Thursday, October 25, 2007

Differences of opinion

"Jer, we do NOT need to buy 800 pieces of candy. We only had about 100 trick-or-treaters last year, remember?"

"Listen, I'm not letting our house get egged because you're too cheap to invest in a bag of Snickers."


"If we don't get them now, I'll just come back on my own tomorrow without you."

"Fine. ... But what do you want to bet that we won't even see the bottom of the candy bucket after all the kids have come and gone?"

(After giving it much thought.) "If I'm right, I get to buy this crazy mummy guy. The CANDY goes in his HEAD!"

"And if I'm right, I get to dictate the amount of candy we buy next year. No questions asked."

(Five minutes later) "Yeah, I can't wait to buy 10 thousand pieces of candy next year for the mummy's head. It's gonna be awesome."


Janice said...

Oh geez! Good luck! ...though I bet he's going to hang out huge handfulls to every kid ;)

MandyElvins said...

Hey now, mummy heads are completely awesome. =]

Lioncloud said...


plainsman "the mummy" said...

Think of it this way: Its the last Halloween when there can be as much candy around the house as Jerry wants without his worrying about competing with a little one for any of it!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Bet your house will be the talk of the town!!

S said...

This is going to start a vicious cycle. Your hubby's going to give out fist fulls of candy to each kid and then next your you'll be held up to that standard and have to buy even more candy to the awarming population that comes by specifically to get a lot of candy.

Ray said...

HAHA! I LOVE YOU GUYS! YOU ROCK! You're gonna make great parents. Parents who are lots of fun with a great sense of humor. And also parents with a special child-like charm to the both of you. =)

I think you're going to win the bet. But SSSHHH don't tell Jerry! And 100 trick or treators?! If you had enough candy for that amount of kids you are NOT cheap!

Well, take care.

P.S. Awww, I would have love to have seen a picture of that mummy head. What a sight that must have been.

Kristin said...

Jerry is something else.
Oh wait.
I think I said that on the last comment I left.


Shalini said...

That IS awesome with 100 trick or treaters, I wish we were stateside this halloween. it won't be the same here.

And for the record I have a feeling that Mummy head is going to be in your house next halloween. Just because the kids will KNOW that your house has the CANNNNNDY!!!!! (either that or Jerry will announce it on the radio station and people all over the east coast will trick or treat at your house)

Randall said...

Better watch out - next year it will be Jerry and the baby against you in the candy fight!