Sunday, September 30, 2007

Novelle in shorts

  • Something I just remembered
    When Jerry and I first started dating and he knew I was at home listening to his radio show, he would say that Kelly called and requested an Ozzy song before he played it. Because he knew I hated Ozzy.
  • I don't get it
    Yesterday Jerry and I went to a fall festival. Nothing too out of the ordinary: crafts, sausages, apple dumplings. But as we milled around the booths, a faint whiff of gasoline permeated the air. Then it got stronger. And stronger. Until we spotted four old guys in flannel shirts and suspenders sitting in rusty folding chairs around a few crazy mini tractor-ish contraptions with pulley systems that made a ton of noise and farted gasoline exhaust on occasion in a loud bang. It was only trumped by the two men on a nearby stage who were hired as entertainment singing a karaoke version of "The Monster Mash." One had a supa thick mustache and the other had an eye patch. Jerry and I nearly knocked over a display of wreaths because we were laughing so hard we couldn't see where we were going. True story.
  • Jerryism
    Noticing that the 5-foot-tall tall grass we planted in the spring is now sprouting stalks with soft ends that sort of look like a whip:
    "We grew sex toys in our yard!" (Then he proceeded to rip one off and smack my butt with it until I ripped it out of his hand and attempted to shove it up his nose.)


Pauline said...

Funny how Fall festivals and country bumpkins go hand in hand. Also funny? I stumbled upon a Fall festival myself. Not quite as enjoyable ;]
Refer to my web page below for the story, heh.

Pauline said...

That I forgot to post. My bad.

Janice said...


Ray said...

That Jerryism is just too funny. You guys are the GREATEST, really! And I need to move to PA so I can go to all these festivals. They sound like a lot of fun. Too bad I have to miss out. ;o(

Take, care.

Shalini said...

i wish they had "fall" down here...

I love that he played Ozzy... cause you know that kid who always "annoys" you or pulled your pigtails in school.. totally loved you!

Emmy said...

LMAO! That's hilarious! He's so nutty. It's almost cute.