Sunday, August 26, 2007

This week's newspaper column

I am the worst decision-maker of all time. I’ve known this about myself since I was 7, but every once in a while, it really starts to dig at me. I liken it to a woodpecker standing on top of my head, drilling at my right frontal lobe.

I can easily narrow down my choices to two options, but from there? Oh, the agony. If it came to a life-or-death situation, my dying words would be, ‘‘I don’t know. I have to think about it.’’

Take my recent trip to a fabric store, for example. I went with a couple projects in mind for the baby’s nursery, including reupholstering a footstool. After bee-lining to the clearance rack, I immediately got to work narrowing down the prospects.

One by one, I nixed them with ease. In my mind, each fabric was given a specific justification for not making the cut: ‘‘Ugly, too bright, too loud, really ugly, not pink enough, too pink. ...’’ I ticked through the bolts with lightning speed and a critical eye.

Then I came upon a cute pastel stripe pattern. It wasn’t offensive to my eyes and didn’t make me question what the designer was thinking. In fact, I might even say I loved it.

I should have left it at that. I should’ve walked to the cutting station, requested one yard, paid and left.

But, no. Even though I was completely content, I still had to make sure there wasn’t something even better around the corner.

This is the point that things usually go awry. I find something equally as appealing and then spend the next 20 minutes (or two weeks) agonizing over it. It’s never anything of consequence. Big decisions like the answer to ‘‘Will you marry me?’’ seem to come with ease. But whether or not to get my hair styled differently? Pressure.

As usual, I came across another adorable fabric. This one had big, funky flowers in the perfect shade of pink.

Then I stood in the aisle like a deer in headlights holding up one bolt, then the other, repeating the process over and over again until my head started to throb. I would’ve remained rooted in that spot forever, but the store was closing and a woman sweeping the floors with a giant broom forced me out of her way. If I really were a deer, I would’ve been a goner.

I ended up giving myself a pep talk: ‘‘All right, you can do this. It’s really not a big deal. Both will look great, it’s just a matter of which you prefer. You can’t lose. Just pick one. I mean, it’s only a $3 investment. ... BINGO!’’

It suddenly dawned on me that I could get BOTH for less than the price of a fast-food meal. So what if I only needed one? It’s never a horrible thing to have great fabric lying around for, um, emergencies, right?

I was like an addict trying to justify my bad habit. Realizing that buying both fabrics only would prolong my misery and likely delay the project from getting completed until after my daughter graduates from college, I stiffened my spine, took a hard look at both fabrics and set down the flowers. Good.

I’d be lying if I said I left it at that. I did have a moment of hesitation as I walked to the cutting station, even turned around for a second. But I stuck with the stripes and I’m glad.

Now I just need to decide on everything else going in her room — throw rug, crib, dresser, mobile, rocking chair — and hopefully before her November due date.



Shalini said...

Very cute Fabric! I am sure as it gets closer to the date you will just have your hubby make the decison... LOL Good luck getting the room ready

aahcoffee said...

Cute. :)

Leslie said...

I love that fabric! It's great.

Kristin said...

That's such cute fabric!
Good luck getting the rest of the room done :P


Kristin said...

Oh yeah, and the other day at this party I went to, I met this guy that looked just like Jerry. It was beyond wierd, lol.


Chelsea said...

I'm like that with clothes. Except I usually love it in the store than as soon as I try them on when I get home I start "eeeh" about it!

But cute fabric!

Ray said...

You went with a great choice. I love the stripes! I'm very indecisive as well and I totally HATE it. Sometimes I try to analyze my indecisiveness. I try hard to understand why I'm at such a crossroads with buying something, or whatever the case may be. One day I hope to find the answer & soon. I don't consider it to be a good quality and I just want it to be something of the past.

I also like that you said: "Big decisions like the answer to ‘‘Will you marry me?’’ seem to come with ease." It's so true. I guess the little things in life just eat out you more for some reason. Although a question as big as that one if you let it will eat at you. Which I guess is a good thing so you don't end up making the biggest mistake of your life.

Well take care Kelly. I hope all the other decisions in creating the perfect baby room come easy to you.

Anonymous said...

GREAT choice. That fabric is the perfect mix between feminine and classic, and looks very appropriately young without being obnoxious. I love it.

its_just_ang from Xanga said...

I like it! It's different, not too babyish so I think it would be great for when she gets older.

Anonymous said...

I have to say after discovering your blog, and reading it for the past month I love it. I love reading the posts that you write they are soo funny and it makes my day reading the blogs. I love the fabric that you bought, its so cute.

Kristin said...

A very good choice. Always go with your gut - that's how I end up making most decisions - expecially design decisions. Godo luck with everything!

the plainsman said...

I like stripes, as a very little kid i always found them more interesting than patterned stuff.