Friday, July 13, 2007

Tying up a few loose ends

There is something I overlooked in the past few weeks and a few ongoing questions that pop up in your comments. And because I like to think of myself as a thorough person, I've decided to take the time to rectify one particular gaffe and respond to some inquiries. Then I have a few random nuggets just for fun.

  • In my attempt at documenting the gifts we have received throughout the course of my pregnancy, I left one VIP out. I'd like to blame "baby brain syndrome," but, well, I just screwed up. I thought I had posted about it in the previous round of gift pictures and neglected to add it to the most recent. To make up for it, I will add even more emphasis by using all caps:


AWESOME!!! (Sorry Gisela! Love you!)

  • Many of you have inquired about the names we are considering for our daughter. As much as I would love to be able to share our thoughts on this difficult process, we have decided to keep it a secret until she is born. There are two front-runners at this point and frankly, it could change right up until the moment we meet her. I have visions of a nurse at the hospital coming into my room, slamming down a book of baby names and telling me that I'm not allowed to bring her home until she has a name. To put it into perspective, you've seen how much I'm agonizing over the decision to select nursery bedding. Now multiply that by INFINITY.
  • Many of you have also suggested that we get a post office box so you can mail us presents. While I am completely humbled at these requests, I am the type who doesn't want one more thing to worry about. Like checking in at the post office regularly. (I barely remember to open our mailbox and grab the paper every morning.) But I also understand how exciting it is to be part of welcoming a new baby into the world. And, lets face it, you guys know more details than most of my casual acquaintances in "real life." So, I've discussed it with Jerry and come up with two potential solutions. I'm pretty sure our last name is out there at this point, so I could just tell you where we've registered. The other option is to get a PayPal account and you could contribute to the furniture we need to buy. Or maybe both. Thoughts?
  • And now ... drum roll please ... a few random thought nuggets. With pictures!

    Buying stuff for babies is just fun. Take this garbage can
    for example. I mean, it's a GARBAGE CAN. But it's so cute
    and adorable that I just couldn't resist getting it for the nursery.

    I have narrowed down the wall color to green. Six shades
    of green to be exact. "But Kelly," you say, "um, the walls are
    already green in that room." Yes. But not the RIGHT green.
    It's a little too ARRAGH! in there. I'm looking for more of a
    subtle green. Or you can agree with Jerry and look at the paint
    swatches in frustration, rake your fingers through your hair
    and exclaim, "THEY'RE ALL THE FUCKING SAME!"


petra said...

Well, in that picture all the color samples look the same. But I'm sure there's enough difference for you to pick the absolutely right one. =)

Did you know that in Finland babies are not usually named until after few months they're born? Babies are usually given name in their Christening ceremony (or name giving ceremony if the parents are not members of church).

its_just_ang from Xanga said...

I think both the Paypal and telling us about the registry would be a great idea. Then you could benefit doubly. I love the shades of green. Any of them will look great. And from reading from your pregnancy counter thingy, I see that your baby has its fingernails. I love baby fingernails! They're the first thing I look at whenever I see a new baby, well, besides the baby itself of course. Have a great weekend!

gorakagaz said...

i'm with Jerry on those paint swatches--they all look the same. but maybe it's just the picture. and i'd love it if you'd open up your registry to us. the paypal account sounds like a great idea, too =]

julie said...

Yeah, I think knowing where you're registered would be cool. I wouldn't mind being able to send something your way. I don't recall your last name off the top of my head, but ironically, I do recall where you work, so I could look it up at the paper's website.

Love, love, love the idea of the green walls. I noticed the green walls in one of those chair pics and it looked great. I'm glad you went with that. Pink accents will be so cute in there!!!!

I'll admit that I'm dying to know the ideas you're having for names, but I don't blame you for waiting. It's already such a huge decision. Last thing you need is the lot of us chiming in with our opinions, good, bad, and otherwise. This is a decision you and Jerry should be able to make without the input of several anonymous and not-so-anonymous readers. Good luck making your decision!! I'm sure we'll all love it. And those who don't love it, don't have to live with it!!

Anonymous said...

I agree its argghhh. I like the first to little swatches lol, the lighter colors will be cute. I think at this point I have caught on to your name since I have read this blog everday for oh, a year and a half? Im not sure. Anyway, be careful I might just go typing your name in at stores with baby registries and then sending a gift to jerry's radio station! Haha


Sarah said...

Would love to get you something off your registry!! Email me the URL when you get a chance, if you don't decide to post links to it.

Yeah, we are keeping our baby name a secret too. I'm afraid someone will try to talk me out of it or tell me they don't like it.

melinda hale said...

Give us readers a little credit for ingenuity... we know where you work, after all. And there aren't that many places that new couples register!

But it would be much more appropriate and less stalkerish if you would just invite us to help you out. : )

Hugs to baby!

aahcoffee/julie said...

I say put both the registry and paypal thing up here. The more gifts/money the better! And you can always return anything you get that you don't like....or have a really cool ebay sale ("Gifts my Blog Readers Sent Me").

Marina said...

Yeah, they all look the same. Good luck with that decision. ;)

Lioncloud said...

Kelly wrote: "Now multiply that by INFINITY."

That's IT! Call the baby "Infinity!" said...

Ever see that movie "The Devil's Advocate"?

Great movie.

How does it relate to this post?

Watch the scene where Mary is painting her new apartment.

Eerily similar to today's paint talk. o_0

kristin said...

I totally get the paint thing. I'm having a similar dilemma with shades of red in my office at home.

I think you could do both - register and paypal. Both are very easy for you and it gives people the option to do a cash donation or a present.

Janice said...

I would love to send a gift to congratulate you! Whatever you decide it more than wonderful. And that pregnancy book looks like a hoot!

Chelsea said...

All those shades are so pretty, you should just have Toby pick it. I was looking for a subtle yet pretty shade of pink-purple but after spending way to much time on to find a color I gave up, I mean I'm only going to be living at home for another year before college.. The book looks so funny!!!

Randall said...

Jerry's paint comment at the end there made me laugh outloud. Sounds like something my Nick would say!

Ray said...

I think both choices are good the baby registry & the paypal account. That way everyone can choose which one they feel more comfortable with, & you'll benefit from both.

And I'm with Jerry, "THEY ALL LOOK THE FUCKING SAME!" Hehe. I am no help when it comes to painting. I've never painted anything! Maybe the other's here can help you with that one!

Take care, Kelly.

fiona said...

I'm sure you know this by now, but you can just let people pick from your registry and then the items get mailed directly to your address (or whatever address you put on your registry) so that weirdo's like me don't have to get your address to send you stuff.
Oh...and I am also agonizing over which shade of "barely pink" I should paint our little one's room.
And...I'm telling my CLOSE friends and family the name I have picked out, but no one else. Don't wanna hear, "I went to school with a Sandy Hat-knitter and she was a be-otch." People are so tactless...

Emilee said...

The mystery names are definitely making it hard to wait for your daughter to be born! :] But I think the trash can is great, it's so cute!

Anonymous said...

That book looks hysterical!
I don't blame you for keeping the name secret. You see how judgemental people are, you don't need people adding suggestions or their negative opinion.
I agree that both the registry and the Paypal idea is great. But either way you will get stuff you need and you still aren't giving out your address.
As for the paint colors, I can't tell the difference but I know how I am and the last time I painted I was between 18 shades of blue that all looked the same except there was just something a little different in my eyes.

Cindy said...

I took a chance and checked one of the most common stores to register at and I found yours...I didn't even know they MADE those shopping cart covers! Oh and to think of all the ickies we sat on when WE were kids. =) I would love to send you something, so please post what you decide to do.

Anonymous said...

The trash can looks like it matches the current wall color perfectly. The funny thing is that in just a few short months after the baby is born, you'll have to take the trash can out of her room as it'll become her favorite place to play.

Amy said...

I fully support letting us know about the registry and a paypal account as well. I find myself walking through various stores seeing things that I just HAVE to get for your baby, but ultimately can't cuz I have nowhere to send them!

jsi said...

I think babies should come out with name tags; having chosen the names and then seeing them face to face, I have to admit, one didn't fit. Her name was supposed to be Julia Grace (oh it is such a beautiful name) but it wasn't her. So for the next 45 minutes the decisions went back and forth. Abigail Elise it was, but I wasn't prepared for the fact that i felt so certain before seeing her and when I looked in her eyes, I knew just as certain, just as plain that would not be her name.
Love that growth chart with the pictures...a cool way to keep track of some of the most important information of life. It broke my herat when I stopped keeping track of my babies in inches but instead with feet.
Enjoy this beautiful summer.

Gisela said...


I love you again.

Now, I'm assuming one of the name choices is GISELA. :-D

Nutkin said...

I have to completely agree with Jerry. Before I finished reading the post I looked at the swatches & thought, "Aren't those all the same colour?" and then read what you wrote about Jer. haha

It's going to be exciting to finally learn your baby's name when she's born. :) Mine was actually picked on the fly the night before I was born. Since I was supposed to be a boy, the male name was all picked, but they never thought about one for a girl. Dad decided the night before that maybe they should pick one "just in case." Good call, Dad. ;)

I think both the registry & PayPal are good ideas. It will keep people like me who see stuff that they like for babies/kids from considering sending you random things! haha (I see so many eco-friendly and/or neat science-related gifts for kids that I wish I knew more people who had them!)

Kriston_Faye said...

As much as all of us would LOVE to know what you want to name her...NEVER EVER EVER EVER tell anyone! Especially not people who feel comfortable enough and have known you long enough to tell you what they really think. No matter what you say they will hate it. They will make you cry.
My mother in law got wind of a few of our options and told us she would be asking other people permission for us to use that name. As if they had the copyright or something!!!!

Anyway, don't do that. What you should do is relate fake choices to your terrified relations. My husband once straight faced told his mother he was thinking of naming our son Merlin because he liked magic shows!
Oh it's so fun!!!!