Sunday, July 8, 2007

Pregnant + vineyard + open bar = SUCK

Well, we're up unusually early to drive to Ithaca for our friends' evening wedding at a vineyard in New York's beautiful wine country. The weather should be perfect, and I seem to recall that the RSVP cards had excellent dinner selections. I think I remember something about porcine mushrooms. And there's nothing better than dainty, flavorful mushrooms.

Toby doesn't know it yet, but he's in for a mini weekend at my mother-in-law's house where the yard is vast and the dog biscuits are handed out frequently. I hardly think we'll be missed.

But best of all, because Ithaca is only three or so hours from my hometown, my mom and grandma offered to meet us at our hotel Monday morning to take us out for breakfast before we head back to Pennsylvania.

I'll be back with pictures soon.


Randall said...

Have a wonderful time!

Chelsea said...

HAve fun!

natalie said...

hope you have fun!
we're looking for rocking chairs for our front porch (we found a *new* 107 year old house, hehe) and thought you might want to see it: and there's free shipping! :-)

teh palinsmin said...

Hee! Never had porcine mushrooms before! Are those like the truffles in Europe that they have trained pigs find in the woods? Seriously, I see Kelly has been victimized by "spel-chek." Those delicious mushrooms many of us like are porcini or porcino.

I was almost done in by "spel-chek" once. Our new PC's and sofware had been installed and our secretary proudly placed her work in front of me to sign, which I almost reflexively did. Then I noticed that the title of the adressee was printed boldly as "FREELOADER."

Yikes! "spel-chek" had converted County Freeholder to County FREELOADER. (A freeholder is a county commissioner in our state, dating back to English Colonial times when you had to be free and own land to hold elective office. Of course, many derisively call them "freeloaders.")

We made the corrections and added the "new old word" to all the PC dictionaries so that would not happen again. Whew! Bet you have some similar fun stories to tell about at the paper! ###

Tina P. said...

aaaahhhh sounds like an amazing trip! wish i could go =[

Ray said...

I hope you have a GREAT time! And take TONS of pics. And even though you can't drink the wine, I'm sure the beautiful scenery in that wine country will make up for it. ;o)

Take care, Kelly.

sarah in geneva said...

yup, they're called porcini (plural) or porcino. very comman in italian dishes such as risotto and pasta dishes. i was just in verona, italy for work and had the most amazing pizza with mozzarella di bufala and sliced porcino mushrooms. so great!