Thursday, September 13, 2007

Summoning my inner Martha Stewart

I swear this baby is inspiring me to get more crafty than I've been in years.

When I was a kid, I always said I wanted to become an art teacher. It was one of my favorite classes in grade school, my favorite activity at summer camp, and I can even remember begging my dad to take me to the craft store near his house before I was old enough to ride my bike that far.

I guess I just love the possibility in those stores. Everything is in its base form, waiting for you to add your own vision and personal touches. Over the years I tried my hand at making friendship bracelets, boondogle key chains, beaded necklaces, crocheted knit caps and plastered paint on just about any surface I could find.

Eventually I became pretty good at it. I often saw things at summer festivals and instead of buying them, used it as inspiration to create something myself.

At one point, I took up sewing and made purses, headbands, curtains, pillows and slipcovers for my furniture. And my years in a sorority really took puffy paint to a new level.

I guess I never actually gave up on all those little projects, they just sort of grew into much bigger projects. These days my creativity is used to redecorate our house -- things like refinishing all of our kitchen cabinets. I have no doubt that my childhood love of painting unfinished wooden candle holders translated into a love of painting walls.

But now that I have a nursery to decorate, my creative juices are flowing again. There is nothing so inspiring as all the cute little embellishments that are acceptable for a baby, but would otherwise look ridiculous in an adult's room.

I went into a craft store last night to find a frame for an adorable Noah's arc print I received at my baby shower and decided to wander down the rest of the aisles just for fun. If time and my sanity weren't an issue, I would've left the store with a heaping cart full of projects. But I forced myself to pick the few that I'll enjoy most.

But I'm not disappointed. In fact, it just made me realize for the first time that I have years and years of fun craft projects ahead of me.

I just can't wait until my new partner is ready to help.

I can only hope her first words are "Pass me the hole punch, some yarn and a glue stick."


Janice said...

haha I bet her first words will be just that, with you as her mother :)

kristin said...

I love arts and crafts. I can't wait to see what you come up with for her :)

Marina said...

Damnit. I want to be arty. I would love to get into sewing and make all my clothes. But i do NOT have the patience for that at all. :( Lucky you.

Kristin said...

I'm so excited for this baby to come out.
Everytime I read a blog that's about the baby, I basically die of excitement, lol.


chelsea said...

Aww! You're gonna have so much fun!

Anonymous said...

I loved reading all of your blogs on Xanga and am glad I found you on here. I am so happy for you and Jerry with the new little one on the way. Congratulations...

Candace said...

my little sister's first word was "cookie" and her first sentence was "i prefer a doughnut" so anything is possible! haha :)

Anonymous said...

When her real first words are "switch sides" it's time to wean.

Ray said...

I love arts and crafts! It's just beautiful to be creative although for now it's just a love of mine and that's all.

But I always thought that would be the FUN part in having kids. Doing arts in crafts with them. Teaching them that they can break the mold and let their creativity take them wherever they wanted. So I guess that's the kind of mom I'll be. Doing arts and crafts and spoiling my kid with plenty of cookies and cakes, that we'd bake of course.

One can only hope to be a good parent. And that's what you'll be. I can't wait to see the finished nursery. Have fun with all your projects! ;o)

Take care, Kelly.

aahcoffee said...

I want to see pictures of all your crafty projects!

Shalini said...

Just wait til her first craft project is re-coloring her wall with crayons :)

the plainsman said...

Sweet ending to the post. You are a bit more than crafty, which is a talent in itself. You have an artist's eye when it comes to composition, whether in crafts, decorating, photos or color.