Thursday, July 26, 2007

Novelle in shorts

Because of traveling for the wedding, being sick and gobbling up a 759-page book in two consecutive days, there have been a lot of little things that I haven't been able to write about recently. Blogging has become such a part of my life that I sort of take mental notes when something happens that I want to post, but sometimes it piles up and eventually I lose grasp of why it was so important to me in the first place.

I have managed to hold onto a few tidbits over the last couple days, so I'm going to try and regurgitate as much as I can before I lose another golden nugget. Like a hilarious Jerryism muttered under his breath while we drove to Harrisburg. It was so good that I actually wrote it down on the back of our directions ... then promptly threw it out when we got home. Damn. That one had me laughing for hours, too. And I haven't the slightest clue even what it was about anymore. Something spurred by road rage, I'm sure.

So, here it is, a race to empty my mental notes before they drain out of my still-iffy left ear:
  • Did you know that pregnancy really is 10 months? I'm not sure who came up with that whole 9-month lie thing, but I could strangle them. Every book and website is different, so I've strictly been going by the calendar: I got pregnant at the beginning of February, which would make July my sixth month. But when I asked the nurse what month I'm considered to be in, she sort of looked confused and answered "I guess five" -- even though we were there for our SIXTH four-week checkup. And if you go by weeks, a pregnancy is considered full-term at 40 weeks. How many weeks in a month? Usually four. Forty divided by four? That's math even I can handle: ten. TEN MONTHS. Please pass it along.
  • We got another glimpse of our growing daughter and, yes, she's still a girl. Jerry made sure to ask that she still had "a hamburger and not a hot dog," to which I envisioned him someday saying, "Wipe your hamburger, honey," and then having one very confused, wide-eyed child when we fired up the grill later that night. She is so big now that the nurse globbed the warm ultrasound jelly all the way up to my ribcage, and she had a hard time getting a full fetal image on the screen. As I expected, our daughter was not cooperating and was still lying spine-up, making a clear image of her heart more than a little difficult to obtain. In a last-ditch effort, the nurse sort of pushed the wand against my belly in rapid succession to get her to respond and she flipped just enough. The whole thing left Jerry joking about how stubborn and strong-willed she's going to be, but I have a feeling the joke will be on us in a few years.
  • Conversation with the bookstore cashier while Jerry was paying for our copy of "The Deathly Hollows":
    " Would you like the free poster with that?"
    "Um, no."
    "You sure?"
    "It's free."
    "I'm sure."
    "Aw, c'mon Jerry, we could hang it above the bed in the bedroom."
    "If we start putting posters up, then I'm definitely getting a UFC one for the living room."
    "No poster it is then."
  • While we were in Harrisburg, we decided to roam around a few of the shopping centers before coming home. To kill time before lunch, we stopped at an Old Navy and perused the newborn section. I'm still very uncertain about the whole clothing size issue. If she's big, we won't need much 0-3 months stuff. If she's little, we may need it for awhile. And because it's going to be cold, do we buy the current short-sleeve stuff in a 6-12 month size? Or the 3-6 month size? I have no idea. So, because of my inexperience and total confusion on the subject, we've stuck to basics like onesies. They're cheap, she'll go through them like diapers and whatever size we buy will fit her at some point. We spotted an awesome one on the sale rack with a giant alligator stitched into the side. Next to it was a pile of matching rattles also on sale. So we bought the onesie for the baby and the rattle for Toby. Wouldn't you know he completely loves it. Carries it around and shakes his head violently just to hear the beads tumble around in the center. He'll always be our first child.



the plainsman counts & said...

I guess if you weren't "with child" you might have run after the collection truck and fished out that Jerryism yoursef! Having written it down, you will remember it sometime, lol, during childbirth, eh?

You have me so confused on the number of pregnancy months that I'm going to grab my rattle and shake it like Toby! If it's ten months, that is because the doctor's accountants have figured out how to get an extra billing out of each future son or daughter.

its_just_ang from Xanga said...

Wipe your hamburger! Love it!

Anonymous said...

average number of days in a month: 30.
7 days x 40 weeks = 280 days
280 days/30 = 9.33 months

Chelsea said...

Feel better! I remember hearing that whole 10 months thing in health class....the hamburger comment was funny =)

julie said...

How.Fricken.Cute! Give Toby a hug for me. I love that picture of him with the rattle.

kristin said...

When I first heard that 40 week and thus 10 month pregnancy thing, I was a bit in shock myself. I heard they say 9 months b/c most women don't realize they are pregnant in the first 4 weeks. . .

Diane said...

Awww..Toby is so cute and funny. A dog that loves a rattle!

I'm not pregnant, but I would love to be and therefore research all things regarding pregnancy. The error with the whole 9 month thing got me too. Everyone has always said 9 months, so I just assumed, but it is 10 months. Why wouldn't they just say that?

Jennifer said...

You may want to consider getting 1 or 2 newborn sized outfits. I've found with both my girls, who were both normal baby sizes when born, that nothing quite fits for the first week or so. My first was 7lbs 8 oz and my second was 7lbs 11oz and they both fit into newborn sizes for at least 2 weeks. Everything else they swam in.

LMFAO @ the hamburger comment. OMG that is TOO funny!!!

lovechild420 said...

Ok, for the clothing issue. Definately get 0-3 months. No matter how big. They last a while. My son was almost 9 lbs at birth (larger than typical babies) and even he was in Newborn & some preemie clothes for nearly a month. Then, he was in 0-3 for at least 3 months after that. They're not at all a waste.

Anonymous said...

I have 9 children, so my two cents on the clothing issue...

I have a few (three, maybe) cute newborn outifts that I can put the little beaner in for the first week or two while family and friends ooh and ahh. Then the rest of the clothes I buy bigger, and baby grows quickly... And honestly, since I have such a busy household, I usually just put the baby in a toddler size T-shirt. Minimal fuss!

But I'm sure you won't want to just use T-shirts for your first daughter... perhaps with many children comes a more practical (jaded?) outlook! : )

julie said...

I sent you a message on xanga.

Ray said...

Jerry is too funny, "A hamburger or a hot-dog!" What a catch he is. ;o) And yes pregnancy is 10 months, my mom told me that before. I don't think she exactly said ten months, but she said doctors consider it a longer period than we do.

Also, you should have kept the poster! You could have always hung it up in your office next to the computer. Oh, well.

And I was thinking about that as well, with the situation with baby clothes. If the baby's big the 0-3 might only be used for a small amount of time. If the babies big the 3-6 will work. I guess your best bet is to buy a little of each month so it evens out. Some 0-3, some 3-6 and some 6-9.

My cousin's wife is pregnant with a girl as well and I bought her this cutest lavender tutu. I bought it at 12 months because that was the smallest they had. Now, I'm thinking of buying her a dress and if I get the dress short sleeves I'll have to count the months and see how many months she'll be in the summer-time to buy the right size. I guess I'll have to the same with other clothing.

I guess that's the only thing you can do, count the months. But within the first year you'll be buying tons of clothes, because baby's grow faster than you think!

Well take care, Kelly. And when you go shopping for more clothes for your baby girl, do show pics.

Dave said...

There are three 5 week months during your pregnancy Ms. Valeri...just figured I would add to anonymous and give you a heads up you math whiz you! I hope Carl doesn't see your math =)

Kristin said...

Haha, that's why I stopped blogging in the first place, because I got annoyed of subconsciously noting things to blog about, lol. Well, that and I never got the time to blog anymore, haha.


Emilee said...

That picture of Toby is so adorable! And of course, I can't help you with the clothing issue since I'm no where near becoming pregnant and don't have much experience being around babies anyways.

still pondering plainsman said...

(3 months with 5 weeks = 15 weeks x 7 days = 105 days plus 6 months with 4 weeks = 24 weeks x 7 days = 168 days) equals 273 days divided by 30 = 9 months and three days.

But who am I to argue with a pregnant woman, especially in summer? If you say ten months, I, along with Jerry and Toby, believe you!

Janice said...

haha! Love it! :)

..Toby is just too cute.