Tuesday, July 31, 2007

If only we still had leftover wedding cake

When I told people how we would be celebrating our anniversary, they looked at me quizzically, and often followed with the question, "Really?"

Sure, home renovation doesn't sound like the most appealing task to some, but it's a favorite activity in our house. Besides, the changes we had planned were in effort to make room for our anticipated family addition. And if that's not exciting for first-time parents, I don't know what is.

If someone had asked me and Jerry on our wedding day what we would be doing two years from now, we couldn't possibly have predicted it. And call me cheesy, but I think it's kind of romantic that we honored the day by painting our baby's room.

Well, and the office.

Jerry had been saying for weeks, months even, that we should reconsider making the front bedroom into the nursery instead of the office. But I don't think I ever really heard him. Or, more accurately, listened.

That room was finished. We ripped it apart less than six months ago, tore down the drop ceiling, replastered the walls, repainted everything and redecorated. It was perfect. All we had to do was call the cable company to install a wire for our Internet access and shove the desk in the corner.

But the day before we had planned to paint, I took a hard look at both rooms and tried to envision where everything would go. Then I got out my tape measure and realized the desk would be a little tight in the front room. Well, a lot tight. Like barely fit tight.

I'm usually really good at understanding spacial relationships. Give me 50 random dirty dishes and I can make everything fit into a dishwasher with ease. I can pack a car to perfection. In the same way, I can look at an empty room and tell you with surprising detail what will fit where and how to maximize space.

Not the desk though. It was much deeper than I had realized. So then I started rethinking everything. I walked back and fourth between the front and back rooms enough that I should've worn a trench in the carpet. Then I stood in each of the doorways, hand to chin in contemplation, trying to re-envision everything.

Jerry was right. The front room should be the nursery, the back room should stay as the office.

Unfortunately, that meant a lot more work. Now, instead of painting one room, we would be painting two.

But we did it. Thanks to a new non-toxic, odorless "green" environmentally friendly brand of paint, I was able to help. I even called my doctor again just to be sure.

We packed all of the upstairs furniture into our master bedroom, primed and painted both rooms.

Then we celebrated our hard work and two years of marriage with a seafood extravaganza: stuffed mushrooms, crab cakes, king crab legs, red grapes, and a big loaf of Tuscan bread with olives, marinated red pepper strips and huge hunks of fresh mozzarella.

After cleaning up our dirty dishes and the paint mess, we topped off the evening with pudding pops in our backyard. Sitting in the cool night air watching the lightning bugs was such a rewarding end to a fantastic day.

And even though Toby was exhausted from keeping an eye on all of our activity and not being able to nap, he frantically paced underneath the table between us hoping to time it just right and be able to lick our popsicle sticks as we finished.

Frozen treats are his favorite.

In the year that we've owned our house, this room has been a mostly
empty mess consisting of a desk, a plant stand and our clutter du jour.

When we primed the walls, Jerry spelled out my name with the roller.

And he didn't forget Toby, either.

The true sign of Internet addicts? Making accommodations to leave
your computer running in the middle of the room. After we finished priming
Sunday night, Jer hopped in the shower and beat me to the desk chair.

Apparently it was exhausting trying to keep an eye on our progress.
Here is Toby, with a splotch of white primer on his back, taking
advantage of the bedding from the guest room being on the floor.

I would like the record to show that I'm always right. Jerry paraded
for the lighter shade of green and I caved at the last minute. But when
we got home and put a little on the wall, it looked a lot like neon ogre piss.
So Jer went back to the store to get the green my original gut instinct told
me would be perfect. And, um, IT TOTALLY IS PERFECT. And,
therefore, by attribution, I AM PERFECT AND ALWAYS RIGHT.

Jerry painting what will now be the baby's room.
I've decided to wait and post pictures until we have
all of the nursery furniture and it's mostly complete.

The office/guest room turned out amazing. We already knew this paint
color was perfect because, um, we used it in the front room six months ago.

It now feels like an actual room for the first time since we've moved in.



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its_just_ang from Xanga said...

Everything looks great! My dog likes frozen stuff too. Toby looks so cute being held up there by his name.

julie said...

Looks great!! Can't wait to see the baby's room.

When Mat and I buy a house, I think I'm going to pay for you and Jer to come visit so you can give me decorating and organizing tips. You can bring Toby. ;)

kristin said...

Wow! I couldn't do all of that in a day and I'm not pregnant. It all looks fantastic!

Janice said...

Those look amazing!! Can't wait to see more!

Randall said...

Sounds like a lovely evening to me! Everything looks great!

Chelsea said...

I love the color and the guest room/office looks great too! Can't wait to see the finished nursey!

Marina said...

You guys are fucking outstanding at doing that house-repair stuff. Seriously. It looks amazing.

Tiffany said...

I'm so excited to see the finished product!

And, I'm glad you had a great anniversary!

Maria said...

I LOVE it! Can you come over and decorate my living room? Please?!?

the tired plainsman said...

Someone already beat me to the comment that it would be great hiring your team to do a home makover and entertainment, too. That would include boss Toby!

Kriston_Faye said...

Not that it means that much from a total stranger but I really like your style. It's very classy.

Leslie said...

So I'm watching Scrubs (fantastic show) and Dr. Kelso just said he's from Altoona, PA. :) I know he's just a character, but I thought it was funny.

Wendy said...

The room look great! I can't wait to see the bab's room.