Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My newest addiction

Like most Internet junkies, I've found that clicking my way randomly through the web is entertaining enough to occupy my entire day if I let it. (If it wasn't for the pesky necessity of having to go to the bathroom once in awhile, that is.)

Sure, there are sites I visit daily or weekly, but often times I find myself spending a few moments of my morning after I'm done writing just sort of going with the flow, letting one link lead me to another. On rare occasion, one will end up as a bookmark, but most of the sites I'll never revisit.

Then, on even rarer occasions, I find something that hooks me. I recently came across one that has me completely enamored and it's too good not to share. For anyone who enjoys trolling through Flickr or other photo-sharing sites, this is for you.

Google recently launched Blogger Play, a web page that shows the photos being uploaded to Blogger in real-time all around the globe. It's a never-ending stream of images that you can slow down or speed up to your preference. And it's nothing short of fascinating.

To me, it has the same appeal as a blog -- getting a quick glimpse of other people's lives. And it makes me feel small, too. Most of the images are of people and places I'll never see in my lifetime.

Most of all it's just interesting to see what bloggers are uploading at any given moment. The range of images is fascinating. Right this moment it went from a camel sitting in a space in a busy a parking lot, to an artistic studio shot of smoke, to five drunk guys arm-in-arm at a bar, to a map of Africa, to a shot of someone's Asian-inspired lunch.

Sure, it would be absurd to sit for hours on end just staring at the images, but I've found myself leaving it minimized on my desktop and just clicking back on occasion.

Now if only I could figure out how to make it my screensaver...


Amy said...

If you haven't heard about it yet. Stumble Upon is a must have for those days when you feel like aimlessly wandering about the net. It can be used on IE or Firefox (or both, like me!) I'm sure if you google it the website will be the first result. It's addicting. You'll love it, or uhm, your money back. Haha.

Rachel said...

those pictures are mesmerizing! I could spend all day watching them go by!

Tiffany said...

What is the actual website for that site? When I clicked on it and tried to bookmark it, it was still listed under your page.

Great find!

Ray said...

Photos are such beautiful things. A new favorite of mine is: www.deviantart.com. You just type whatever on the search bar on the top of the page. You can find beautiful shots that people have taken. For ex. Alice In Wonderland. I looked that up because it's a bit of an interest to me. I found some beautiful emotive shots of people that have done their own photo shoots pretending to be Alice. It's really nice.

And funny that you say "screensaver" because that's what I was thinking when I read this. Hope you find out how to do it.

Take, care.

its_just_ang from xanga said...

Sounds cool! One site I'm addicted to is Postsecret.com. That's a great one. The only bad thing is that it updates just once a week.

chelsea said...

woah, thats so addicting!