Tuesday, July 17, 2007

WORLD WIDE week 23 photo

I'm always perplexed when people chide me for trying to be responsible about using the web. Sayings like, "YOU put it out there and it's WORLD WIDE," make me want to strap that individual into a tattooist's chair and pay to have the words "Captain Obvious" permanently inked on their forehead in reverse so they can read it clearly every time they look into a mirror. Or maybe just a simple "Duh" would suffice.

Is that what the first two w's stand for at the beginning of nearly every web address? Thank you for enlightening me. Last I checked, it's not 1982 anymore and the dawning of Al Gore's Internet creation.

The fact that I'm trying to be cautious about what type of personal information I release shows I take it seriously. Sharing details about my dog's eating habits is a lot different from handing out a direct address to my house with one of those little MapQuest bubbles that says "END HERE."

That said, I also know that 99.9 percent of the people who frequent this website have nothing but the best intentions. As cheesy as it sounds, I consider you friends. And many of you are damn stealthy when it comes to sending a gift to my little lightning bug to help welcome her into the world. The whole WIDE WORLD.

Unfortunately, Jerry and I have decided not to post direct links to our registries. Yes, we're probably being overly cautious, but it's simply a matter of comfort level. Nothing more.

On the other hand, if you've already deducted enough to find them on your own, we'd be the furthest from offended. If you'd feel more comfortable checking in first, e-mail me at novelle360@hotmail.com. I love non-spam. (Although some of the subject lines on those penis enlargement hawkers really make my day.)

Instead, I've added a PayPal button to the side of my page. And for those of you who have already generously sent a gift, I can't thank you enough. I'm humbled by your love and support. I honestly am.

To keep it more WORLD WIDE web friendly, I thought of a way to let you guys have a hand in choosing a gift. If we get enough contributions to add up to something substantial, maybe I'll put a poll on here and let you vote on what we purchase. Just a thought.

And now, a bambino update via 23-week belly shot:

23 weeks
It turned out a little blurry for some reason, but
I'm glad. You can't see my chipping nail polish as well.


julie said...

*waves* "Hi, baby!!"

Kimber said...

I think you and Jerry made a wise decision. It's unfortunate, but these days you can never be too careful. At the same time, it is comforting to know that people can still put themselves out there in the way that you have and touch so many lives--never having come in physical contact with those lives. Its not easy to make connections in today's world, but you excel at it, and I for one love reading the world through your words. I think we readers can't help but share in your excitement about the little one to come!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it seems like you and Jerry have the perfect marriage.
How do you both do it?

My husband and I, we bicker constantly. Not to be mistaken with fighting, but we do have little snits here and there. We laugh imbetween, kiss, cuddle, play wrestle, but nonetheless we still manage to tick each other off (minor) at least 4 times a day.

Whether it's tone misinterpreted, or because we're such opposites it clashes at times. Me being the emotional type, and he being the logical type. Anyway, I rant. I was just curious.

Lastly, you do look absolutely stunning pregnant. You are glowing and I'm so excited for you. A girl is just.. perfect. :)


Sarah said...

Your belly looks fantastic! You are very lucky!!

My belly was lumpy and pudgy from week 15-25. It's big and round now though!

aahcoffee said...

Blurry from that little girl kicking up a storm in there! :)

Those of us "regulars" understand your reasoning perfectly. We want you to be safe too. So paypal, here we come.

Tiffany said...

I totally understand your decision, and frankly I personally don't feel that you should have to 'defend' that decision either! Nothing wrong with protecting yourself, IMO.

Paypal is a great, safe way to send money. I'm glad I saw the button! I tried to send Beverly a gift through her registry, but because I'm in Canada it wouldn't allow me to send anything, and I never got her paypal address from her! So Paypal definitely makes things easier for "international" people, like me.

I'm glad you did it! :-D

Anonymous said...

I did find a registry for you, and want to send something when I get paid. I cried for the first baby and feel even more attached to this one. Your belly looks so good! Im so glad everything is going so well!!


gorakagaz said...

aw, cute belly!

Kristin said...

I see where you're coming from about the privacy thing. Honestly, when you first mentioned putting up the link to your registry, I was like, "Are they seriously doing that?" So I understand. But it is unfortunate that we have to worry about those kinds of things in today's world, ya know? I'd send you some money, but for one, I don't have a credit card, and for two, if I asked my parents if I could use their credit card, I'd have to tell them why, and then they'd probably be like, "You're not sending money to some random woman on the internet. For all you know, she could be some 40 year old man trying to find out your address." Again with the magic of no one trusting anyone on the internet =]


Ashley said...

Don't bother with the tattoo chair. Get a stamp. There is more than one person who needs a big "DUH!" on their forehead.

melinda hale said...

I would love to contribute to a good quality baby rocker/chair. If you found the one you love, but it was too expensive, maybe we can help. After all, we did give lots of suggestions on which chair! Maybe too many suggestions, actually...

Erin said...

Awwww, Kelly. You look wonderful. It's amazing how much a woman's body changes, eh? Be good to yourself, and make Jerry be good to you, too (not that it takes much prodding for that).


Wendy said...

I copletely agree with your decision to keep things as private as possible. I would think that most people don't have evil intentions, but there are some out there that do. And, you must protect yourself from those few who ruin it for everyone else. I have heard some horror stories about people tormented by information given to those they thought they could trust. It's enough to remind me to be careful myself.

Ray said...

I don't like the words, "World Wide Web" they make everything that you've ever done on the internet so OUT there. Especially if you write on a blog site. But as you've said, you're not writing down your address so what's the big damn deal! Plus, writing rocks. And you're great at it, so don't stop.

For some reason I can't see your paypal page it keeps saying, "invalid." And though I sadly cannot contribute because I don't have paypal I wanted to take a look at it. Oh well, non-the-less I'm very happy about the comings of your baby girl.


Take care, Kelly.

Ray said...

P.S. This pregnancy of yours is going by SO fast! I can't believe you're almost 6 months. She'll be here sooner than we all think.

the plainsman said...

BTW, Is your employer updating your photo poster at the mall?

grace said...

hey don't we ever get to see a photo from the front XP

Randall said...

I agree with your decision as well... absolutely.

Thanks for sharing the baby/belly shot too! How exciting!

kristin said...

I think you made the right decision. If someone really wants to send you a gift, they can contact you first. No need to let it all hang out :)

You have the cutest pregnant belly :)