Saturday, August 4, 2007

An apple a day keeps the friends at bay

The minor league ballpark in our area, like most ballparks, has awesome food. More specifically, it has awesome caramel apples. Coated with rainbow sprinkles.

Unfortunately, I'm not such an avid fan of root, root, rooting for the home team. I mean, sure, I hope they win over, say, I don't know, um, the traveling team. (Can you tell I couldn't think of another team in our division?) But I won't ever be investing in season tickets. Not even if I won the biggest lottery jackpot in the history of lottery jackpots. I really enjoy attending one, maybe two games a season, but I'm content leaving it at that.

But not those apples. I am not content with one, maybe two of those apples a season. I love them and all of their gooey goodness.

Lucky for me, I work at the newspaper where the ballpark is a regular workday stop for some of our reporters and photographers. All I have to do is look at the gigantic game schedule magnet slapped on my desk drawer to see if the team is at home, check out the photo book schedule and call the photographer on ballpark assignment and ask them to pretty please pick me up an apple. With sprinkles on top.

Last night, Jason was on apple duty. When he returned to the newsroom, I started clapping, and I'm pretty sure a "YAAAAAYYYYY" escaped out of my mouth.

He placed the apple on my desk with the advice to put it in the fridge for awhile because it was hot, but I chose not to heed that advice. I had been looking forward to that apple for hours. There was no way anything or anyone was going to get it before I was. Especially not the fridge where it might "accidentally" get picked up by someone other than me. Not that something like that has ever happened before, but why risk it with a tasty treat as coveted as my caramel apple?

No thanks.

I gave him the cash as he sat down to transfer his baseball images into the system and thanked him again. Then I dug in.

Hot or not, those things are delicious. It completely hit the spot and revved my energy more than enough to finish my shift.

By the time Jason started printing out proofs of his favorite photos, he walked past my desk to see the remnants of my treat: an empty plastic wrapper with blobs of caramel, a discarded twist tie and a gnawed apple core with a wooden stick jutting out of it.


"Um, YEAH. ... They're GOOD."

"Yeah, but you finished it already?"

"Dude, do I REALLY have to point out the gigantic mound in my flesh that hinders me from tying my shoelaces properly these days to let you know not to fuck with me and my eating habits, or would you just prefer it if I stuck this pointy wooden apple stick in one of your eyes?"

He just walked away laughing, shaking his head while the other women in my department stuck up for me by shouting, "She's PREGNANT!"

I just wish I had been more on my toes. I would've shouted after him, "YOU HURT MY FEELINGS. YOU OWE ME ANOTHER APPLE!"


aahcoffee said...

The town where we went to college has a festival every autumn. They have booth set up along the mains street just like fair food booths. The 3 hour drive there is totally worth it when we buy the "Poor Man's Caramel Apple"....a waffle cone bowl, filled with vanilla ice cream, a sliced apple, caramel sauce, fudge, nuts, and a cherry on top. Oh yes, totally worth the gas money, the arguing in the car the whole way there, and the run-ins with old college enemies. :)

"Crash Davis" Plainsman said...

Growing up less than a hour away, having a choice of seeing two major league teams pretty much left us without much appreciation for minor league baseball. Except for the movie, Bull Durham!

Caramel apples, eh? They sound pretty special if they provoke that much passion.

Never trusted candy covered apples since they were foisted upon us at October 31st, real Halloween. How are you supposed to put them in your trick-or-treat bag? Plus, it seemed like another transparent adult plot to get us kids to eat fruit.

But your post has got me thinking that maybe its time to try at least the ca-ra-mel variety of covered apple. Or is it car-mel?

Tina P. said...

I'm not sure how much i like the apples with sprinkles but i loveeee the ones covered in nuts!
btw- i loved your last post. However, that scares me, Because unlike you, i do want to get married early. I feel like whatever a girl wants, she actually ends up getting the opposite.

kristin said...

he owes you one next time :)

Janice said...

haha that sounds delicious! Reminds me of the gooey elephant ears that I have to drive an hour and go to a theme park to sad.

Chelsea said...

I've never seen those at a baseball game around here! What milb team is by you?

Leslie said...

I LOVE the caramel apples with sprinkles! They're the best.

Ray said...

"Dude, do I REALLY have to point out the gigantic mound in my flesh that hinders me from tying my shoelaces properly these days to let you know not to fuck with me and my eating habits, or would you just prefer it if I stuck this pointy wooden apple stick in one of your eyes?"

^^That was awesome Kelly. You so rock. And I LOVE candy apples. They are so great! Sometimes they'll be a guy selling a box of candy apples right outside the hospital where my mother works and and she'll buy the whole thing. I love those days when she comes home with candy apples. But caramel apples---I've never tried. Maybe one day.

Take care, Kelly. ;o)

Randall said...

Sounds delicious!

Anji said...

Baseball is my families favorite sport and I never understood the obsession of it. Especially watching it on television. I went to see a seattle mariners game once and it was the best game I had ever watched. I like watching it live not on a t.v. As for caramel apples I love them.

whitney/weber said...

i love love love caramel apples. theres a place back home called Rocky Mtn Chocolate factory that makes the best. I thought it was regional till i saw one at THE MALL down south here! i was a bit disappointed to learn it was a chain, but way excited that i can still get my hands on them!!!

Jenn & Jason said...

applephotog sez: if you want another apple all you have to do is come to my wedding. We will giving them out free.