Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hurricane toddler girls

So, um, it's probably too late to change our minds on this whole "having a kid thing," huh?

Yesterday we had a few people over to the house -- partially because Jerry missed out on celebrating his birthday with his family and partially because tickets to see the Penn State/Notre Dame match up were running upwards of $500 each. So we took advantage of the fact that we have a plasma screen TV with a high-definition sports package and invited a few people to watch the game with us.

We spent the morning preparing food and just sort of enjoying each other's company. Then it got crazy.

Sure, any time you have 10 extra people in your house it starts to feel a bit like grounds for a talk show, but it was the three pint-sized girls who made it feel like an episode of Jerry Springer.

I had no idea two 4-year-old girls and one 1-year-old girl could shatter glass just by opening their mouths and shrieking.

They were like little hurricanes. And just when I thought we got to the calm eye of the storm with one, another would strike with fury. It was endless questions and grabbing at things and running places they shouldn't be and constant motion and commotion.

I found myself saying one warning after another like, "Oh, Emily, don't stick your pom poms in the back of the fan, try the front so it moves around like this ... no, no, Emma, you can't touch that, it's hot ... Wait, that's Jerry's cell phone ... Don't poke Toby in the eyes, be gentle ... Cherry tomatoes aren't a toy, honey, here, have this ball ... Hold your hot dog higher or Toby will get -- I'll get you another one.

And the funny thing is, I wasn't the only adult keeping a watchful eye on them. There were many others ready to pounce to prevent catastrophe or a complete meltdown.

I mostly gave up trying to watch even one complete play of the game. It was impossible. Frankly, I'm amazed I found time to eat.

But at one point, when the girls seemed on the verge of tears, I suddenly remembered that our house now has a few toys to combat that exact type of situation. So I led them upstairs to the nursery and pointed them toward the baskets of musical, rattling, stuffy things that so far have gone unused.

And wouldn't you know those two little baskets were a hit. It was like calm washed over the house. The girls suddenly got quiet and content just inspecting the new toys. I would buy a mountain of colorful plastic if it could work that kind of magic every time.

Sure, it didn't last long. Moments later they were downstairs conducting a screaming parade from the front door to the back door, leaving a trail of Chex mix and pom pom streamers in their wake.

After they left with birthday cake frosting in their armpits and eyebrows, Jerry and I turned to each other and didn't have to say a word. I know what we were both thinking: WHAT HAVE WE DONE TO OUR LIVES?

It was a good reminder to watch TV shows with adult content and enjoy the relative lack of disarray in our house and appreciate the quiet downtime we have now before everything changes.

And, right on cue, my belly started jumping around when I finally sat down for the first time all night.

Our own hurricane is brewing, she just doesn't have a name yet.

Toys, glorious peace-bringing, quiet-providing toys.


Anonymous said...

u are now making me scared......
btw,ur due date is just 8weeks away kelly...;-)

chelsea said...

Aww, your's will be different! Cute pic though!

Shalini said...

They are all the same unholy lil hurricanes, but they are so cute you will love it and live with it!

Tiffany said...

I've been meaning to say Thank you so much for the "thank you" card you sent. It was so thoughtful! I've been meaning to say it for awhile now, but with everything going on with me right now it slipped my mind. Sorry!

Anyways, glad to see all is well, and you enjoyed your "Babymoon". :)

Tiffany said...

Cute pic! I got my sister one of those baskets filled with goodies for her shower... I think they are just adorable :-)

shimajan said...

lol.. too funny

Ray said...

OMG, you had me laughing when you wrote:

"Moments later they were downstairs conducting a screaming parade from the front door to the back door, leaving a trail of Chex mix and pom pom streamers in their wake."


Kids may be small but they're never QUIET! Sometimes I want them other times when I seem them making a ruckus, I'm like, "NO NO NO! NOT FOR ME!" ;o)

But like someone else said your child will be different. You are in control of teaching your child how to act at other people's houses. And you're in control of teaching the kiddies when loud noise is appropriate.

Take care, Kelly.

Anonymous said...

Awwwwh. Love the tyke-sized Steelers jersey. :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to example #1. It's all about the parents. Maybe it's just me, but cute doesn't serve as an excuse for letting kids rampage around someone else's house. And the 'they're just kids' argument doesn't wash either. They sound like they needed a few limits.

the plainsman said...

Don't worry 'bout the little "her"icanes, Kelly. Somehow I imagine that you and Jerry will find a way to giude your daughter to understand the difference between inside and outside voices, limits and the appropriate courtesies without cramping her little spirit and exuberance. Ps. fogot to mention that I loved the photo of the water sculpture and old building at night, too!

mercurial scribe said...

LOL... Just remember, they had the advantage of being three of them... the chaos multiplies the more children are present.

At least the toys were a momentary hit. Made for a darn cute pic!