Saturday, September 15, 2007

Some of my projects

I found an old box in my closet that I wasn't using.

So I used painter's tape to make stripes on the bottom
and dots on the top. I used a half-dollar as a template.

Then I just painted over the tape and peeled it off when it dried.

When I was milling around the craft store, I found
this great do-it-yourself wooden picture frame.

I discovered it was basically the same size as scrapbook paper, so
I picked one sheet of my favorite, used spray glue to adhere it, then
used a razor to cut out the picture hole and trim the excess on the sides.

And this is just a super cute outfit I bought for Little Miss.
Speaking of which, we are SCREWED if it's a boy. He'll be
the prettiest little boy in town. At least for a year. Because
I would so make him wear this just once. It's that cute.

Toby watching me do crafts from the stairs.


gorakagaz said...

love the pattern on the box. and the picture of Toby in the frame.

Sheryl said...

Excellent fun! You really are the new Martha!

tossedrice said...

love the photo of toby.

Nutkin said...

Wow! You did a fantastic job on the crafts! :) I always get started, but then have trouble finishing a project. Lately mine are more focused on rug hooking, needle point or knitting.

I have yet to start my scrapbooks. haha

Shalini said...

OMG! I almost died from all this cuteness.. and yes that dress is so adorable! I love the color!

You are soooo krafty!!! the projects came out amazing!

chelsea said...

You're so talented! and that dress is so cute!!

Tiffany said...

So cute!! Your daughter is going to have the cutest room in all of the state! :-)

Ray said...

I HOPE it's a GIRL! And I love how crafty you are. That frame with Toby in it holding the alligator is too cute.

Take, care.

Janice said...

That hat box is GREAT!

mercurial scribe said...

All too cute! And guess what? Looks like I'm joining the mommy club!

Kristin said...

You're an artistic genius :P


the plainsman said...

Well done with the dots, random and well spaced, most of us would have them all bunched over on one side! Two great pics of Mr. Toby.

In the second one, Toby's sayin' "You would NOT make you son ever wear that dress any more than you would make me wear it.... Kelly......please....nooo!

kristin said...

you need your own show to display yor projects and teach how to's. Everything looks great!

Anonymous said...

Your dog looks sooooo much like mine!! Shes a girl, same color and has a stubby tail as well! I HAVE to post a pic!

Randall said...

My mom and I always swoon at the Ralph Lauren baby clothes... the itsy bitsy polos and cardigans... who could resist that?!