottage on Cayuga! Hope you make it up to Roch soon, would love to see you and your "bump"!

Lioncloud said...

Here's a little baby clothing poem to help you in resisting the adorable but oh-so-impractical clothing you see in the stores:

"Hard to get off, hard to put on,
Makes baby's and mommy's day REALLY LONG"

Sometimes you just have to have some adorable piece of clothing, but in general the easier it is to remove for diaper changing, the happier you and baby will be!

(The bunting made me think of this!)

Its_just_ang from Xanga said...

I would probably pay to see Jerry in an adult sized bunting. Hilarious! Love your dress.

Chelsea said...

Aww the wedding looked beautiful and so do you!! Man you got there 30 minutes early? Gah, I wish all guys were like that. I was late for my cousin's!

tossedrice said...

kelly, unless you turn to the side, i can't tell you're pregnant. take that for a complement!!

"cuke" farmer plainsman said...

Looked like a neat place for a wedding and a fun time. And you two looked great.

Those two cute little "cuke-eyed" girls are perhaps a portent of the future. I can truly see your and Jerry's kids doing that! LOL

Hmm...All those weddings, attending five of seven this year, I think you mentioned. Odds are that many of those who are first marrieds will be turning to you for advice regarding pregnancies this time next year!

Just a random thought.

kristin said...

That dress looked great on you! And if Jerry does get a bunting in his size, he needs to wear it every day :)

Anonymous said...

You're glowing, and you looked especially lovely in that dress - gorgeous!

Candace said...

Kelly, I hope I can look as beautiful as you when I'm pregnant someday. :) You look amazing in your outfit for their wedding!

Marina said...

Uhh, that whole "name" thing is kind of important for a wedding. WTF. That's the sort of thing they really shouldn't screw up. I would've mentioned it to them too. :) Good job.

Kim said...

Researching "Ms Xanga" led me here. Fun blogsite.

Rachel said...

You look great! I bet afterwards people were saying "Did you see that good-looking pregnant woman?"

Janice said...

I had a visual of Jerry with his own bunting... very nice! haha. Looks like you had a lot of fun... I love the color of the bridesmaid's dress :)

KHB said...

That last photo made me miss my grammy very much. You are so lucky to have both your mom and your grandmother with you as you welcome generation #4! :) Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing.

Ray said...

Awww, you looked so beautiful in that dress and I love your pearl necklace. Pearl necklaces rock! I also thought the cake was beautiful as well. How original of them. And that is very sweet of your grandmother to make that little snuggly for the baby. I know you'll keep that forever even when your baby is no longer a little baby.

Take care, Kelly.

gorakagaz said...

you look gorgeous. looks like a fun wedding. and those fleece baby clothes/blankets are soooo soft and comfy. it's so cool that your grandma made it.

Emilee said...

In a way the last picture is kind of like four generations of women, since it's your grandmother, mom, you, and the baby girl! Anyways, you and Jerry look terrific, and the cake definitely looks yummy! :]

Bekah said...

Your baby is going to have awesome hair.

Randall said...

Cute pictures! You all look great!

Candi said...

Loved that cake! How very creative.

Mia said...

Such an awesome cake!
And you look wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Jerry's got a pretty good idea there.
Adult "buntings".
I'll send a little something you're way when I'm a millionaire from that idea.

Ray said...

P.S. I just have to let you know that your mom looks very young. Bless her. ;o)