Saturday, July 7, 2007

More miniature stuff

Because we're starting to think about registering for my baby shower next month, I keep saying I had no idea something so small could need so much stuff. And, lets face it, we haven't even scratched the surface of necessities like baby wipes, special "no tears" shampoo and obnoxious distracting plastic play sets.

Another thing that has overwhelmed me is the generosity of people since we've announced that we're having a baby. The thoughtful gifts keep rolling in. Here are the latest:

This is the second item Jerry and I have purchased for the
baby. It's a kit to frame her first prints -- hands or feet.

I think these are absolutely adorable. Jerry's sister got these for us
after we found out it was a girl. They're socks with rattles on the top.

This came from my good friend Christy after she
read the blog entry about my "little lightning bug."
Hormones be damned, it was so thoughtful that
I cried. I can't wait to find a spot for it in the nursery.

Jerry's good friend got us a NOFX onesie. For our little rock chick.

My coworker Kate made this fantastic bib for us. So cute!

And this I just can't get enough of. A woman who
listens to Jerry's morning show sent this awesome
diaper cake to the radio station. I had heard of these
before as baby shower gifts, but I had no idea how
much they resemble a cake. The topper is a stuffed Mini
and a washcloth "lollipop." Check out her site, here.
I'm not going to want to ruin it to use the diapers.


aahcoffee said...

I totally recommend getting a wipe warmer. With our first, a girl, I thought it was the stupidest idea ever, but I got one with my second child, a boy, and I love it!!!

The diaper cake is cute. Use it'll have so much stuff with the baby that you'll have no place to display it. Just take a few pictures of it for the baby book. :)

And the obnoxious plastic stuff....yeah, the baby is going to love those.

Janice said...

That cake is insane! I really love it... I hope you have somewhere to put it once the baby is born... up on a high shelf perhaps :)

its_just_ang from Xanga said...

Love the homemade bib! Since I don't have any kids, I can't really recommend something that you just have to have. But from all of the times that I've gone shopping for/attended a baby shower, I think those little crates that you put in the dishwasher to wash all of the loose bottle parts seem rather useful. Just my thoughts. Oh, and the diaper cake is really cute, too.

Ray said...

Awww, those are ALL beautiful gifts! Especially the lightning bug that was extremely thoughtful and it was worth the tears, hehe.

That diaper cake is cute as well. My aunt's making minature diaper cakes as centerpieces for her daughter in law's babyshower. My aunt is SO creative when it comes to making baby showers & she's done two already that I've known of. I keep telling her to do it for a living but she doesn't listen.

And I almost forgot about the babyshower you will plan. Well that's if someone makes one for you instead which will probably be the case. But I know you will have plenty of decoration ideas when it comes to that.

Also, PLEASE make a P.O. Box address so I can send you something for that little one!! I would be honored to get something for that soon-to-be rocker chic of yours.

Take care, Kelly.

Bekah said...

omg that diaper cake is so friggin cute!

Anonymous said...

Those socks with rattles on top are wonderful for keeping them from scratching their faces. They make little mitts like that too. They kept my younger siblings amused.

gorakagaz said...

aw, those are so cute! especially those socks, considering babies are always fidgeting.

GISELA said...

dude where's the crap i gave you?!!?


Anonymous said...

Your seriously need to consider even a "junk e-mail" address so we can at least send gift cards or something!!!

kristin said...

What great gifts! I do love that cake. I'd never even heard of such a thing. If I didn't already make quilts for my friends with babies, I'd go for that for sure.