Friday, August 24, 2007

Devising Plan Q

Apparently choosing baby furniture is a lot like getting a Christmas tree. It all looks small until you get it inside your house.

Or, in our case, even attempt to get it TO the house.

Without any baby stores in our area, Jerry and I had planned on selecting the crib, changing table and a dresser while we visited my hometown last weekend. Thinking back, I now know we were completely delusional that my CRV and his two-door Accord would fit all that furniture AND the stuff we got from the baby shower.

The second plan was to borrow a friend's full-size van and have my mom follow me back. But, of course, none of the pieces we selected were in stock. We paid and were told it would be seven to ten business days.

In the meantime, we devised a third plan: My mom would drive down with one of my brothers while Jerry and me are in Nebraska next week and drop it off. I made her a key to our front door and thought that was that.

Then the store called after two business days and said everything was in. So we devised a fourth plan: My mom and grandma would drive it down Thursday morning.

Only the boxes were so big they didn't fit into the van. The crib box alone could house the entire state of New York. And we got a chifferobe and changing table, too. So, after much sweating and swearing, my mom came to the realization that the only way to get everything to Pennsylvania without hacking it to bits with a chainsaw (as cathartic as that would've been), was to rent a truck. Although pricey, it still didn't come close to what the shipping costs on all three pieces would've been.

So, while I was at work last night, my mom arrived in a U-Haul with my grandma following behind in another car. Jerry and a friend were waiting to unload and lug everything upstairs.

I came home to find everyone asleep and a trail of little bits of styrofoam to the baby's room. There, the chifferobe and changing table, when placed end-to-end clears the door by about, oh, one inch -- give or take a millimeter.

I couldn't believe it. The furniture looked so small and dainty and cute in the big warehouse. In fact, it seemed downright dollhouse worthy. Now that it's in our house, it looks huge. Big enough to make me question why we thought we needed both big pieces in the first place.

But it's perfect. Absolutely perfect. Another inch of width on either piece and I'd be cursing the heavens, but fortunately, that's not the case.

This morning I was able to thank my mom and grandma by running to the grocery store and getting English muffins for breakfast. My mom vacuumed while I was gone despite my insistence that she not. And although I begged them to stay, I knew they both had things to do back home this afternoon. So I loaded them up with a bunch of pears off our tree and waived them off using Toby's paw as he sat in my arms.

I honestly don't know how any expectant parents could possibly do all of this alone. Jerry and I are so thankful to have such supportive families.

I guess love is a lot like a Christmas tree, too. It might seem small until you need it. Then you realize just how big it really is.


julie said...


Lioncloud said...

Ditto what Julie said....


Chelsea said...

I've seen that probably a lot in my family when it comes to the baby's room. My fam usually ends up taking everything out of the box and then driving it their house.

kristin said...

I can't wait to see what the nursery looks like all put together. Thank God for parents :)

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the plainsman said...

When I had read half-way down, thought I was going to read about the items being one inch too big! It's great when everything works out OK, but harder to write about. But you found the perfect way to end it.

Having good family and friends, rocks!

Rachel said...

We had the same issue with the crib box. Rather than fighting to get the box in the van, we just ripped it open and loaded all the pieces into the van. Whatever works!

petra said...

It's wonderful that your family and friends are there to help and would go pretty much to the world's end and back for you if necessary. Not everyone has that.

Pictures would be nice. :-)

Jennifer said...

Imagine how much harder it would be trying to do it as a single parent!

Can't wait to see the pictures

aahcoffee said...

Ditto the picture requests. :)

Janice said...

That happened to me with my futon.


Anonymous said...

Yay for Nebraska! Why in the world are you coming here, though?

Shalini said...

Oh i hope you will write a book, every time I real a lil snippet I wish there was MORE!

Yes please pictures especially the one inch clearance! haha... that's how our nursery was back when we had a house in the States.

And you made me well up when you talked about your family!

Randall said...

That's what mommas are for! So glad it all orked out in the end. Can't wait to see the final result of the room!

Ray said...

Well, I'm glad everything worked out. If that happened to me I probably would have been going crazy, trying to get the furniture inside the house and all and hoping that it would fit. I would have been cursing up a storm as well!

But it's good that you had your mom & grandmother to help. Also question: did the furniture come in pieces or was it all built?

Well take care, Kelly.

ajandmac said...

Aww. That's so sweet. Thanks for sharing in the adventure. I also recently bought fabric [as mentioned in your other post] and MAN it can be a tough decision. But I finally decided on some, and will proceed to fashioning my bag this weekend! Peace,