Friday, July 20, 2007

Maybe a padded cell would be downright comfortable for the next few months

I've had some pretty strange dreams before, but the baby-related ones I've been having as of late make me feel certifiable.

Take last night's, for example. I was going to the doctor for my six-month checkup and the baby fell out. She was wrapped in a cocoon of blubbery body substance that looked a lot like fat and seemed completely content. She didn't cry or fuss, just sort of stayed in a non-animated state, unaware of her change in surroundings.

I, of course, was completely freaking out. I ran into my doctor's office too scared to even scream for help. It was almost as if I couldn't find my voice. But when I got inside, I noticed that a young Indian couple were having a sonogram done in the waiting room. And their baby was lying on the floor in a pocket of blubbery fat, too.

The doctor just sort of poked around the fat, moving it aside at times to illustrate what he was seeing. The couple laughed and "oohed" and "aahed" when appropriate.

Somehow, I suddenly became aware that it was completely normal for the baby to slip in and out of me on occasion. I just needed to stuff her back in.

So I tried to find an unoccupied exam room to attempt it on my own. When I didn't have any luck, I knocked on a door with an "Employees only" sign.

Here's where it gets really weird.

Adam Sambourg opened the door just enough to poke his head out. You know, the newby actor on "Saturday Night Live." Right. I know. Strange isn't the word.

He was wearing scrubs and apparently was a friend of mine from college. I shoved him aside and asked for help. We went into a tiny well-lit room where he watched in horror as I shoved the baby back inside myself. The walls were blue and it had a large mirror where I could see his reflection clearly. I never looked directly at him, just through the mirror.

And that was it. I woke up to tiny kicks in my abdomen.

The dream analyst in me can decipher a lot of it. I'm off to my six-month appointment this morning, so that isn't too much of a stretch. The Indian couple might be because Jerry and I discussed getting Indian food for lunch today. And Adam Sambourg? We watched some oldie but goodie "SNL" clips on YouTube at work a few nights ago. Plus, the blue room felt a lot like the vanity-area in our house.

But the baby falling out? Coated in blubbery fat? And shoving her back in?

Fortunately, I don't think they make straight jackets to accommodate pregnant bellies.

Although, maybe they should.


Kristen said...

Wow. I've had some ODD dreams, but I think that one beats them all..LOL.

Erinn said...

Wow, that was a weird dream. Just think, you still have 3 months left of weird dreams.

krsitin said...

those hormones do some ca-razy things to you :)

lovechild420 said...

mine were nuts as well. I had one where I went for an ultrasound & the doc asked if I was ready to see my baby & to my surprise he just pulled him out. Tiny and skinny and frail. I held him for a minute and then the doc said he had to get him back in before the oxygen ran out, so he just slid him back inside. LoL

Kristin said...

Haha...that's kind of wierd. I guess hormones can do that to you =]


Marina said...

Yeah, I've heard of people getting weird dreams about the baby as it gets closer to the due date. Things going wrong with the baby, etc. Normal paranoia, as far as I'm concerned. :)

Alexandria said...

Oh man, that was hilarious. I've had weird dreams like that, namely the one where, while dreaming, I was about seven months pregnant and went to a bar for a drink with Sarah Jessica Parker.

The Plainsman said...

! ! ! ! ! !

123 456

(6 months)!

Ray said...

Wow, what a crazy dream. Wouldn't that be interesting if that were really true? Being able to pull your baby out and back inside of you! Well, that would be nuts because once he/she's out why would you want them back in?!

But I don't think you need to worry too much about your pregnancy dreams. I read this ladies sight regularly, and I remember her having some horrible nightmares when she was pregnant. It's just normal I suppose. I guess the farther you are in, in your pregnancy the more you begin to worry. And the more the worries surface into dreams about the state of your baby. It's just every mother's wish & desire that her babies doing good. Especially when you're a first time mother in my opinion.

But I probably would have tried to pick apart the dream as well myself. I love to analyze things. And being a writer, it's like an instinct to do so.

Well, take care Kelly.

P.S. I hope the six month appointment went well.

Anonymous said...

6 months?!
Do you realize that in 3 months that baby will be here? Well, there I guess
THREE months! That's like 90 days!
Holy Moley.

Ray said...

ALSO: You and Jerry being such humorous people, I'am not at all surprised that a comedian from, "Saturday Night Live" appeared in your dream. I think it was only appropriate. ;o)

Maybe it means that she's going to be quite the comedian. I mean when you woke up you did feel her kicking. Maybe that's her way of saying that she gets a kick out of driving you nuts!

It's just my thoughts on it.


its_just_ang from Xanga said...

Weird dream. Entertaining nonetheless. Have a great weekend.

Laura said...

andy samburg. i love him too.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, subconsciouslly, you are worried that you can't/aren't caring for her as well as possible. That you might make a mistake and hurt her (the falling out!).

I've been reading your site for ages (but never comment, because I figure, why would you need yet another comment from someone you don't even know!?) Anyway, back to the dream. I remember that in the beginning of your pregnancy you were very nervous and wanted to be sure you were doing everything right and that everything was ok with the baby because of the experiences you had last time. So, perhaps the baby "falling out" stems from that nervousness/worry that you might not be able to care for her.

However, as in real life has happened, you realize it's totally normal that the baby can "fall out" (so weird to write that!) and go back in. (Not that that's happened in real life, but all the things you've been worried about this pregnancy have turned out to be normal and/or ok, right?)

Perhaps it means nothing though :-) Just those crazy hormones giving you a bit of entertainment. Anyway, this is what sprung to mind.

I think your're just worried about caring for her in the best possible way.

Have a good weekend!