Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I may get Jer the puppet for his birthday

Here is me overly excited to find The Chair. But I don't think we will be
getting it because the price tag is just not as awesome as the seat itself.

Jerry was more excited to play in the kids section of another store ...
with a duck hand puppet. He put on a whole show.

Here's Toby sitting beside me at the computer. Now that we've invested
in a new desk chair that doesn't groan and squeak, Toby has his very own.
Because whatever I'm doing in the morning, he wants to do it with me.

21 weeks
My 21 week belly shot in my glorious maternity jeans.
Thankfully, I started expanded upwards, not outwards.


Chelsea said...

Puppets are so much fun, no matter what age! You look great and I love that chair! Happy 4th!

Janice said...

Sad about the chair, but at least Jer had some fun with the puppets! Happy 4th! I hope you're doing something fun. I'll be going up to my friend's cottage for the day, hoping for some homemade cake because it's my birthday.

Tiffany said...

You look absolutely glowing- beautiful!

julie said...

Pregnancy looks so good on you!!!

Anonymous said...

The best advice my sister gave me while chair hunting for the nursery was...make sure it's a chair you can sleep in. Sounds crazy but SO true!

Mia said...

Toby is such a silly dog. I love seeing pictures of him!
And you look like you're doing really well. Besides your blowup the other day, haha.
I'm sorry the chair didn't work out so well, but it'll come eventually and it'll be even more perfect than that one!

Marsha said...

You look wonderful. When we were pre-kids, we used toh ave a ball in the toy stores LOL. that's how you know a great dad, you know?

amy said...

You look so beautiful and glowing!!

Sorry about the chair. So I still say get the lime green chair and the polka dot bedding :-)

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about starting a pay pal account or setting up a few online wish lists so that people could get you guys baby gifts? It would probably re-open the possibility of getting the Chair and let people get you gifts without you having to give out your address.

I liked the patchworky baby set. A, vivid colors and I would totally want that as MY bedding. B, baby spit up, diaper leakage, etc, will probably hide better?

aahcoffee said...

Our friend got a black leather recliner chair and matching ottoman, and I found a tan suede (ish) one at Big Lots....they got theirs at IKEA. Very cheap way to go...comfy...and will segue into other rooms of the house over the years.

Your belly is looking great!!!

Anonymous said...

You are one of the most beautiful pregnant women I have ever seen. I am jealous, green with envy. I just wanted you to know, that I'm just a bored 21 y/o student (aspiring Journalist major) and I have read about your life for many months. *Twilight music*
LOL, just kidding.
Anyway, I have never commented before-- but I had to tell you my thoughts when I saw the pictures you posted today (after dropping by in a while), you are literally glowing. I swear. Your husband looks so happy (by the way, he is hilarious; I cannot wait to find a great, funny guy very much like him).
Again, Miss Kelly, you are very beautiful and I know that you and Jerry are only on the beginning of the road you have together. 'Many kids... many great times. Please keep up that spicy, sarcastic sense of humor I love reading about.
You inspire me to write and to read and to be as optimistic as I can to become the journalist (and beautiful pregnant wife, ;)), that I hope to become.

Good luck and take care.

Say hello to the baby for me :)



Diane said...

You look gorgeous!!

pauline said...

Yeeeeaah, that's because your tall. I knew this girl who was 5'11 and she didn't look pregnant until her 5th month or something crazy like that.
You look beautiful either way =)
Duck puppet! Yay! I drowned my sister in duck gifts. I found this awesome duck toy... That quacked when you squeezed it's tummy. The coolest ever. Her husband loved it almost as much as me.

Randall said...

Holy belly! How exciting! I think we need to see a video encore of the puppet show.

gorakagaz said...

you look gorgeous. and puppets are indeed the most fun things to play with.

Grace said...

WOW.. that's what you look like when u go to buy something like toilet paper?????????????????? i don't even brush for hair for that lol

Tiger Babble said...

You look soooo fantastic!!! Just glowing and so happy!

I am so happy for you!!! :-)

Emilee said...

You look so amazing! You definitely have the pregnancy glow about you, and I agree with Randall, I think we all need a video encore of Jerry's duck performance!

Ray said...

OMG, I'm loving that first picture of you. You look so beautiful. And the belly's gotten so big with such little time. I love, "BABY BUMPS." If you do get Jerry the puppet you have to promise us that you'll take a video of him performing with it. ;0)

Take care, Kelly.

Anonymous said...

I found a toy at WalMart today and I instantly thought of you and Jerry.

It's a very soft, plush duck sitting on his bottom, legs stretched out and mouth open. When you "tickle his toes" [squeeze his foot] it sounds like a real baby laughing. It was soooo cute.

I might buy one for me. Haha.

Amy said...

You look amazing! Absolutely incredibly amazing. As if you haven't been told enough, I just have to reinforce it! Happy 4th Kelly! Hope you and Jerry are having a good time doing whatever you're doing.

Tina P. said...

ummmm... i just want you to know that you have the SAME maternity pants my newspaper teacher/c;lass sponser does!

Kristen said...

You absolutely GLOW! You look lovely.

kristin said...

Bummer on the chair.... But you look great!

Candi said...

I hope you are able to find exactly what you want in the chair. :-) And cute belly pic. I send you many no-stretch-mark wishes.

the thirsty plainsman said...

What can I add but to echo all of the above great and accurate comments, you look as amazing and as happy as you are, Jerry too!

Maybe you can do a product endorsement deal with the chair manufacturer - have little hang tags, "As seen on" (but make sure no mention of your day job so as to avoid any ethical conflicts, of course!)

Both writers James Michener and Ernest Hemmingway enjoyed and endorsed Ballantine Ale, (reportedly Hemmingway's only endorsement), so why can't brag about "The Chair"?

Jerry can do the Ballantine Ale spot!