Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Taking care of (baby) business

Let the nesting begin!

I'm not sure what happened to me in the last few days, but it's almost as if a switch went off in my brain and I NEED to get ready for this baby. It's like I have blinders on to all other aspects of my home life. There's a pile of dirty laundry to get done? No time. I have to wash all the baby's new outfits first.

Now that our schedules are somewhat clear for the first time in months, I actually have time to devote to worrying. I just sort of aimlessly wander through the nursery looking at things, moving them from one spot to another then sometimes back again, folding and refolding. It's like everything has to be just right.

The worst part is that there's still so much to take care of in the next nine weeks. There are a few big-ticket items we don't have yet like a changing pad, baby monitor and a chair. Then there are the projects I have to get done like the homemade wall art, reupholstering a stool, assembling the strollers and play yard -- and figuring out how to use them.

Then there's the task of packing my bags for the hospital. I want to get a birthing ball and a handheld back massager for Jerry -- both recommendations from our childbirth class instructor. Then it's just a matter of separating out what we need for labor and what we need for the hospital stay, in general. Plus, I want to make a folder of relaxing music on my iPod for the big event, and we have to write out a birthing plan for the hospital staff.

I also have to send in the class reimbursement form to our insurance, sign up for a hospital tour, go to doctor's appointments every other week and, you know, TRY NOT TO FREAK OUT AT THE WEIGHT OF IT ALL.

All the while trying to go about my daily activities like working full time and managing to get a few hours of sleep in between trips to the bathroom.

Now that I think about it, "nesting" just seems like the wrong word. It's far more complicated than gathering a few twigs and forming it into a bed. Birds have it downright easy. (Well, other than inclement weather and predators higher up in the food chain.)

It's more like falling into a controlled state of crazy.

Now please excuse me while I go count how many swaddling blankets we have.



Shalini said...

It's going to be fine. Just remember that you will have a beautiful baby girl at the end of all of the controlled state of crazy. The birth is just (hopefully) one day, then begins the happy task of mothering. You seem like a natural at taking care of things. Nesting is the easy part :)

Rachel said...

you said it! I'm dealing with a lot of the same stuff, and I only have 3 weeks left to manage it all! Yikes! Working full time definitely gets in the way of napping and preparing for baby...

Ray said...

Once again, cute post! And I thought of that too: having relaxing music to listen to, while being in labor & trying to ease through those contractions. That's a must. And writing a birthing plan for the hospital? I've never heard of that. I hope you get everything done in time, it seems like a lot. But you can do it!

Take care, Kelly.

P.S. I'd love to see a pic of the homemade wall art when you're done with that. And I'd love to see your ipod list of music for the big event.

Ray said...

ABOUT BABY MONITORS! I happened to find this monitor while searching for baby stuff for my cousin's wife, who's also expecting a baby girl. This monitor seems to be a HUGE hit (the reviews will tell you that), check it out:


Take, care.

kristin said...

Wow. I always knew getting ready for a baby was a lot of work but I had no idea it what all of that. I guess you never really think about all of the details until they are upon you.

Melinda_Hale said...

I think no matter how much you do, you will never feel totally ready. That being said, there is very little that is actually critical - I never had a birthing ball or a back massager, or wrote out a "birthing plan," whatever that may be.

Baby just needs love, and you obviously have that in spades!

And maybe some diapers. :) Best of luck nesting...

Chelsea said...

Don't forget to dedicate some time to you and Jerry, some alone non-baby time!

Tiffany said...

My sister who gave birth a month ago was so upset with the hospital staff. They didn't follow her birthing plan AT ALL! Some things obviously had to be thrown out, because they had a couple complications... but they didn't want Ella to have a pacifier because they wanted her to learn to breast feed first. When they brought Ella in after cleaning her and all that, she actually had a pacifier in her mouth. They were livid. So, my advice to you is to make sure you go over your birthing plan (if it's very important to you) with your doctor... not the nurses. Since, chances are you'll be there through a shift change.

And, you still haven't gotten a chair? I thought we decided that for you :-)