Saturday, October 20, 2007

Infiltrating our subconscious

This morning I woke up to the sound of Jerry skidding his feet along the rug in a drowsy stupor, making his way around the bed and out of the bedroom. But when he came back a few seconds later without any indication of a toilet flushing, I asked him if everything was okay.

"I had a nightmare that the baby was puking everywhere and we didn't have any burpcloths. ... So I had to check and make sure we had some."

I just laughed.

We have an entire drawer full. In various shapes, colors and consistency. Some even boast the ability to absorb 400 billion times their weight in liquid. And the fact that he is worried about mass regurgitation is, well, just so Jerry.

"My dream was much better than that."

For the first time ever -- in my subconscious anyway -- I got to interact with her. Until now, the baby has always been this elusive thing in my dreams. Something I'm preparing for, but not able to see or touch.

There was absolutely nothing spectacular about this dream. We weren't doing anything of consequence, just sitting in our living room. And I was holding our daughter.

She looked just like her dad, only with light eyes like mine and had a thick layer of dark spiky hair.

Somehow, I think that dream is going to motivate me through labor.

I want to meet her more than ever.


Mooseluver24 said...

I am so excited for you! Not too much longer to go!!

Meaghan Delaney said...

So this morning I was at my sister's house babysitting, and I was looking through some of the 500 parenting magazines scattered on her coffee table. Anyway, I was looking through Parenting Magazine, and I saw an article about not delivering on your due date, and I thought of you.

I'll have to scan it, and send it to you. It may help :/

shimajan said...

so sweet!

Ray said...

Awww, and I can't wait to see a picture of her. As everyone else on here so greatly would like as well. =)

Take, care. I hope the day that you officially go into labor(whatever day that might be) comes by quickly.

Ray said...

P.S. You should have a contest on here to see who can predict, just-for-fun when that little princess will be arriving.

Anonymous said...

Kelly...can not get to my blogger acoount to post. BUT thought of you and your daughter as I went to visit my today (wehoo hooo) 6 month old granddaughter Delenn, and holding that happy giggling wonderful smelling baby...ahhhhhh *my* baby is 10, then a 12, 14, 16, 17, and 2 20 yoas LOL..... *yes* I do know wehat causes that :) and they will ALWAYS all be my *babies* anyway congrats and enjoy this time, and know one of the most special and blessed and JUST GREAT times is ahead!!!! so happy for you and jerry and your daughter!

Lori NS in Wyoming

Amy said...

I'm even excited to meet her! I am completely looking forward to those minute old pictures of your beautiful baby girl. Best wishes for you and the remainder of your pregnancy. I also second the idea of getting some sort of contest to see who can guess the arrival date. That'll just be one more thing to get everyone excited about. :)

Jolean said...

Kelly.. I used to read you when you where on xanga, and came across the link to this site somehow.. it's wierd, both you and my sis in law are due on the same date! anyways, I'm glad i found you again, and love reading what been up with you! CONGRATS!